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What is Unified Communication as a Service?

Unified Communication as a service

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaasS for short is a service model in which providers provide different communication or telecom software services or apps, generally more than the internal IP network.

What are the Important Functions of UCaaS

  • Video: multi-participant video forums for seminars with a special touch. Participants are able to join through web conferencing.
  • Voice: Phone services that take account of call recording and call forwarding as well as advanced call routing.
  • Collaboration: Tools, which improve collaboration in the workplace with messaging, scheduling, and project management.
  • Messaging: Instant messaging, which allows for group and individual-based real-time chatting?
  • Cloud-based: Online hosting in a private cloud and secure data center
Unified communication types

How does Unified Communication as a Service Function?

UCaaS makes unified communication solutions easier across the business and enterprise as well. This offers SMS, chat, real-time video conferencing as well as contact center capabilities. The fact that this works online, there is no need to download extra hardware to serve clients. Providers are accountable for security, telephony functions, and backend configuration.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP powers UCaaS voice functionality. This converts the sound and relays into a data packet to the service providers of to cloud phone. Voicemail notifications and phone numbers work utilizing the SIP or Session Initiation Protocol.

UCaaS binds and controls the most excellent VoIP with ease. The whole team is able to make calls without an annoying infrastructure. All is handled and taken care of by the service provider. Today, workers are able to work at home with the help of apps and mobile devices or laptops.

It is expensive to make your platform. It is not just about the expenses but also about getting true scalability. Unified Communication as a Service data center survived serious climate, power shortages, and urges to work at home.

Collaboration, messaging as well as video apps are likely to work the same way. Unified Communication solutions work keeping in mind the practicality. As a whole, it surfaces the developments of a business contact center without expenses or complexity.

What to Expect from Using UCaaS?

Lower Expenses

Unified Communication as a Service is affordable and offers more value than the current phone system. Companies and organizations can save a lot once they opt for the cloud business phone system. Organizations can also save a lot on real estate, service contracts, best add-ons, and utilities.

Your information technology staff are technology wizards; however, they don’t like keeping old-school or an outdated phone systems. These old-fashioned systems take time to maintain and configure. They would prefer to assists workers and scale the development of the company.

The overflow of conferencing and messaging apps will consume your money if you are not very careful.

With United Communication as a Service, there is no need to disburse more for the following:

  • Audio conferencing
  • SMS text message
  • Online meeting app
  • Helpdesk ticketing
  • Team messaging software
  • Internal file sharing
  • Third-party softphone apps
  • On-premises telephones

UCaaS reduces the costs in Communication, retaining high productivity. You will control the Communication inside the business and at the same time keep the expenses in check.

Microsoft Teams As communication tool

Remote Working Flexibility

Conventional phone systems cannot offer workers the flexibility needed for the job. The remote team or staff depends on you to give a good platform in Communication for them. It would help if you didn’t take this for granted.

Unified Communication as a Service allows workers to work remotely without using any particular tool. This perk will enable them to work with no restriction on on-premise phone systems like Microsoft Teams Phones.

From a monetary perspective, this is able to translate into reducing operating expenses. Studies show that those who work remotely are likely to be more helpful.

Instant messaging, phone service, file sharing, and video conferencing, all these functions are vital. All you want is a super-fast internet connection. Roughly every cable internet or DSL connection is speed enough.

Streamline Lots of Tools in Communication

It is likely your organization utilized a lot of communication tools. You may even have a fax machine, which somebody needs to carry out their job.

Unified Communication as a Service consolidates individual channels in Communication into one. Sad to say, this is considered a pipe vision for a lot of organizations as they hit a single roadblock and rely on utilizing yet another separate messaging app. A whole set of communication apps in your company can be installed in a short span of time. IT experts take pleasure in its centralized management. So, in that way, you and the team can keep connected all the time, serve clients and handle vital projects. This will trim the monthly costs or expenses.

Secure Communication Solution

As a remote employee becomes common today, an issue comes out around endpoint protection. Encrypted communication platforms are vital to keeping business continuity. The rate of an information compromise goes up yearly. You cannot risk unofficial or not permitted individuals eavesdropping on insightful organization communications.

It takes place more than you imagine. Securing customer information is one important reason why UCaaS adopts a suspicious security technique. From SRTP/TLS call encryption to thorough call logs, this provides you peace of mind.

An additional perk of a cloud-based service provider is better accountability. Once can track phone system use in real-time.

Develop a Good Customer Service

customer service using UCaaS

With totally unified Communication, finally, you are able to make the utmost customer experience. Remember your personal experiences. A worse customer experience most often takes place due to the challenges between the technology and employee.

Unified Communication as a Service allows the touchpoints to focus on the satisfaction of the customer. By surveying clients at important points along their journey, you are able to lessen the churn.

Research shows that 80 percent of growing organizations gather customer experience information via surveys. Thus, they can make more value as well as drive long-term enterprise development.

Your team will now be familiar with every client and lead through each interaction. Clients can get the same amazing experience via phone, email as well as social media. A number of providers of Unified Communication as a Service provide CRM addition, but most of the time via another party.

Overview of UCaaS Advantages and Disadvantages 

There are a lot of pros and cons that you must be aware of when it comes to Unified Communication as a Service. It can be overwhelming to consider replacing your existing phone system. Knowing the pros and cons will assists you make the sound decision: 

UCaaS Pros

  • Consolidated technology stack
  • Superior worker mobility
  • Improved team collaboration

Lower expense 

  • Greater scalability and reliability
  • Higher overall productivity

UCaaS Cons

  • Change management 
  • It relies on high-speed internet 
  • Restricted emergency calling

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