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Top 10 Benefits Of Migrating To Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

Today, almost everyone around the world must have heard about the success of Microsoft 365 but one may find very few there knowing the benefits and the uses of it.

The top 10 benefits of shifting to Microsoft 365 ecosystem are:

Ability to Work Remotely

With the growing pace of the world, professional workers have started to work remotely on daily basis. It is because of the newly adopted remote working using Microsoft Teams policies by several companies which makes it important for the companies to make access to tools and technologies to the virtual teams available for working on the go. Microsoft 365 allows the users to work effectively anytime and anywhere as long as they have an internet connection because Microsoft 365 is totally cloud-based.

Scalable Business Growth

Microsoft 365 gives the exclusive benefit to every business so that the business can enhance its flexibility and get quickly scale itself as the business operations require. It is easy to start as it allows the users to mix and match several business applications to create their own type of solution for meeting the business needs depending on the department. A business can also add or remove its users by simply adding or removing the licenses with the help of a subscription-based model

Migration to Microsoft 365

Streamline Business Collaborations

Businesses have to face a lot of difficulties when the collaboration of the employees working in the remote areas has to suffer due to the employees of the team are not working from the same location. The solution to this problem is the installation of Microsoft 365. As Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based model and it only requires an internet connection, it has been built keeping in mind the situation of the workers working from remote areas.

Simplified Virtual Connection

When the employees get the perfect tools for proper communication with their team while working on a project, it means the difference between engaged, successful, and isolated teams and unhappy employees. This is a very important advantage provided by Microsoft 365. Several features of Microsoft 365 like Microsoft Teams, Skype for business, SWAY, Yammer, Outlook for Groups, Microsoft SharePoint, and much more help in effective communication between the employees regardless of the location of the employees. Employees may be located at different corners of the world, all they need is just an internet connection to remove the barrier of ineffective communication.

Savings on Software Expense

Office 365 Environment

Microsoft 365 provides major support to the business organizations by cutting down huge sums which the business would have otherwise spent on several other software. Microsoft 365 being a subscription-based model, businesses would need to pay only for the applications they would be needing. Since the need for applications for every employee differs, subscriptions can be made by making a mixed list of the applications required for the organization.

Advanced Security

For every digitally-driven business, the main objective stands are to protect the data they are dealing with. A major feature of having a Microsoft 365 subscription is that the software regularly keeps on updating itself which automatically means that it gets the latest security patches automatically installed without the headache of manual updates or extra purchases. Plus by investing in Microsoft 365, an organization gets the special benefit of encryption of data both in rest and transit, enforced multifactor authentication for the users, region-based data residency, and phishing email protection through Outlook. This gives the organizations peace of mind that their data is safe with Microsoft 365 and they can properly focus on other core functions.

Email Benefits

Office 365 Email service benefits

With the help of Microsoft 365, a person’s emails, calendar, contacts are automatically synced to the most up-to-date version and can be accessed by the user from anywhere just by logging into his account. A user also gets the extra benefit of customizing the saved emails with the help of images or videos, using his own domain name, and can store all the important emails with huge storage of 100 GB. As it is admin-centered, it gives extra benefits like setting up new user emails, restoring deleted accounts, creating custom scripts from any location.

Storage and Sharing

With the use of Microsoft OneDrive, a user gets access to his files anytime and from anywhere he is logged in to be it Windows, Macbook, or a smartphone. The movement of files within the organization, co-workers, customers, and clients is secured as it is end to end encrypted. This would keep up the business pace eliminating the sharing hindrances. With the help of Microsoft SharePoint, employees can store and share several important project documents, files and applications through secured and private portals to enhance teamwork.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Microsoft 365 also provides several business insights and points out the scopes where the business can gain a strategic advantage in the future with the help of customer-generated data till the working of each and every employee in the organization. It has simple to read dashboards which makes the understanding of the analysis easier with the proper use of Business Intelligence (BI). The deciding of future goals of the organization becomes smarter, not harder.

24/7 Customer Support

All the tiers of the Microsoft 365 come with a guarantee of 24/7 customer support service, be it by direct calling or online support. The access to the customer support section amplifies when a user finally decides to join the Protected Trust’s Team on any surface program. With the help of this program, users will get immediate access to Microsoft software and will have the peace of mind that they will always have the latest features and capabilities first.


With the help of hardware renewal services, Microsoft 365 has clearly stated that it would never be outdated and keep up the trust of its customers until the end of the world. Microsoft 365 had promised to change the way businesses works and has kept its promise by satisfying the need of businesses with the help of all-in-one service.
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Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

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