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Microsoft Viva Pricing And Plans Guide: Employee Experience Platform

Microsoft Viva Pricing

Microsoft Viva has brought about a drastic change in the manner in which organizations work and perform in the business arena. With its innovative features, employee experience modules, and collaborative methods, the platform has gained a lot of popularity within a short period. In this blog post, we will go over Microsoft Viva pricing and the feature of every module.

According to Microsoft, the Viva suite is designed to bring learning, insights development, communication, and resources collectively into one platform. The suite is powered by Microsoft 365 plans and is accessible to the user organizations through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Viva Pricing, Plans, and Features

Employee experience perspective of Microsoft Viva:

Employee Experience Platform

In the previous patterns of business, the crucial aspect of success included meeting the technological needs of the employees. But, the post-pandemic business environment has shifted its focus to building a digital workplace on a large scale.

The meaning of success in these conditions has to be achieved through the deployment of a centralized platform that is data-driven and employs artificial intelligence to provide the user organization visibility into its business patterns.

Along with a better understanding of the organizational framework, modern employee experience has proven to be one of the other increasing priorities of companies in the global business arena. In this context, Microsoft Viva is the first employee experience platform that has been designed for the digital era.

The built-in capabilities of the platform include video conferencing, learning management systems (LMS), and other tools which prevent the complete burnout of employees.

The need of providing the employees with a balanced and integrated experience at work would generally require the deployment of multiple technologies which is now completed by Microsoft Viva.

The solution provides all the tools providing personal well-being experiences, learning content, and other resources directly in the Microsoft 365 apps which employees work daily. This helps in elevating the personal experiences of the employees.

Microsoft Viva Pricing: An Explanation

All Microsoft Viva Modules

The term Microsoft Viva is the umbrella term for a range of products or modules. First announced in February last year, Microsoft Viva has quickly risen to popularity as an employee experience platform.

The phrase Employee experience platform is explained as a collection of tools that are designed to provide a company-branded experience to the employees of the user organizations along with learning resources that facilitate well-being and communication.

The Viva platform is composed of four distinct modules each of which can be purchased by companies individually. While some of these modules are extra cost modules, others are included within the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plans.

These modules can be categorized into the following:-

  • Viva Insights
  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Topics and
  • Viva Connections

These modules collectively form the Viva Suite. The Microsoft Viva pricing structure is available to the user organizations in two formats, namely- as a suite or collection of the modules and in the form of individual modules. As far as the Viva suite is concerned, it is available to companies for $9 per user per month. It is provided as an annual subscription and is automatically renewed.

The suite consists of a collection of features including the capability of providing actionable insights, content management, and others. These features empower users to be the best versions of themselves from anywhere.

Microsoft Viva is considered to be a user-based additional platform available with Microsoft 365 plans designed for commercial customers. Thus, an organization needs to have an enterprise license of any of the plans included under Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plans.

Microsoft Viva Pricing Structure for Individual modules: A Description of the add-ons

The individual modules of the Microsoft Viva Pricing structure can be bought separately by organizations according to their business needs. The modules, their additional features, and their pricing range can be enumerated as:-

Microsoft Viva Insights

Previously known as Workplace Analytics, Viva Insights is designed to improve the productivity and well-being of the employees working within the organizational framework. The module is priced at $4 per user per month and is provided as an annual subscription renewed automatically.

Viva Insights$4 per user per month

The module is data-driven to provide privacy-protected insights. These insights include a range of personal insights and recommendations within the flow of work that are aimed at creating better work habits. The manager’s insights help the companies in understanding the existing business patterns.

Along with this, the leader’s insights assist in analyzing the impact of the business patterns on the well-being of the employees. One of the other notable features of this module is the actionable insights which include custom analysis tools and accelerators for addressing complex opportunities and challenges.

Microsoft Viva Learning

This module has been developed to empower employees across organizations to discover, share, learn and recommend resources from content libraries across the organizational framework. Viva Learning is also priced at $4 per user per month and is available in the form of an annual subscription which is renewed consistently.

Viva Learning$4 per user per month

One of the basic features of this module is to help employees discover relevant learning resources. This includes bringing together learning content from third-party services. Along with this, users can create and share learning content with their colleagues by sharing a link to learning material in the Teams Apps, conversations, and emails.

Microsoft Viva Topics

The Viva Topics module has been designed to empower employees with knowledge and expertise related to working with the applications they use every day. This helps individuals to learn, develop new skills and innovate their working methods faster.

Additionally, the module can connect, organize and protect content across all the Teams and systems. Viva Topics can aggregate relevant content, conversations, and expertise across the user organization within topic pages that are created by the AI-based solution of Microsoft Viva. Much like the previous modules, this is also priced at $4 per user per month by way of an annual subscription renewed automatically.

Viva Topics$4 per user per month

Microsoft Viva Connections

The features available within the Viva Connections module help create a centralized destination that is personalized for the employees. This module is currently available with the licensed plans of Microsoft 365.

Along with this, the module can boost critical items for maximizing exposure and build a modern employee experience on the existing infrastructure. Apart from the above features, Viva Connections also has the capability of creating custom adaptive cards or dashboard cards that help the user in connecting with the existing applications.

Microsoft Environment for VIVa

Identifying trends and opportunities with Viva Insights:

Viva Insights is one of the modules in the Viva Suite. Under the Microsoft Viva Pricing, this module is designed to give the users personalized and actionable insights that can help their teams to perform at their best. But, for privacy, personal insights are visible only to the individual.

Microsoft Viva Insights is specifically designed for improving the business patterns within the organizational framework. The module provides two distinct kinds of insights namely, manager insights and employee insights. While the employee insights help in keeping a track of the well-being of the employees working in an organization, the manager insights not only aid in improving productivity, they also help in identifying the issues with the organizational framework.

The insights dashboard points out to the managers the areas where the employees may be struggling provides clear visibility of the work patterns in the organization and lays out the crucial business statistics.

Understanding the position of the employees helps the manager to prevent burnout while the work patterns of the company aid in preparing the employees for any challenges that may present themselves in the future.

On the other hand, the crucial business data allows the manager to identify the future trends and opportunities that may appear in the market. In addition to this, the employee insights available to the employees can help them stay focused, keep a track of their well-being, boost individual productivity and identify opportunities in the business arena.

Advantages of adding Viva Insights to Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Team has proven to be one of the most frequently used cloud applications during the pandemic. The combination of features that include virtual chat boxes and video conferencing has made it a vital tool in the context of remote working.

Recently, with its new announcement, Microsoft has made Teams a far more valuable member of the Microsoft 365 platform by adding a new platform designed for dealing with the employee experience.

Launched in February last year, Microsoft Viva is a very productive add-on to the Teams platform. This is due to the range of benefits provided by this additional platform with features unique to the modules constituted in the platform.

The advantages of using the Viva platform within Teams can be enumerated as:

  • Easy access to the collective knowledge – Within an organizational framework, employees create several useful and helpful documents which later become tough to find. The Viva Topics module of the Viva platform performs the function of automating the process of organizing the user company’s valuable documents. The AI-powered suggestions of the module help the employees to identify the topics and correlate topics for easy access to them.
  • Productivity improvement – The advanced people analytics feature of Viva Insights helps the user organizations recognize the scenarios that are causing employee burnout. In addition to this, the manager’s insights allow the supervisors to be more proactive regarding working patterns that can exhaust employees.
  • Simplifying ongoing training – To improve business productivity, employees must go through training programs from time to time. But, as designing individual training programs for each emotes is time-consuming, Viva Learning makes this process easier. The module connects with platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and others directly into the Teams interface.
  • Helping in building a corporate social network – Viva Connections is capable of creating an environment where organizations communicate in the social media-styled interfaces.  This creates a personalized company-branded experience.

Objectives of acquiring

Ally and Microsoft

In October last year, Microsoft announced that the OKR or the Objectives and Key results platform will join the Viva suite of modules as a part of their employee experience platform.

The aim behind the acquisition of Ally and its integration under the Microsoft Viva Pricing is to provide a transparent method of communication through which company goals and objectives can be portrayed before the employees. With the integration of and Microsoft, the customers would find the employee experience platform to be flexible, easy to use, and value for time.

EPC Group: A Viva Consultation partner

EPC Group is one of the leading Microsoft Viva consulting partners in the global business arena. As the organization is a gold-certified partner of Microsoft, the consultation experience of the company in the context of Microsoft tools and services is unmatched. With over two decades of experience and round-the-clock customer service, EPC Group is capable of providing its clients with personalized training programs that help them achieve the best potential of Microsoft Viva.

In addition to this, the experts employed by the company can provide their customers with scalable consulting advice related to all the modules of Microsoft Viva.

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