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Microsoft Teams for Remote Working

Do you want your remote workers to stay productive? Is your organization struggling to maintain effective communications? EPC Group empowers your employees to communicate, collaborate and stay productive using Microsoft Teams.

    How does Microsoft Teams Support Remote Working?

    In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, worldwide organizations have shifted to remote working. However, not many were prepared to face this sudden change in their daily operations. Even though some were equipped with the right technologies, they were confused about implementing the right technology. In the middle of uncertainties, Microsoft Teams emerged as the game-changer for many companies working remotely.

    • Microsoft Teams helped in maintaining a balance between the personal and professional life of the employee.
    • Microsoft Teams mobile app allows users to stay focused on their projects and tasks by configuring notifications. It also prevents distractions during work.
    • By giving due importance to employee wellbeing, Microsoft Teams displays wellbeing and productivity insights to the remote workers to help them understand their working style and establish patterns of working behavior.
    • Remote work allows employees to work from anywhere. Microsoft Teams motivates them to keep on doing work by providing them an option to enable background images. It helps avoid awkward moments during meetings and figures out the exact location of an employee during video meetings.
    • Microsoft Teams comes with Microsoft Office Suite integration. It allows remote employees to access office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in one place.

    Remote employees can easily search for files, content, and people, and through Microsoft Planner integration, users get access to an effective project management tool. Besides, users can pin any website or SharePoint Page to a tab in a specific Microsoft Teams channel.

    Increase Productivity of Remote Workers with Microsoft Teams

    Here are some ways Microsoft Teams is helping remote employees to stay focused and increase their productivity,

    Simplify Meetings: By allowing remote employees, their managers, and clients to indulge in face-to-face video calls, Microsoft Teams accelerates the response time. Microsoft Teams helps remote employees stay focused on their tasks by allowing them to share the screen in an ongoing call, collaborate on the timeline, and follow the schedule as per their status.

    Centralized Project Hub: Remote workers can quickly access relevant and priority projects or projects on which they most recently worked. It helps in timesaving, thereby giving them more time to complete the projects with more precision.

    Customize Project Insights: With Microsoft Teams, you get access to different options for viewing project performance. Get an ordered list to get better insights into status and workflow, or access the list according to dates to visualize the performance of each task and assignment per project.

    Efficient Communication and Collaboration: Microsoft Teams allows remote workers to engage with team members, clients, and project stakeholders through chat, video, or audio calls. It empowers them to work synchronously with other team members. Users can edit the task list, update it, schedule projects, and more.

    Speed up Assessment: Due to different reasons, major projects stall. Different team members are dependent on each other to complete the project. Microsoft Teams gives access to a Project Collaboration tool that brings efficiency and transparency in the way projects are handled. Face-to-face meetings, one-on-one calls, real-time document writing, and revision accelerate the process of getting feedback.

    Create and Share Reports Seamlessly: Using the pre-built report templates in Microsoft Teams, users can track the progress of projects, resources, programs, and portfolios efficiently and seamlessly.

    Microsoft Teams Transforms and Empowers Remote Work

    Giving users access to a trustable communication and collaboration tool they can customize like Microsoft Teams marks the start of empowering and transforming your remote employees. The capability to customize, integrate and access numerous built-in apps provides them the autonomy they need to work remotely. With this added autonomy, your remote workers get the power to recreate the similar approaches they had while working from the office.

    • Remote workers can personalize their Microsoft Teams suiting their requirements. They can allocate time for focused activities and create boundaries as they hop on back-to-back meetings and different chat threads.
    • Application integration is another way for users to customize their Microsoft Teams platform. Options to integrate more than 200 bots, and tools like Forms, Communities, Power BI IntegrationDynamics 365 Integration, Office 365, etc., helps users in customizing and enhancing their remote working experience.
    • Every digital tool has some disadvantages, and constant notifications and pop-ups might cause a distraction for some. With Microsoft Teams, users can manage those notifications and pop-ups by putting Outlook Notifications for a set time. It helps them avoid distractions and concentrate on their work.
    • Microsoft Teams doubles up as a unified communication tool. Users can use it as a business phone system. Through Direct Routing and Operator Connect, Microsoft Partners add Voice Support with SIP trunking. It is a VoIP calling solution that resides in the cloud. It allows users to make and receive calls directly from Microsoft Teams.

    Advantages of Microsoft Teams for Remote Working

    Hold Effective Meetings

    Microsoft Teams helps in making meetings more productive and effective. Teams offer more than one way to communicate and collaborate. It allows remote workers to engage in numerous ways. Users can record, share, and transcribe calls for quick and convenient information distribution.

    Efficient Document Management

    Remote workers can share and edit the documents directly in Microsoft Teams for increased collaboration. It helps them understand document status and avoid some common issues like version control and duplicating efforts. They can add internal and external email domains and sync files to cloud-based OneDrive.

    Enhance Company Culture

    It is hard for organizations to build and sustain culture amongst remote workers. Microsoft Teams helps in creating a substantial and secure enterprise culture by customizing tools and workflows. A proper way to identify employee preferences and keep them engaged shapes company culture.

    Nurture Employee Engagement

    Microsoft Teams integrates with versatile third-party apps that can be used to gauge the pulse of employee satisfaction. Short polls and employee surveys help identify problems. Hearing their voices and implementing changes to accommodate their needs fosters good employee engagement.

    EPC Group Help Set up Microsoft Teams for Remote Working

    Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, EPC Group was helping global organizations to set up Microsoft Teams for enhancing collaboration and communication amongst their global workforce. At EPC Group, we know how much time it takes and what expertise is needed to quickly set up and deploy Microsoft Teams for your remote workforce.

    We know the advantages of using Microsoft teams for remote working as we experienced it firsthand. Even our organization is working remotely, and we conduct 98 percent of our meetings and calls within the company and with our clients using Microsoft Teams.

    The Microsoft Teams experts at EPC Group are capable enough to quantify the magnitude of remote collaboration across your organization.

    Since our inception 24 years ago, EPC Group has predominately worked with many large, medium, and small global companies. Most of our clients came to us to deploy Microsoft Teams and empower communication and collaboration in their companies.

    Starting from the basic Teams installation to getting an Office 365 tenant in place, we will help you create accounts, license people, and conduct Microsoft Teams training for your remote workers for faster adoption.

    We rise above the competition because our own experience with Microsoft Teams and the number of clients we served to deploy, govern, and adopt takes us to a unique position for you to evaluate.

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