How Is Microsoft ERP Different From SAP ERP?

Posted by Kevin Booth on May, 09, 2021 07:05

The term ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is software that helps to manage all the business components of an organization. It also helps in automating the tasks that are associated with decision-making using predictive analytics. Microsoft ERP and SAP ERP are good for the people who are currently operating in retail as it is responsible for featuring the best product development functions. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft ERP

There are various advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft ERP Products and SAP ERP based on the functionality, pricing structure, and implementation techniques.


For functionality

  • The web-based UI makes it easier to interface
  • Its wide range of features helps to adapt customization and flexibility
  • Microsoft ERP is actually multi-lingual and so it is able to support the different currencies
Dynamics ERP sales

For pricing structure

  • When it comes to the pricing structure, none of the features offered by Microsoft ERP are compulsory and so if any company wants, it can opt-out.
  • An increase in the number of devices, in turn, lessens the investment in new tools.

You can refer to this guide to know details about Microsoft Dynamics ERP pricing structure

For implementation and integration

  • The rise in the features of Microsoft ERP means it is not necessary to integrate with the third-party apps
  • It can integrate efficiently with any product of Microsoft and also with backward compatibility


For functionality

  • The web-based UI may pose a threat to the various businesses that are operating in places that consist of bad infrastructure.

For pricing structure

  • If the organizations are ready to make use of all the features then it might be difficult for the organization to bear the expense especially if the size of the organization is either small or medium.
  • In order to use the “Enterprise User” plan, a minimum of 20 users are needed that can restrict it to huge companies.

For implementation and integration

  • Without a qualified and skilled Microsoft Dynamics Partner, the implementation and the integration are difficult to achieve.
  • It is difficult to combine with non-Microsoft products and it can create an issue if integrated.
  • It takes a long time to combine even with the top flexibility features.
Microsoft ERP customer service
Dynamics ERP For Customer and Service

Advantages and Disadvantages of SAP ERP


For functionality

  • SAP ERP Offers exceptional BI features which include data storage, report writing, and intuitive dashboards.
  • Suits the large organizations more as it needs more standardized and robust features
  • It is also responsible for offering all the basic application which has all the main functions of an ERP. It also has an option that allows you to add later on as soon as your needs change.

For pricing structure

  • It is considered to be a cost-effective option for all the organizations especially larger one that requires the features without any need for add ons.

For implementation and integration

  • It is easy to switch and is also comfortable. It can also combine easily with many third-party applications.
  • Most of the features of SAP are standard and so the implementation and the integration time is too short most of the time.
  • SAP is responsible for building all its software in-house and also adds to its upgrades and features.


For functionality

  • UI is very complex and boring. It lacks engagement
  • It does not contain any flexible feature
  • Time-consuming and takes time to achieve mastery

For pricing structure

  • Price is usually quote-based and it cannot be judged by yourself
  • This can become costly due to the less use of flexibility in customization

For implementation and integration

  • It can take a lot of time to understand SAP along with all its functionalities. There is no use of complicated UI.

Difference between the Customer Review Services of Microsoft ERP and SAP ERP

In every organization, customer satisfaction is the main priority not only for the implementation partners but also for the software vendors. If the demands of the customers are fulfilled, then the organization is sure that it is offering great services.

Customer Service Review of Microsoft ERP

If there are any queries regarding the Microsoft ERP, they provide 24*7 support which includes proper training for all the modules and also online live support over the call. But they do not provide any kind of support over email. 

Customer Service Review of SAP ERP

SAP not only offers online live support over the call but also offers email support. But companies do not really offer any kind of training to the customers. If there are any required exercise, that needs to be immediately requested to the implementation partners or can also take help of the manuals that usually comes with the application.

Both Microsoft ERP and SAP ERP have been providing a few of the best software in ERP integration and implementation. They have been leading this field for quite a long time. However, there is a major difference between Microsoft ERP and SAP ERP.

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