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Microsoft ERP Cloud

Are you looking for an ERP cloud platform that makes rapid business transformation a possibility? Do you want to keep your enterprise data safely off-premises? A Microsoft ERP Cloud solution is what you need, and EPC Group will deploy it for you.

    Why Your Business Needs ERP Cloud?

    Growth is a paramount factor defining business success. Digitization and technology solutions are playing a dominant role in a successful business. By moving to cloud computing, enterprises aim at rapid transformation and continued growth. Cloud computing has quickly become a mature technology with its ability to take on the most demanding applications. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is amongst the leading software solution that assists in companies’ long-term growth. ERP providers have enhanced the potential, capabilities, and possibilities of an ERP platform by moving it to the cloud. With ERP Cloud, businesses can easily scale up and down every business process, including sales, marketing, supply chain, and manufacturing. Finding the right ERP cloud solution plays a substantial role in defining the success of your business. An effective ERP Cloud like Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings all your business processes under one roof. It helps to collaborate efficiently and make data-driven business decisions. Your business needs ERP cloud as it helps in many ways, like
    • Finance Management: With the ERP cloud, you get enhanced control of assets, cash flow, and accounting.
    • Supply Chain and Operations Management: ERP cloud helps streamline purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and sales order processing.
    • Customer Relationship Management: Use it to deliver effective customer service targeting cross-sales and upselling opportunities.
    • Project Management: Ensure work is delivered in time and the budget by efficient project monitoring and billing management.
    • HR Management: Bring efficiency in attracting, hiring, retaining, managing, and paying employees.
    • Business Intelligence: Get access to easy-to-use tools for analysis, reporting, and business intelligence.

    Dynamics 365 – The Reliable Microsoft ERP Cloud

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. It brings together all the capabilities of ERP and CRM processes. Apart from that, it uses standard web technologies to bring together Microsoft and non-Microsoft cloud services.

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get easy access to versatile applications for finance, sales, marketing, field services, supply chain, and more. These are the tools and technologies required for the management, analysis, and optimization of your business. It is designed for companies ready to adapt and innovate in real-time using agile and evolving applications useful for copying, modifying, and extending processes.

    Microsoft ensures that all the Dynamics 365 apps offer a consistent and modern experience based on built-in insights, intelligence, and workflows. Besides, a mutual data model and uniform application platform guarantee seamless extensibility and interoperability.

    If you are looking for a scalable and efficient ERP cloud solution, don’t think far. Microsoft offers two editions of Dynamics 365: Dynamics 365 F&O (Finance and Operations) covering finance and supply chain management and Dynamics 365 BC (Business Central) designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

    Microsoft Business Central – New ERP Cloud from Microsoft

    If your current accounting software solution fails to accommodate your business growth or you are still using an outdated version, it is high time to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is the most reliable and feature-rich ERP Cloud software solution. It is specifically developed to meet the exact finance and accounting needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Microsoft Business Central is an updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision. Check the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Price. Microsoft has moved Business Central ERP to its cloud service – Microsoft Azure. It means businesses using Dynamics 365 BC can access their business data from wherever they want without the need to download anything.

    Microsoft Business Central offers an array of new technologies built on the Azure cloud, like Machine Learning, IoT, Mixed reality, etc. All these cutting-edge technologies ensure your business adapts to market dynamics in real-time. Besides, the automatic Microsoft datacenter encryption safeguards your data from unauthorized access.

    Business Central has a module that is dedicated to customer service. It simplifies the processes related to sales, customer relationships and automates the marketing efforts. Besides, with its cutting-edge analysis ability, it makes data-driven decision-making a reality.

    What did Microsoft ERP Cloud offer?

    Apart from helping your business in everyday business tasks, a good ERP cloud solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the capabilities to help with different financial and operational capacities of your business.

    Here is what Microsoft ERP cloud offers,

    • Affordability: Dynamics 365 Business Central offers pricing alternatives based on multiple factors like resources or features you need, and storage space required to host the data.
    • Accessibility: Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures users get easy access to all the apps, solutions, files, and data from wherever and at whatever time they want.
    • Agility: With the supply chain management and finance modules in Dynamic 365, you will close your books faster, deliver the most robust reporting, and enhance profitability with precise business intelligence.
    • Compatibility: ERP Cloud works to improve business processes. It easily adapts to different scenarios bringing ease and flexibility in accessing the services and applications.
    • Scalability: Microsoft ERP cloud easily integrates with other Microsoft and third-party software and services facilitating interoperability and coloration between multiple systems.
    • Security: Microsoft ERP cloud offers cutting-edge network and data security. Besides, it complies with almost all domestic and international regulatory frameworks.

    Deployability: With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you get versatile deployment options including on-premise and automated cloud solutions.

    Advantages of using Microsoft ERP Cloud

    The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud or a hybrid cloud environment makes it easy to use and seamless to deploy. You can manage and deploy it in whatever you like depending on your budget and infrastructure.

    Microsoft ERP cloud integrates easily with other Microsoft products like Office 365 suite. It means companies can move seamlessly from Dynamics 365 to Power BI for analytics, to Outlook for communication, to Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration, and SharePoint for documentation. Besides, users can access daily used apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with equal ease.

    With Dynamics 365 your sales team is empowered with a wealth of insightful customer data irrelevant to whether they are working in the field or taking calls in the office. It allows your sales team to respond quickly, deliver information faster, and present personalized offers.

    The built-in workflow tools and modules enable users to customize and automate tasks related to sales, marketing, customer service, and more. If you are not satisfied with the custom workflows, you can modify them to suit your needs. Besides, you can also customize the entire architecture of Dynamics 365, its deployment options, and pricing structure as per your budget, team size, and KPIs.

    The Microsoft ERP cloud helps in enhancing the customer service experience. The huge amount of data collected from every customer right from website visits, interaction manner, interests, communities, and more can be analyzed using business intelligence tools to identify patterns, customer sentiments, buying patterns, brand loyalty, and quantitative data points relevant to the sales process.

    Achieve Excellence with EPC Group’s Microsoft ERP Cloud Consulting Services

    EPC Group is a leading technology consulting company that has been transforming businesses for decades. Their exceptional dedication and proven expertise have helped them become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

    At EPC Group you will find a coordinated team of Microsoft-certified ERP and cloud consultants willing to work towards delivering exceptional ERP cloud implementation and deployment services.

    EPC Group has helped many in ERP and cloud implementation for digital transformation with solid project management. With their experience, they deep dive to understand your needs and ensure rapid response to changing environments.

    Your team size or the industry you belong to does not matter, giving you a full-scale and well-executed Microsoft ERP cloud implantation that gives you a competitive edge is the only aim for EPC Group.

    Our ERP consultants will be with you at every step from streamlining critical business operations to optimizing results, delivering personalized services is their forte. Our consultants will select appropriate Dynamics 365 features and customizations ensuring efficient implementation.

    You can rely on EPC Group throughout your Microsoft ERP cloud journey. We will also assist you in licensing, customizations, integration, support, and maintenance.

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