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Is Microsoft Power BI POC Your New Online Dashboard App?

Microsoft Power BI POC

A technical Microsoft Power BI POC is a supportive Business intelligence platform for validating assumptions about unknown risks. Every organization needs to mitigate vulnerabilities and requires a proactive Business intelligence platform to address unknown risks. These Cloud-based sources and on-premises such as Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Office 365.

It assists the IT Departments and Business analysts to analyze data and demonstrate benefits to the stakeholders. The main focus of this toolkit remains subject to the requirements of key stakeholders and enables them to gauge the business needs fit for potential profitability.

This toolkit is one of the mobile devices that keeps business intelligence as its backbone. In this regard, a wide range of business apps and their subsequent changes are resolved with advanced Power Business intelligence solutions.

While talking about Proof of concept (POC), we need to access data through a modeling toolkit as compared to previous versions which were vague. Microsoft Office 365 gives you easy access to actionable insight and then prepares a deep range of cloud sources to mitigate the risk.

Connecting your Data with Microsoft Power BI POC: Benefits

With the data modeling toolkit, the adapted dataset and data sources, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office 365 services cube provide a gateway to upload the same at the cloud with Power Business intelligence security.

Customization of the intended audience and their required specifications are duly addressed with Power BI and its published POC that assign privileges to the consumers. The simplified data structure that it follows has a variety of sources that can be connected, analyzed, transformed, and integrated into the existing processes and systems.

Using Microsoft Power BI POC easy integration of Microsoft tools like Office 365, MS Teams, NAV, CRM, Azure, etc. with data sources is done. Thus, facilitating your need for easy realization of the desired added values, individually Power BI has gained closer insights.  

Digging into your data insights with AI-driven augmented analytics

Discovering the data sources, where finding patterns become automatic. Microsoft Office 365 understands what is the value of your data, hence, launching Power BI drives your business results through POC as the driving force.

Coming to the capabilities of AI and pioneering the same with Office 365 and Azure marketplace, both these tools are available at Power BI. The best part is it does not require any coding and enables the users to explore hidden yet innovative insights. The insights are more actionable and drive more business strategies.

The business outcomes become more augmented because Power BI POC accelerates the search for insights. Also, surfacing correct data to the right person at right time makes AI-Powered augmented analytics uncover the smart data preps and better data explanations.

Sharing and Publishing reports for Desktop version

There is a pro-level of Microsoft Power BI POC, where data visualization becomes free and is subjected to explore, visualize and analyze the core data to be published. Now coming to the dashboard part, this quick development tool of Power BI develops a powerful dashboard and then writes a code to visualize an interactive dashboard.

Embedment of the visuals to office 365 and other docs like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint becomes an integral step of Power BI POC towards feature enhancement.

  • Innovative chart types at Office 365
  • Improved performance statistics
  • Support to refresh the data
  • Authoring experience for interactive reports
  • Enhanced digital security
  • Cloud integration
Innovative chart types at Office

Power BI POC protects data and stores the same in a private cloud, till it is ready to be visualized and published across servers.

Updating the Power BI toolkit with the center of excellence POC

When a team of experts (COC) is dedicated to making your customer experience exceptional, only then the sales and credibility of your organization be taken ahead. Microsoft BI touch all the digital points where business analytics solution like POC will make data discovery secure and easy.

This self-service Power BI as discussed is all about business challenges, hence it is above generic data from the customer, but an advanced source of information through reporting and analytics. Because it is supported by AI, the accuracy of the results becomes more probable in a corrected format at Office 365.

The major objectives of POC are driven towards the initiative to invest in the worthiest form of Power BI

  1. Awareness of the utility of Business analytics and initiating investment in this tool.
  2. Introduction to visualization of data and generating buy-in from the user community
  3. Matching your functional business aspects to technical requirements
  4. Facilitating rational decision-making to proceed with certain tech solutions or not

Agenda on which Power Platform works: Basic POC features

Microsoft Business analysts are completely centric to cover a complete assessment of the client data which can create and reveal an awesome insight. So, by providing the best solutions for data visualization, Power BI understands the need for easy-to-use dashboards.

  • Helpful Assessment of Power platform
    • a) Understanding the key reporting goals of your business
    • b) Learning your story and insights about the dashboard that you are looking for
    • c) Discussing the requirement gathering for the POC with all the stakeholders
  • Data modeling is comprehensive in Office 365
    • a) Creating a centralized data model for diverse data sources
    • b) Transformation of data using cleaning editors
    • c) Creating a workspace fit for your organization
    • d) Development of Robust Dashboard with power platform
  • Development of Robust Dashboard with power platform
    • Development of a fully functional Power BI POC report.
    • Visualization and publishing the above report to the created Workspace by your MS Power BI consultant.
    • Sharing the dashboard with respective stakeholders.
  • Transferring the knowledge to create a crystal clear Roadmap for you for the User interface
    • Handover the security setting to the client
    • Being Advisory on future development towards proceeding steps indeed.

Systematically developing a roadmap across your customer base

Any tool powered with power BI and AI will always help you to understand change management and will provide you with customer data almost precise to make better decisions. It guides you through “what-if” scenario organizing guided model building, planning, and driving data science techniques.

Previous versions of Business intelligence have advanced to better data modeling, and risk assessment techniques, with a clear vision for data dashboard development. Hence, Power BI being the power platform is centric on the user interface that develops project ideas and project outlines focused on AI, machine learning algorithms enhancing interactive visuals and developer software through professional developers.

Augmented AI across the user Power BI POC path

Augmented AI analytics is a powerful and trusted tool that can make your organization leverage growth. Hence, using the same for Power BI POC, this mix is a proven success and subject matter of excellence in the field of data empowering and customer retention.

The functionality of Power BI POC is generated in a standardized manner based on user requirements. Provided that, your Power BI manager is clear about the scope and objectives of the project you want to or has already undertaken.

  1. Calculable costs.
  2. Plannable timeline
  3. Risk mitigation and minimization
  4. Increased efficiency after Power BI POC implementation
  5. Digital transformation of the entire organization
  6. Driving a primary cloud planning with Power BI
  7. Paramount data security

Hence, Power BI POC is a leading industry service provider for a robust reason.


Making Power Platform an evolutionary engagement for interactive reports and dashboards

Based on your data, Microsoft Business Intelligence and the EPC group have analyzed that the reason why Power BI and other MS tools are the best suited for your organization is concentrated on one work: User!

So using your data type to determine the interactive reports and dashboards, will determine the capability of Power BI to dice and slice your data. This process can be expanded as per the variety of Cloud environments that your production needs.

While trying to analyze the proof-of-concept implementation in your organization, its deliverables are customized in favor of your agenda that we discussed above.

  1. Provisioning Power BI POC license
  2. Setting up Data sources for Power BI Pro
  3. Establish the data model in Power BI
  4. Initiate interactive dashboard and reports in Power BI
  5. Slicing and dicing by Power BI capability with your data
  6. Training and awareness

Need an increase in your clientele: Reach out to EPC Group for MS Apps in Power

EPC Group has expertise in understanding the need of advanced users for building, securing, visualizing, monitoring, improving, transforming, and consolidating data in one place.

Hence giving you the best solution of Power BI POC and COC that can enhance the quality of your Cloud within a reasonable budget to be invested in development tools. Microsoft is leading the Power Platform because of its mapping capabilities and taking  Business intelligence to a whole new level.

So, If you are ready for a quick and advanced power-up? Then proceeding towards Power BI is a sure shot of success in the Domains of data. So, feel free to visualize your KPIs, and get support to accelerate your growth with EPC Group, which is ready for digital Power BI transformation.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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