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Employee Experience Platform: Improving Digital Employee Experience

Employee Experience Platform

The post-covid global society and business arena have forced organizations to shift to the digital platform. As companies increasingly work in the digital arena from remote workplaces, it has been noted that employee productivity is increasingly dependent on their remote workplace experience. This remote work statistic, has led companies to understand that technology can help in creating a positive Employee experience platform.

The employee experience platforms are an aggregation of tools and services that are designed to enhance the productivity of the employees within an organization. These platforms assess and improve the various touchpoints along the employee journey.

In the technical context, the employee experience platform updates the front-end of the organizational applications and systems which helps in improving the user experience at large.

Employee Experience Platform features, uses and challenges

Uses of an employee experience platform in an organization:

The benefits derived from using an employee experience platform within an organization can be enumerated in the following manner:-

  • Employee experience platforms are known to improve the organizational alignment of the user company and increase employee engagement.
  • The companies using these platforms also depict a major improvement in team collaboration and internal communication.
  • In addition to the technical advantages, the employee experience platforms help in empowering the employees with a voice.
  • Robust filters and segmented features help in the personalized distribution of information that helps in avoiding information overload.
  • Such complex ecosystems of communication help in improving the digital employee experience.
Elements of Employees Experience program

Challenges for establishing an efficient employee experience platform:

The process of establishing an efficient and collaborative employee experience platform within an organization does pose certain challenges to the user organization.

One of the biggest challenges includes the process of recognizing and prioritizing the specific employee needs that influence their engagement and productivity. These needs include the quality of leadership, empowerment, business values, and others.

Another one of the other need for a client platform is to determine and differentiate between the metrics that have a greater influence on employee engagement.

In addition to this, a successful employee experience platform needs to have the capacity to produce actionable insights with employee data. The traditional performance management methods have to be tackled to make way for the modern employee experience platform.

Microsoft Viva as an Employee Experience solution:

As more and more organizations shift to the digital platform for working through remote workplaces, digital exhaustion is becoming increasingly common. To prevent burnout and subsequent poor performance patterns, an efficient employee experience platform is essential for every organization.

Microsoft has introduced the Viva solution to provide its users with a range of tools and services that can help in developing positive employee behaviors. As the process of sustaining digital working environments and patterns is far more complicated than establishing them, Viva solutions make it simpler. The tools within the Viva platform include Viva Insights, Viva Topics, Viva Learning, and Viva Connections.

Viva Insights is one of the most useful modules of the Viva solution. It increases organizational productivity by bringing about improvement at three levels of the company, namely, individual, team, and organization.

Viva Learning helps in imbibing growth and technical skills within individual employees while Viva Topics builds a sense of community by allowing knowledgeable resources to be shared between employees. Finally, Viva Connections improves the connectivity both inside the organization and outside.

What is employee experience plaatform

Various modules of Microsoft Viva and their features:

The individual modules of the Microsoft Viva Pricing structure can be bought separately by organizations according to their business needs. Each of these modules improves workplace technology and aids the process of performance management. The modules and their uses that improve customer experience can be enumerated as:-

All Microsoft Viva Modules

Microsoft Viva Insights

Viva Insights was earlier known as Workplace Analytics. The module is designed to improve employee productivity and well-being within the organizational framework.

The module is data-driven to provide wellness insights. These insights include a range of actionable insights and recommendations within the conversational interfaces that are aimed at creating better communication and work habits. The insights derived for the managers aid the companies in understanding the entire employee lifecycle.

In addition to this, the leader’s insights assist in analyzing the impact of the workplace experiences on the well-being of the employees. One of the other notable features of this module is the actionable recommendations which include AI-enabled tools and accelerators for addressing complex opportunities and challenges.

Microsoft Viva Learning –

The module helps the user organization in establishing successful human capital management methods. Viva Learning has been developed to empower employees across organizations to discover, share, learn and recommend resources from multiple content libraries across. This in turn helps in creating a sense of community within the community market. 

One of the essential features of this module is to help employees discover relevant learning resources. This includes bringing together learning content from third-party services. In addition to this, the users are capable of creating and sharing learning resources with their colleagues by sharing a link to the learning material in the Teams Apps, conversations, and emails. Thus, the module helps in creating high-performing teams from a group of well-informed individuals.

Microsoft Viva Topics

The Viva Topics module is used for empowering the employees with knowledge and expertise related to tools that form a part of cloud marketing communications. It allows individuals to learn, develop new skills, and innovate their working methods faster. This in turn improves the aggregate digital employee experience of the user company.

Along with this, the module can connect, organize and protect content across all the Teams and systems. The Topics module is capable of aggregating any relevant content, conversations, or expertise across the organizational framework within topic pages that are created by the AI-driven technology of Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Viva Connections

The features of the Viva Connections module aid the creation of a centralized destination that is personalized for providing an engaging experience to the employees.

Along with this, the module can boost critical items for maximizing the exposure and help in building a modern digital employee experience platform on the existing infrastructure. Apart from this, the Connections module also has the capability of creating custom adaptive cards, also known as dashboard cards that help the user in connecting with the existing applications.

Increase in employee engagement: A Microsoft Viva Perspective

Employee engagement refers to the extent to which employees remain interested and dedicated to their work patterns and organizational goals.  The Viva Learning module helps the employees to learn and share knowledge resources with their colleagues and fellow workers. This helps in creating an environment of harmony and unity.

Along with this, the Viva Topics module allows the employees to learn and add new skills to their resumes which helps in making their work easier. All these aspects aid in the development of a sense of community in this competitive market that allows employees to be continually engaged in their activities.

improvement in employee productivity with Microsoft Viva:

What is Viva

Employee productivity is one of the raging concerns of organizations in the current business market. Viva Insights is one of the modules in the Viva solutions which provides the user organizations with actionable insights for individual employees as well as managers and leaders.

These insights can be used to improve the lacking aspects of the organizational framework which will result in the improvement in the productivity of the employees. In addition to the insights, brand new wellness experiences and recommendations are being provided by Viva Insights to prevent burnout and enhance production capabilities.

Remote workplace experience with Viva:

The various modules within the Viva solutions have improved the remote workplace experience to a great extent. With a variety of modules that perform individual sets of functions, Viva has made the process of establishing a sustainable digital workplace simpler. As Viva solutions are powered by Microsoft 365, they are capable of aggregating the best abilities of communication, knowledge, resources and insights for empowering employees within an organization.

Beneficial aspects of Viva for Frontline workers:

The pandemic situation made the world realize the importance and risk aspects involved with the jobs of frontline workers. Due to the absence of digital infrastructure, these workers had to face several health hazards to perform their duties. This is where employee experience platforms that have mobile stations, help frontline workers to access their company updates within a short period even without corporate emails.

EPC Group as Viva Consulting partner:

The EPC Group is one of the leading organizations in the context of Microsoft Viva consultation within the global business arena. The company is a gold-certified partner of Microsoft and has extensive consulting experience related to Microsoft and Azure tools and services. This implies that the consultation capability of the company related to the Microsoft tools and services is unmatched in the global market.

With more than two decades of experience, the EPC Group is capable of providing their client companies with a range of personalized training programs which can help them in utilizing the best potential of Microsoft Viva in meeting the organizational goals. In addition to this, the experts employed by the company can provide their customers with scalable consulting advice related to all the modules of Microsoft Viva. The round-the-clock customer service provided by the company allows its clients access to the knowledge and consultation of Microsoft experts within the EPC team.

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