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How To Turn On PSTN Conferencing In Microsoft Teams?

Do you know the maximum benefits of using Microsoft Teams? If yes, then you are probably aware of how it integrates the content, people, and tools your staff needs to function effectively and productively. Since you are scanning this article, it means that you’re curious about how to turn on PSTN Conferencing in Microsoft Teams

Ideally, Microsoft Teams is a great product that helps you and your team manage your company, using its multiple features and functions. It provides you the ability to do ad-hoc virtual and schedule meetings for more than 250 individuals. One of its exciting features is the ability to create Video, VoIP, and desktop sharing.

Maybe you will ask, what is the reason why you need PSTN dial-in numbers for your virtual meeting in Microsoft Teams? The answer is very simple. VOIP is considered the best scheme as it doesn’t cost anything. It also provides you with wideband audio that truly fits your needs. Others claimed that the main reason why they need PSTN dial-in numbers is that its connectivity is restricted for those who opt to participate in the meeting. In addition, the quality of the calls is better when dialing in.

A typical example of this is the move on a mobile phone with a restricted internet connection. You may also find it simpler and more accessible to use. 

In case you opt to have phone numbers to dial into your meeting, you have to know more about the so-called “audio conferencing.” It is commonly known as PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network.

Microsoft Teams PSTN

Here are the different ways on how to add PSTN dial-in or out for your conferences:

  • In case you have Office 365 E5, it already has a built-in PSTN Audio Conferencing. 
  • For users with Office 365 E3 or E1, Audio Conferencing is accessible, but with a corresponding fee.
  • If you have less than 300 staff or users and you are using SME Office 365, it is best to add PSTN Audio conference or Telephony with the Company Voice SKU.

Bear in mind that you only need the so-called PSTN Audio Conferencing license for individuals who plan for a series of meetings. Attendees in any conferences who dial in don’t require any kinds of certification. Distinct users in similar resident can have a regular license.

Microsoft Teams PSTN Consulting

Having a wide knowledge of multiple Microsoft courses is crucial in every company. An organization’s productivity outcomes are highly based on the knowledge and efficiency of its workforce. The maximum level of the workforce depends on the diverse capabilities and IT skills of every professional in each imaginable field.

Beginning from retail stores, car dealerships to main industries, the reliability of software and IT skills tends to increase enormously. This is the reason why training staff for Microsoft Teams is useful and widely integrated into every company as a part of their workforce development planning.

If you are eager to level up your business transactions, business meetings, and connections with your staff, then it is a must to engage yourself in a series of Microsoft team training. The more knowledgeable you are, the more you become effective in handling your organization.

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Errin OConnor

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