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What Is The Best Competitor To Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI Competitors

Microsoft Power BI has taken over a large share of the Business Intelligence software market. With its data visualization options, custom visual, various data sources, interactive visualization, and security features, organizations are taking full advantage of Power BI. It is well known that Microsoft has a wide user base that provides continuous feedback to their software. This has helped to bring in constant new features and upgrades to its existing line of products.

Although if you are still searching for a perfect fit and going through various options available in the BI market, we have covered the closest competitor to Microsoft Power BI. There are many competitors of Power BI that are present in the technical market, with competitive ranges. They offer the same advantages, so it becomes essential to train your employees to choose the best Microsoft Power BI according to your business requirements. Due to the specifications, the reviews vary. Here we are going to inform you about some best Microsoft Power BI competitors.

Lets’ see the top competitive BI software for Power BI

Top 10 Competitors To Microsoft Power BI

Focus 9

Focus9 BI Software

Focus 9 is an excellent service like Power BI, which carries scalability with solid features. It is a tailor-made ERP because it contributes to the AS IS implementation method. The most significant advantage of this tool is its flexibility, and it can easily merge with other applications that help to interact with more platforms.

Idos Business Intelligence

IDOS stands for a complete accounting and financial management. This is organized as automatic agreement management. With IDOS, you don’t need accounting knowledge; with the help of this service, business managers can make their decision quickly through various kinds of business reports and dashboards. Predictive analytics consulting plays a big role in improving the decision-making process.


sisense business intelligence

Sisence is a kind in which you can simplify your complex data in an extremely smooth manner. Sisense can analyze all sorts of data, either large or disparate databases. Sisense facilitates the business to manage and store their data efficiently. It can also be considered for cloud-based ERP software

Logi Info  

Logi Infor Business Analytics

This tool is for those business owners who require building analytic applications for their business. Logi info grants you a suitable platform to build up your analytics in a comparatively quicker manner. This service keeps their users engaged and maintains the core analytics with its application. You can use Logi Analytics for rapid business report building analytics that can be used on any platforms with no users without using any professional service. It is not that costly as any traditional BI.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

It is a solution of analytics that helps you in the creation of perspicacity reports and dashboards. Zoho Analytics is a BI in which you can analyze your business data and can take the decision visually. It can be used in multiple functional areas. 


CRMSure Analytics Software

This is the best platform to manage all the front-end functions of the business. CRM4Sure is a complete tool for a small business where you need a cheap and effective tool and simple solution to analyze your market sales, channels, services, HR, ERP inventory billing, and training. CMR4Sure is helpful and provides you with all the possible support that you need. 

This is an affordable tool that has fantastic features that manage all the related business information. This tool is reviewed to show the least errors, thus can fulfil your needs without any error.


databox Business Analytics Power BI Alternative

This friendly data is capable of quick decision making for your business tasks. This is a pretty excellent tool for the dashboards that interact with data very quickly and connect with a single view for more than one data. It also analyzes the KPI’s value for us. But the only problem with the tool is that it has minimal visual customization.

Ideata Analytics

Ideata Analytics

In this tool, the data is visualized in interactive visuals. It is a compact Business intelligence Software. It organizes the business information and represents it in interactive visuals. Many multinational companies are using this tool regularly because of its excellent features. One can clean the data and optimize the information by using this tool. The combined connector keeps the users to stay connected with many data such as Redshift, Hadoop, and other files. It also supports the mobile and provides superior connectivity to the Business Intelligence Solution.


UltiPro Business Analytics Software

This tool, UltiPro, is a cloud base that presents your strategy for HR functions in one solution. This tool can follow all the employee’s details, performance management, and other significant data. UltiPro is the most flexible tool that grants you available engine payroll.


Arbostart Business Analytics

This is also a cloud-based tool that helps in your business management. It is designed for tree care businesses and landscaping businesses of any scale. You will be able to manage all the required data of the company through this intelligent and simple platform. This is a combination of all the tools, so gives a tough competition to all Power BI.

Summing Up –

These were the most competitive tools against Power BI. All these tools are somewhere superior in terms of cost, rapid decision capability, storage of data, accuracy, Managing skills, etc. Not a single tool can be deciphered to be the best, but out of the several claimed tools, these top 10 tools are the promising ones.

Out of all these 10, Databox is considered to be the most effective one when compared with Microsoft Power BI. Nevertheless, these tools will help in every possible device. It is essential to train your employees and teach them about different competitors of Microsoft Power BI so that they can also change their way of work and enjoy the benefits of other BI tools other than traditional ones.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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