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How Does The Power BI Help With The SEO Efforts?

Power BI For SEO

Power BI is the collective name of cloud-based apps and services that help individuals investigate and manage their data from numerous data sources. This tool is built in a way that provides many more facilities than excel. You can use it for DB connectivity also for Embedded reporting. One will access it with each cloud-based and on-premise app. Some advantages of Power BI are as follows

Does Really Power BI Be Used Along With SEO?

Power BI can work with large datasets to extract hidden patterns and information which can be depicted in visual form; this ultimately helps with the SEO Efforts!. These visual forms include graphs, bars and summarized tables. To start with, we will state one example, and you will be able to see clearly which keyword attracted how many views on your site? Of those views, how much was organic and how much was inorganic traffic that was driven. In addition to that, you can go for more complex analysis like visitors by location, time and other essential features. 

Power BI Dashboard Example
Power BI Dashboard Example

You can compare your site’s statistics with that of your competitors to see what you are doing against them? It will help you spot the gaps in your post, site, and strategy to make better business decisions using predictive analytics consulting. One of the essential stats is the number of visitors bouncing off from your site. Plot a graph of time vs bounce rate to know whether you are gaining or losing visitors in the wrong term. This is just one of the tricks you can employ to find shortcomings in your SEO strategy.

But before knowing more about all these, let’s understand what SEO exactly is and how it works!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process where content is created for a website to make it more visible in a search engine’s results. By using SEO, we can pursue link development, curating valuable content, and ensuring that it all fits the standards of the search engine’s algorithms. Newer businesses find it challenging to learn aspects of it. Search Engine Optimization might be daunting because there are so many factors to consider. It considers how relevant that page result is to the searcher (depending on how fast the page loads and its support for mobile view).

These factors also depend on the search engine. They play an essential role in the filtering algorithm, deciding which page gets to be shown on the front search result. We know that Google’s algorithm always pays attention to social media engagement. It means that frequently used entities on social media platforms are more likely to make the front page. So the primary goal of SEO is to structure the website in a way that shows quality content and leads you to a better-related page via hyperlinks. You can manage your site successfully if you know how to take care of SEO.

How Does The Program Power BI Help With The SEO Efforts?

In the era of online business and marketing, information is everything. For increasing sales, companies need to whom they should target in the market and how to reel them in. And in this tour, there’s no such thing as too much data. Power BI is a robust data analyzing tool. It will make your business strategy efficient through SEO efforts. The areas that need improvement will be visible to you.

On this platform, you will be able to get a detailed analysis of your website quickly. The question for me now has become, can I use the techniques I am learning in this Power BI training session to create something that can somehow clarify or simplify my data state? As I familiarized myself with the Power BI visuals that are pre-packaged and the Power BI custom visuals, which are available in the Microsoft marketplace, the ideas began to make sense.

The Power BI training session was concluded with a group exercise, which we had learned throughout the day. Working with the sample dataset, we tried to draw insights, which would help answer many business questions that were also presented. 


We can quickly analyze any dataset in Power BI. From the perspective of a search engine marketer, we try out multiple data channels before concluding. Because of this Power, BI is such an excellent choice for SEM analysts. Generally, if we must try to combine a year’s worth of data from Google search, Google Ads, and SEMrush, and more, we would be stuck with the slowest Excel sheet ever. Indeed, we could always learn how to set up a database, write SQL, and then start digging through our sources to get insights.

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Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

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