Why Power BI for the Energy Sector?

To meet growing demand, making the energy sector efficient to curtail energy production. It will help reduce CO2 emissions. To address these challenges, we need to realize and enhance energy efficiency at both producer and consumer ends.
The ICT-enabled smart energy grids and different other devices play a cardinal role in generating volumes of data. It increases the productivity and efficiency of the energy sector. Hence, it is necessary to collect, store, and analyze this data.
The insights thus received need appropriate visualization and proper understanding. The use of Microsoft Power BI in the energy industry addresses these challenges by collecting and analyzing the data in real-time. Microsoft Power BI is a highly scalable and flexible data analysis platform that is very cost-effective for global adaptation.

Digitalizing the Energy Industry

Industry 4.0 is transforming the manufacturing industry, and Utility 4.0 is transforming the energy industry.

  • Bring about digital transformation consulting in the Energy industry with evolving technology tools and solutions.
  • Use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to manage energy leading to optimization of complex energy infrastructure and reducing redundant electricity usage.
  • Access advanced software tools that monitor data at industrial sites for timely identification and processing of inefficiencies and faulty equipment.
  • Build an increasingly connected and intelligent ecosystem of assets using big data and artificial intelligence.

Analyzing a Large Volumes of Data

Efficiency in collecting, storing, and analyzing the data has become paramount in the energy industry, and Power BI can address this pain point.

  • Empower energy industries to predict decisive models for energy consumption/generation of operations. It begins from planning production to specific levels of contextual variables.
  • Detailed real-time analysis helps the energy sector to create data models that learn and build the ideal operation mode for efficient energy consumption.
  • The Power BI reports the energy efficiency of processes will help determine the knowledge of entry and exit variables of the existing transformation phenomena.

Power Insights to Address the Issues

Today, energy industries need to gear up and administer better data management and analysis if they want to address critical business challenges more efficiently.

  • Power BI Analysis could leverage integrated meter reading, meter inventory, and customer billing data to improve revenue management.
  • Power BI helps build a holistic analytic process that identifies suspicious consumption patterns, billing, and payments to prevent fraud and loss.
  • Power BI analyzes meter flags, maintenance parameters for transformers, and other field equipment to enhance asset management.
  • The energy industry can use Power BI to access outage impact, manage compliance, offer better customer service, and improve sales and marketing.

Revolutionize the Outcome

The global energy industry is well aware that evolving technology has a disruptive impact on their pretty stable and mature industry. The volume, diversity, and complexity of data are growing in order of magnitude.

The energy industry needs to build analytical capabilities using all the systems, processes, and people at hand and leveraging an enterprise-wide, scalable approach to address this specific challenge.

It is mandatory to adopt a proactive approach towards business intelligence and data analytics tools. By developing infrastructure for housing, mining, and analyzing the tremendous amount of data, and channeling it into powerful strategic insights, the energy industry will revolutionize the outcome.

How EPC Group Helps in Getting More Out of Your Energy Data?

EPC Group simplifies ways for accessing data and empowers you to get insights that infer lucrative recommendations for taking appropriate actions.

Our expertise and hard-earned skills make us unique in delivering comprehensive consulting to use Power BI in the energy industry. EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner offering BI and Power BI consulting services for years.

  • We help implement Power BI to enhance real-time visibility and minimize operational variables throughout the value chain in the energy sector.
  • We offer Power BI training to empower your employees in predictive analytics, optimizing investment, data-driven decisions, and more.
  • We assist you in monitoring your business more closely and accessing the dashboards for Power BI reports for efficient energy management.

Why Choose Us

Why Organizations Recognize EPC Group's Consulting Services as the Industry Leader
EPC Group wrote the book on SharePoint & Power BI
Microsoft Partner for 20+ Years
Over 4 million Office 365 users successfully migrated
200+ years combined senior team migration experience
Expertise migrating to Office 365 in every vertical
EPC Group's Chief Architect Errin O'Connor was on the original SharePoint and
Office 365 Beta teams
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