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What ERP System Do Tech Companies Use?

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Tech and IT companies mostly go for the components like CRM for their products which are not always licensed. Sometimes it’s licensed or a physical product is used to serve. They order anyone which they want to use. The server is received as inventory whereas the license does not serve as inventory.

After these companies win their project then each element is recorded for the budget. PM schedules the license, delivery for hardware and services. Time and expenses are carried by each working in that product. During the implementation of the project, there can be many issues that must be taken care of by the team. Project risk and profitability should be managed accurately.

Top 10 ERP Software That Tech Companies Use

Some of the famous ERP software that tech companies use or must use are listed below as follows.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft is very well-known software for all industries. It develops in all it ends regularly. Its D365 solutions are gaining an accurate place in market share. The major Microsoft ERP Products in it are Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance, Microsoft dynamics 365 supply chain management and Dynamics 365 Business central.

Dynamics 365 also pack a powerful CRM along with ERP. This combination along with Microsoft 365 / Office 365 capabilities of sharing and collaboration within team really gives out an edge for automating business process in any organization. With AI integration and capabilities of cloud-based ERP fulfills every requirement you could possibly have.

EPCGroup is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has been providing ERP Consulting to industry for bring automation in the daily workflow and shifting infrastructure in cloud.


SAP takes a long time to implement. But most of the company’s use this and make a large portion of their company’s base through SAP. These companies include both enterprise size and midmarket size. The feature includes SAP Business ByDesign and some other features too.


Oracle includes a set of applications specifically industry-based. They are of both basic and advanced basics. It provides business solutions to both big and small companies or industries. The major features included in it are Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle NetSuite which was established in 2016.


Infor is focusing on the specific industry cloud. The industry-specific cloud solution includes cloud ERP solutions and SMB solutions. All the business processes and setups are widely taken care of these. The main feature here is Infor’s Industry CloudSuites.


IFS is mainly used for aerospace and defense. Manufacturing, construction, and service industries are also large contributors. Customers can choose any specific function as per their needs and requirements. It forms good relationship management to finance for a good supply to chain management.


Epicor is a US-based firm that is expanding it by building a large extent of closed-based products. It uses the Saas model for this. This gives it an advanced function in the cloud. It includes embedded EDI too. The major feature in this is Epicor E10 and Epicor Prophet 21.


Acumatica is a cloud-based solution for all small and midmarket businesses. There are fine development options in this and proper licensing which are great for a growing organization. Acumatica ERP system also includes accounting and financial management functionalities. Customer relations and distribution are taken into good consideration.


SYSPRO is a great ERP software for industrialists used majorly for designing and manufacturing and distributing. This solution can be accessed with mobile as well. All the advanced functionality is provided by them. Inbound supply chain management is also followed.


IQMS is a single solution for the entire manufacturing process by helping in managing and monitoring. Process manufacturers get great success through this. It also has an integrated execution of manufacturing in coordination with the shop controllers.


Salesforce gives a cloud-based CRM and a platform for all the solutions. It includes rootstock and FinancialForce. Both are an ERP solution from which FinancialForce provides professional services and rootstock provides designs for the manufacturers and organizations.

How To Select The Best ERP System?

  • Have an outline of the whole idea regarding the benefits needed for your company.
  • Try to understand the ERP market.
  • External guidance and support are very important.

Always check that the ERP software you are choosing should be scalable.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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