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Why are Microsoft Power BI and Excel Best For Solving Data Analysis Problems?

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One of the main benefits of Power BI is its ability to quickly and easily connect access to several data sources, including Excel workbooks. This allows you to combine data from different sources and create meaningful insights and visualizations to help you make better business decisions. As a result, Power BI And Excel can be […]

Is Microsoft Power BI POC Your New Online Dashboard App?

Microsoft Power BI POC

A technical Microsoft Power BI POC is a supportive Business intelligence platform for validating assumptions about unknown risks. Every organization needs to mitigate vulnerabilities and requires a proactive Business intelligence platform to address unknown risks. These Cloud-based sources and on-premises such as Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. It assists the […]

A Business Intelligence (BI) Deep-dive into SharePoint 2013

Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in SharePoint 2013 are vast and in many cases are achieved with a combination of SharePoint and Microsoft Office or SharePoint and SQL Server’s capabilities. I have worked with a variety of organizations in presenting SharePoint 2013‘s BI capabilities and have found that it is best done by showing examples rather than […]