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Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage: The Team Collaboration Network Within Microsoft Teams

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A new employee experience called Microsoft Viva Engage unites employees across the organization wherever and whenever they work, fostering inclusion and engagement for all. Teams may use the Viva Engage app to foster community, engage leadership, gather information and solutions, and create personal networks. Microsoft Viva Engage brings individuals around the company to engage with […]

Employee Experience Platform: Improving Digital Employee Experience

Employee Experience Platform

The post-covid global society and business arena have forced organizations to shift to the digital platform. As companies increasingly work in the digital arena from remote workplaces, it has been noted that employee productivity is increasingly dependent on their remote workplace experience. This remote work statistic, has led companies to understand that technology can help […]

Microsoft Viva Pricing And Plans Guide: Employee Experience Platform

Microsoft Viva Pricing

Microsoft Viva has brought about a drastic change in the manner in which organizations work and perform in the business arena. With its innovative features, employee experience modules, and collaborative methods, the platform has gained a lot of popularity within a short period. In this blog post, we will go over Microsoft Viva pricing and […]

How Does Microsoft Viva Analytics Increase Productivity In Organization

Microsoft Viva Analytics

The term Microsoft Viva analytics refers to a web application named Workplace Analytics. This application is currently being rebranded to Viva Insights by Microsoft. Workplace Analytics is an application that consists of advanced analysis tools and certain accelerators which are available to individuals performing the roles of an Analyst, Limited Analyst, or Admin Role. While […]