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What Are Multi-Tenant Power BI Embedded And Its Benefits

Multi Tenant Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded: An Introduction to the meaning The term Power BI Embedded refers to an application developed by Microsoft which is dedicated to providing the user companies with graphic reports, dashboards, and analytics in their existing applications. This is done after the user organizations begin to use the features of Power BI as an […]

Understanding The Power BI Embedded Capacity & Workspace.

Azure Active Directory 1

Power BI Embedded: A Power BI Embedded Analytics perspective Power BI Embedded Analytics refers to an umbrella term that encompasses the capabilities related to embedding the constituents of Power BI such as reports, dashboards, and tiles into an existing application or a website. The use of Power BI Embedded Analytics is depicted in the following […]

Embedded Intelligence for (IoT) smart process and services

Embedded Intelligence

‘Embedded Intelligence’ refers to the capability of a certain product, service, or process to evaluate and contemplate its performance. As well as the ability to handle the workload or its own working environment. This in turn leads to performance enhancement further resulting in the ultimate user satisfaction. Thus, while designing a certain product or service, […]