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Power BI for Healthcare Industry

Let’s reshape the future of the healthcare industry by adopting value-based care. Power BI for the healthcare industry brings data-driven culture to the forefront for driving clinical agility, empowering health team collaboration, and get clinical and operational insights.

    Why Power BI for the Healthcare Industry?

    Digital transformation in the data-driven healthcare industry is eminent – Power BI is just another source.

    The healthcare industry generates an immense amount of data daily. Most of the data generated are in the form of HMS, CRM, OPD, and IPD registrations, lab results, prescriptions, pharmacy reports, patient billing, and much more. The majority of the time, the data generated by healthcare workers is siloed and stored at different locations. Moreover, often this data does not help generate valuable, meaningful, and much anticipated insights. Power BI connects all such disparate data sources to provide real-time insights.

    Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based business analytics platform. With Power BI, healthcare professionals can uniquely visualize data, monitor insights, and share dashboards with colleagues to make data-driven decisions.

    Using Power BI in the healthcare industry minimizes costs, maximizes revenue, enhances patient care, improves patient satisfaction, all by abiding with the compliance regulations. Power provides insights into the gaps in healthcare delivery and predicts the requirement of new resources, specialists, machinery, medicines, and much more. In all, Power BI improves the bottom line of the healthcare industry.

    Empowering Healthcare Workers

    Today’s healthcare industry is rapidly changing amidst digitization, changing demands, and calls for a quicker triage process. Healthcare is evolving and adapting to disruptive changes exponentially, especially in unforeseen pandemics or calamities.

      • Power BI allows visualization and analysis of healthcare data and keeps track of patients testing demands. It helps the healthcare workers to understand and optimize the resource needs.
      • Power BI empowers healthcare workers to analyze patient data and share insights, dashboards, and business intelligence reports, especially in an emergency, with others to get a comprehensive picture and provide critical care promptly.
      • Undoubtedly, Power BI is used for healthcare data visualization and analysis. Additionally, it is being used to analyze different processes such as HR, Finance, Administration, Pharmacy, Medical Training Management, and providing actionable insights to the healthcare workers to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

    Offering Personalized Care

    The healthcare industry is striving to achieve patient satisfaction by providing ultimate patient care. Power BI is a solution providing them a chance to offer personalized care.

    • The healthcare industry uses Power BI to collect, store, and manage the electronic health records of each patient.
    • Healthcare records consist of information related to patient history past treatments. Analyzing this data helps caregivers in predicting future ailments, reducing risks, and providing personalized care.
    • Power BI connects, integrates, and analyzes a massive pile of data from different healthcare sources, including life sciences and insurers. The meaningful insights derived from the terabytes of data helps in identifying cost savings, knowing healthcare trends, and providing effective treatments and medications to all patients.
    • Providing personalized care and a customized treatment approach for critically ill patients becomes possible with advanced analytics in Power BI. Holistic visualization of patient demographics, health conditions, past ailments, and allergies empowers healthcare specialists in offering efficient and effective treatment.

    Providing Data Security and Compliance

    Healthcare data is very-very sensitive hence subject to additional regulatory compliance. As every healthcare organization produces abundant data daily, they have to be more cautious about data breaches, privacy concerns, and security loopholes.

      • Power BI alleviates these risks by providing full-fledged security to the health data ensuring strict privacy, protection, and compliance.
      • Power BI is already HIPPA compliant. Besides, with appropriate data governance consulting, Power BI can be made compliant with the GDPR, CCPA, and other local data protection laws.
      • The advanced encryption security provided by Power BI empowers healthcare workers and organizations to share healthcare data within compliance guidelines and without compromising its security.

    Drive Foresight with Actionable Insights

    The goal of the healthcare system is to diagnose the precise reason behind a specific ailment, cure it and restore patient health. Power BI harnesses data to offer clinical and operational insights that help patients get diagnosed, treated, and cured. By enabling operational analysts with end-to-end analytics capabilities, you improve their operational performance and drives efficiency throughout the care continuum.

    • Use AI to predict future health trends, create relevant care models, and reduce risks.
    • Access and analyze patient data in real-time and on the go to diagnose faster and make quicker decisions.
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities in Power BI impact disease prevention and diagnosis by extracting more meaning from the healthcare data.
    • In the recent COVID Pandemic, Power BI played a dominating role for government agencies, the healthcare industry in sharing COVID-19 virus data and providing accurate and updated information about its spread.

    Reappraise Healthcare Industry with EPC Group’s Power BI Consulting Services

    The data-intensive nature of the healthcare industry puts Power BI at the core of its transformation. EPC Group helps healthcare organizations with their experience and earned skills in finding insights hidden in their data to make better decisions.

    We helped many healthcare organizations in the past to increase their revenue, hire specialized healthcare professionals, purchase new equipment, and extend personalized care by providing them deep visibility of their data.

    • EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner offering Power BI services since its entry into the business intelligence market.
    • Our Certified Microsoft Power BI professionals have the experience to create Power BI reports and dashboards exquisitely for healthcare workers and employees.
    • We will work to aggregate data generated from numerous sources in one place to manage, analyze, and create data visualization to indicate trends and patterns that are easier to understand.
    • We help healthcare organizations to create predictive analytics models to uncover future trends and enhance clinical decision-making.
    • Our team will assist you at every step, from creating Power BI reports to embedding them into the daily used portal and hospital apps.
    • We will ascertain the security and privacy of the healthcare data by creating an inviolable data governance strategy and ensuring it is compliant with the HIPPA, GDPR, and your local data governance laws.

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