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Experience An effective Order management system using Dynamics 365

Order management system

Changing business models and rapid growth complicate the long-term business planning of modern eCommerce players. Businesses require a highly effective order management system that will keep track of orders, stocks, and sales channels.

Microsoft offers Dynamics 365, a cloud-based order management solution designed to accelerate omnichannel transformation right from taking orders and orchestration to fulfillment.

What is an Order Management System?

An order management system (OMS) is a digital solution or software used to manage an order’s lifecycle. It is designed to track all the information and processes right from order processing, order entry, inventory management, and fulfillment of after-sales service. An intelligent OMS offers incredible transparency to buyers and the business. By using an effective OMS, businesses can have real-time insights into inventories and give the customer the liberty to track the parcel in real-time.

An effective OMS needs to be capable of a multi-dimensional approach that brings efficiency into every business process related to order management,

  • Customers
  • Sales channels
  • Product information
  • Inventory levels
  • List of suppliers for purchasing and receiving products
  • Tracking refunds, returns, and replacements
  • Printing orders, picking, processing, and shipping orders.

Microsoft designed Dynamics 365 to automate order management and make it more effective. It is equipped to receive and perceive order information from all points of sale lie online, physical stores, branches, locations, etc. Besides, Dynamics 365 order management system supports global orders from different currencies. It helps automate processes and reduce repetitive tasks that are prone to any human errors.

Why Dynamics 365 for Intelligent OMS?

Microsoft Order Management System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent OMS provides the agility companies require to accept orders from any source, automate orchestration actions across multiple pathways, and flexibly fulfill and deliver orders in harmony with a growing ecosystem of leading service providers.

Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 as a cloud-based business management software primarily developed for the cloud and offered as a SaaS product. It gives businesses the liberty to pay per user and month, making it scalable to meet changing needs. Dynamics 365 is primarily based on the functionality of Dynamics NAV, which easily integrates with Microsoft’s other solutions from the 365-software suite to provide a fully integrated business system.

Dynamics 365 allows you to manage a breadth of data on every inventory item, including units of measurement, unit costs, sales prices, and dimensions. The sources of information that you use to find a product or service can vary from one merchant to another and dynamically as buying trends fluctuate and new marketplaces come online. Dynamics 365 focuses on finance, customer service, warehousing, and logistics. Supplier management service is key to ensuring that you have the right suppliers and that you can track and account for lead time fluctuations. 

The intelligent order management system from Dynamics 365 allows users to manually enter a range of planning parameters for each stock item, such as reorder points, safety stock lead times, stock quantities, time buckets (reorder cycles), and order modifiers, e.g., min/max order quantities. Order source systems are the intake valves that represent the sources of the orders that you need to fulfill.

With an intelligent OMS from dynamics 365, businesses are empowered to monitor complex order, fulfillment, and delivery capabilities that give insights to take action on the issues needing attention.

Features of Dynamics 365 Order Management system

The intelligent OMS from Dynamics 365 comes with many exciting features. The in-built capabilities and functions in the Dynamics 365 OMS empower organizations to manage and optimize order fulfillment at the central level.

Here are some of the notable features of the dynamics 365,

Rule-based order fulfillment

Dynamics 365 allows users to develop custom order flows as per need and automate the order fulfillment as and when needed. It uses rule-based automation for streamlining order fulfillment orchestration considering various consumer journeys.

Rule based system Dynamics

In-built platform connectors

The intelligent order management system by Dynamics 365 comes with more than 200 pre-built platform connectors. With these connectors, businesses can easily connect with other platforms like e-commerce- Bigcommerce and Shopify from an ecosystem. These pre-built Microsoft Power Platform connectors provide seamless integration with existing order management infrastructure solutions.

Reference APIs

The best thing about the Dynamics 365 OMS is the availability of an advanced application programming interface (API) and reference architecture for building custom connections between different solutions. Reference APIs can be used when you do not find a pre-built connector for a specific solution.

Synchronization with Microsoft Dataverse

Microsoft designed the intelligent order management system as a Microsoft Dataverse application and has a similar model to other D365 apps. You can easily connect and ingest data from your existing enterprise systems with a simplified onboarding and configuration process.

Classification and anomaly detection models powered by AI

Dynamics 365 is empowered with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. It automates the entire process and plays an important role in identifying and eliminating the bottlenecks regarding order fulfillment, forecasts inventory needs, delivers target insights, and helps businesses achieve optimal inventory levels, manage delivery times, and enhance profits.

Payment configuration and integration

The Dynamics 365 system comes with an in-built payment interface. The payment gateway follows a proper cycle from taking orders through credit card payments, confirming payments, and managing fulfillment status. Besides, it automates invoice generation and routes orders from one department to another.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management System

An efficient, effective, and intelligent system is necessary for companies in today’s competitive world. There’s been increased pressure to have a good OMS, especially in the post-Pandemic world. If you do not have an efficient system, chances are more that you will buckle under pressure.

Dynamics 365 takes the pressure off by offering a platform that adapts to your future orders, eliminates the fulfillment complexities effortlessly, and supports online buying, picking up in-store, or picking up from the curbside.

Comprehensive platform: 

Dynamics 365 intelligent order management system is an open-ended futuristic platform that integrates seamlessly with the existing tech stack of your business. The pre-built connectors and the modern architecture ensure faster implementation time. The integration with order source, delivery, tax compliance, price calculation, and logistics services from multiple players makes it one of the best and most comprehensive systems. Additionally, it allows users to build a supply chain tower using a modular API-first approach for greater supply chain visibility.

Real-time visibility and fulfillment optimization: 

If better supply chain visibility is your concern, then Dynamics 365 intelligent order management system is perfect for you. You can use it for modeling and automating responses related to order constraints. Users can leverage its low-code/no-code friendly user interface for assigning rules and use journey orchestration designer to enhance the system’s efficiency. Besides, users can infuse AI into order fulfillment within the supply chain network. The intelligent optimization engine ensures the delivery of the right products to the right source in the right quantity.

Orchestration rules

Enhance customer experience: 

Efficiently managing an order lifecycle is a great achievement that enhances the customer experience. The AI and ML algorithms used in the Dynamics 365 intelligent OMS help analyze data and predict patterns in order flows and fulfillment processes. The advanced insights invisible to human eyes pair with AI classification and anomaly detection models to remove the bottlenecks for fulfillment and timely delivery. Through an omnichannel order fulfillment platform, the on-time and full order fulfillment platform plays a major role in enhancing the customer experience throughout the customer life cycle.

End Note

In the post-pandemic world, customer satisfaction and customer experience are the dominating factors to succeed. However, changing expectations, lucrative customer demands, and competitive options are responsible for the swiftly changing business models in the eCommerce industry. Therefore, it has become imperative for all businesses to keep track of orders, sales, stocks, and deliveries. An efficient and intelligent OMS is the solution to address all these challenges.

The Dynamics 365 intelligent OMS is a cloud-based solution with all the necessary features and functionalities to transform an online business by giving them a platform to accelerate the omnichannel transformation from taking orders to fulfillment. Additionally, plenty of features and positive points help retailers optimize customer experience, anticipate disruption, adapt to changes, satisfy customers consistently, and achieve growth.

Contact us if you want to leverage Dynamics 365 intelligent order management system. Our Dynamics 365 experts will be happy to support you and work with you so that you can use Dynamics 365 environment as per your needs.

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Errin OConnor

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