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What Startups Are Working On ERP Software?

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ERP software gives an expert advisory example to all the startups. This gives them the best business decisions required. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has become a go-to solution for new organizations as an ERP solution. Flexible pricing structure and licensing plans along with strong customer support have played a big role in the large-scale adoption of Microsoft ERP. Apart from the Microsoft ERP Products which are used by mid to large enterprises, there are few startups that are working on brings new ideas to the Enterprise Resource Planning market.

Let’s see what are different ERP for startups available.

ERP For Startups

Following are the famous startups that are working on ERP software. 

Blue Onion Labs

This startup was established in the headquarters of New York majorly. It produces software for tracing transactions of orders and reconciliation for the same. Their offerings are majorly purchased by Linkedin and Crunchbase. This industry is also well-known for ERP, Payments etc.


This startup has many headquarters in California, the United States, and many more areas. It helps in building software for the cannabis industry. The founders of this startup are Daniel cook, Matthew Browning, Josh Holfeltz, and Paul Taylor. Their offerings are majorly purchased by Facebook, website, etc. this industry is well-known for software, CRM, ERP, IT, etc.

Sidis Health

Sidis Health startups were established in the headquarters of California, the United States, Escondido, etc. It is an enterprise and a platform for Autism/ ABA  Therapy services. It also helps for the clinical operations and businesses. The founders of this startup are Jeff Plowman, Michael Cook, and Robert Pontello. The offerings of this startup are purchased by Twitter, Facebook, etc. the industry includes ERP, Health Care, Mobile apps, etc.


Engini.Al is established in the headquarters of Tel Aviv, Israel, etc. It connects ERP systems to manage cross-organization WorkFlow. Itay Guttam and Michael Golnik are the founders of this following startup. This ERP for startups focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and ERP.

PEGASI International

PEGASI International is established in the following headquarters that are Santiago, Chile, and Region Metropolitana. They manage healthcare information accurately by using business intelligence tools. It does this with Big Data Mining and Machine Learning. The founders of this startup are Jose Santiago and Luis Santiago. This industry initiates machine learning, ERP, etc.

Skyintegrity Technologies

Skyintegrity technologies specialize in IT-related services. Software engineering and application development are some major features of it. Skuintegrity technologies also focus on ERP, IT, and software engineering.


This startup company is established in the headquarters of Boca Raton, Florida, and the United States. They are a cloud-based supply chain platform working in automation. Dickson Wambua and Kennedy Muteti are its founders. This industry uses collaboration, ERP, and supply chain management. 


HELIX has its various headquarters i.e. in Manhattan, New York, and the United States. They are a platform for enterprise Access and Identity Management platforms to enable verification through the help of the IT ecosystem. This enterprise uses blockchain, ERP, Enterprise Applications, and many other applications further.


SAVIS Communication Company has headquarters in Gebze, Kocaeli, and Turkey. OGUZHAN CEYLAN and TUMAY OKYAY are the founders of it. They provide location-based services for Industrial zones and business communities. They use ERP and supply chain for these kinds of features. This ERP for startups offerings is usually purchased by Crunchbase.


AIRY9 has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and the United States. Subhodip Dutta has founded this startup. It is modern banking for startups. It provides modern and advanced banking techniques. Scaling and managing the business accurately is their main task. They use ERP, Fintech, and techniques like billing and many more. Their offerings are purchased by Twitter, Facebook, etc.


EDEN’s headquarters are in Claymont, Delaware, and the United States. The founders Argenis Leon, Jason Randolph, and Lorena Sanchez Garcia have used this startup to develop unique kinds of needs for economies which are developing. This industry uses ERP, CRM, and handmade software and many more development features. Their offers are also purchased by Linkedin, Facebook, etc.


MedSolutions have been run upon HER, ERP, and features like healthcare. They are a smart cloud-based application known for healthcare management. This ERP for startups offerings is owned by Crunchbase, website, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


RWSdigital is founded by Antonio Russo in the headquarters as follows: Casalnuovo Di Napoli, Campania, and Italy. This industry focuses on ERP consulting, Cloud application services, and the development of new IT Technologies with hosting and cloud. They focus on ERP, Information technology, the internet, etc. their offering is purchased by Crunchbase, twitter, etc.

Elios technologies

This technology is built in the headquarters of  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. This is an enterprise resource planning and analytics firm. They include analytics, enterprise resource planning, and software. Their offerings are purchased by Crunchbase, website, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

SkyCliffer Technologies Private Limited

The idea behind this startup was by teams of 10 people from three different nations who also scripted it. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The founders of this startup are Khushboo pal and Surendra Kumar Sahu. Their industries constitute features like billing, IT management, Online portals, and management information, and mainly enterprise resource planning. Their offerings are further purchased by Crunchbase, website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Conclusion on ERP for startups

Even though there are multiple options available to choose from, an ERP system should be chosen only after thoroughly checking the support, a roadmap of product, and industry’s feedback. As of now because of the huge market Microsoft has under its umbrella, there are tons of improvements done to its existing line of ERP products. This provides much-needed peace of mind to organizations that new updates and patches if necessary will always be delivered by Microsoft.

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