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How to Create SharePoint Digital Signage for your business

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Digital signage and Microsoft SharePoint are two of the most widely used tools for educating employees. Both options, however, are significantly distinct and are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, our experience suggests that SharePoint and digital signage may complement one another. SharePoint is ideal as a single hub for managing knowledge and material, but many workplaces struggle to encourage their workers to visit SharePoint regularly. On the other side, digital signage is excellent for spreading information. They magnify each other in a variety of ways when coupled.

SharePoint offers a wide range of tools that make creating customized content for your business easy. For example, you can use Microsoft Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to create PDFs and presentations, something you may distribute to your staff or clients via email or social media marketing channels like Facebook or Twitter.

But unless you currently operate a website or blog on your intranet, you can convert that into SharePoint pages by adding them as templates within SharePoint itself (if you need help, consider hiring a professional web designer who knows how to work with SharePoint).

How Digital Signage Can Improve Your SharePoint Communication

One of the most effective tools is a digital signage solution for communicating with your employees. It allows you to make SharePoint content accessible and visible efficiently, which can be especially useful if you want to increase productivity.

The fact that digital signage actively presents your SharePoint material to your employees may be its most significant advantage. With digital signage, users won’t need to access SharePoint physically and do their information searches. Instead, the information immediately appears before them, grabbing their undivided attention.

Your standard digital signage solution is improved even more by our SharePoint integration. Your SharePoint material also displays instantly on desktops and mobile devices since it is a platform with several communication options, such as a corporate screensaver and an app. Your staff won’t be able to overlook any SharePoint material.


4 Ways digital signage can improve your SharePoint

  • The ideal technique to ensure your employees know what is happening at work is through digital signage screens.
  • You may use digital signs to inform your staff of crucial information, such as a new policy or upcoming events, or to remind them of essential papers that require their attention.
  • With digital signage displays, users can no longer be bothered about missing a vital message.
  • It’s also fantastic for non-techies because it’s so simple to install and set up—you don’t need any specialized tools or training! Your staff members only need to click once to access the SharePoint material they want to view—right on their screens!

What to Know When You Choose Digital Signage and SharePoint

Digital signage and SharePoint are a powerful combination. Workplace Digital signage is easily accessible and can reach a broad audience. At the same time, SharePoint is a system built for PCs and can be accessed by employees who do not have access to video technology.

Digital signage software is beneficial for groups of non-desking employees. These groups are diverse: delivery drivers, nurses, teachers, and factory workers; the group of non-desk employees is as large as diverse. Their common factor is that they have little or no access to a PC during work. Sometimes they don’t even have a business email address. 

Digital signage content, on the other hand, is very open and accessible. With a large screen in the break room, factory hall, or warehouse, your employees can see the most important SharePoint messages as they walk by. RWG, for example, placed large video screens in their parking lot. While waiting, truck drivers can see the most important news and information about fault messages, delays, or unforeseen closing times.

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How Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Power Automate will revolutionize digital signage

Digital signage has become a staple in businesses across the world. But as more and more people are using digital signs for various purposes, it’s becoming clear that technology needs to evolve to keep up. Information sharing, cooperation, and the necessary tools and procedures are some of the most considerable breakthroughs in digital display signage.

We firmly think that standalone phone conversations, videos, meetings, emails, spreadsheets, and other news will serve a far greater purpose if they are connected by cutting-edge, rapidly expanding procedures and platforms for management, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Automate, and others. In addition, we observe that a rising number of customers are utilizing their digital display signage systems in a distributed manner rather than just one or two centralized users as they once did.

Screen communication will soon play a crucial role in information exchange and cooperation in the workplace. It is sometimes used to interact with staff members who don’t have regular computer access. Vendors should effortlessly incorporate these tools into their products if they want to stay on top of this trend and leverage the potential of innovative collaboration tools in their customer’s business processes and the reverse.

Why You Should Integrate Digital Signage Into SharePoint

Integrating digital signage players into SharePoint can increase brand awareness and engage your audience. Let us now examine a few of the advantages of combining the two.

First, by combining digital signage and SharePoint, you can create a powerful tool that allows you to reach people at the touch of a button. Using the SharePoint digital signage service’s innovative targeting feature, you can ensure that your message reaches only the right audience—and in an organized fashion. This results in fewer signs for IT and more significant time for you!

Second, using both tools together allows you to manage content in one place. For example, it is unnecessary to worry about creating specific SharePoint sites for different locations; all your content will automatically appear on all your screens. This means everyone can easily access the correct information at the right time!

Finally, by integrating both tools, you can save money on hardware costs because it won’t require extra hardware or software installation on existing devices such as laptops or tablets.

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What Digital Signage Users Can Experience From Microsoft SharePoint

Digital signage services allow you to reach your workplace in various ways. You can use it to display information about new products, upcoming events, and other important information. If we already have a SharePoint site, it can be an excellent way to keep track of user data.

To make the most of the digital signage network through SharePoint, we recommend that you consider using SharePoint as a primary source for user data. This will help ensure that you store accurate information and can quickly access it when needed.

Add and maintain data in one place. You should also follow this rule in user data; if you don’t have central access points for each type of information, it could be challenging to find what you’re looking for when needed (especially if different people are using different systems). Utilize Microsoft’s authentication services for added security and user satisfaction.

How Can I Get SharePoint Training Near Me?

EPC Group is a leading SharePoint training company, providing training and consulting services in the area of SharePoint. We are experts in SharePoint development and implementation, and we can help you get the most out of your current investments in SharePoint.

To ensure that all of your SharePoint training needs are covered while considering the various needs of your teams and your budget, our SharePoint consultants and specialists do a thorough need analysis for your business. Then, utilizing built-in capability, we adapt SharePoint to your specifications to produce dependable, straightforward training with few further requirements in the future.

We give a simple training solution to be maintained and operated by your workplace staff, thanks to comprehensive testing during the development period. If necessary, we also offer a complete set of documentation. In addition, the support staff at EPC Group is ready around-the-clock to help you and to offer software updates and fixes as necessary to maintain the security and reliability of your training solutions.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

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