Which is best for me, MS Dynamics or .NET?

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Apr, 30, 2021 04:04

MS Dynamics is a suite of business applications like CRM or ERP. It is designed to handle the needs of the business of a company. The MS Dynamics comprises Marketing, Sales Force Automation, Customer Service, Talent Management, and Finance and operation as part of the core suite. On the other hand, .NET is an open-source, free and cross-platform that is used for building scalable, modern, and high-performance web, desktop, mobile applications, and cloud. The .NET ecosystem is regarded as the single common library, language compilers, runtime, and tools. 

Where is MS Dynamics and .NET used?

Microsoft Dynamics is known to be the line of ERP or enterprise resource planning and CRM or customer relationship management software applications. Microsoft tends to market the applications of Dynamics through the network of the reselling partners who are providing specialized services. They form a part of Microsoft Business Solutions. 

Dynamics can also be used with many other services and programs of Microsoft such as Office 365, Yammer, Outlook, SharePoint, and Azure. Some of the focused industries of Microsoft Dynamics are services, retail, public sectors, and financial services. Many small to medium to large businesses are benefitted from Microsoft ERP Products

On the other hand, .NET being the programming language used by Microsoft was designed for building applications that have the ability to run on a Windows platform. It is used for developing forms-based applications, web services, and web-based applications. Developers get the chance to choose from various programming languages available on the platform of Microsoft .NET framework.

Dotnet Microsoft

 .NET has the multi-tiered software architecture and helps separate the functions for presentation, data management, and processing of the application. It is also used to develop flexible applications. It also helps in editing or adding the layers without causing any disturbance in the entire application. 

.NET also helps in the development of gaming applications, web applications, websites, provides managed code, and provides great performance by saving a lot of time and effort and at the same time provides fantastic scalability for developing large and small applications. .NET also features automatic monitoring. 

What kind of specialist roles are required for implementing MS Dynamics and .NET?

Like other business applications, MS Dynamics generally need two types of people for implementing these softwares. Such as the technical specialist- the CRM/ERP who fits the majority of the requirements of the business, but there are not all requirements that can be mapped. Hence these guys make a note of the additional codes for customizing the CRM/ERP for fitting the requirements of the business. The other is the functional specialist who understands the software properly and its capabilities. They are eligible to translate the requirements of the business into one feature in the CRM/ERP. 

The entire spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics runs of the .NET. For example, one can use the C# to extend the MS Dynamics CRM, Xamarin for the mobile apps, Azure, or simply ASP.NET based on the web applications. 

Kind of job opportunities available in both

MS Dynamics have a great career option for the ones who have knowledge in sales but are unaware of the knowledge of programming. It has the ability to provide social capabilities for helping the organizations to analyze and act on the market intelligence from connecting with their customers, social conversations more effectively, foster customer loyalty, drive business agility as well as accelerate the success of the organization with the social capabilities.

Some of the famous brands that use MS Dynamics are Big Brothers Big Sisters (CRM), AMEC (AX), City Harvest baCRM (GP, CRM), Ashley Furniture (AX), Assa Abloy (AX), CSX Transportation (CRM), Ball Corporation (CRM) Bank of China (CRM), County Commissioners Association of PA (CRM), Chobani Inc. (AX, CRM), etc. 

MS Dynamics is growing at a fast pace and is having a good growing market. It has a healthy network of MS partners and with the help, getting a job for the candidate who has proper knowledge of the software is much easier and convenient. There are many talents in this domain hence making the demand more healthy and getting a decent salary is also much easier. 

Microsoft Dynamics

.NET is known to be the most renowned programming language hence making the job market pretty big. It also has a decent amount of supply. Hence getting a job is not that easy or difficult either. There are lots of technological developments that are taking place, but .NET seems to be expanding every single day. 

What else?

Taking up a career option in .NET makes someone more talented and versatile. To be honest, there is not a huge demand for .NET developers when compared to other languages. But there is always a demand for some good developers with .NET experience in order to build products with a great experience of the users on top of the quality code. It is highly possible to get one job as the C# developer if the person is well-versed with the syntax of the language and is highly responsible for writing simple programs.

Download this Whitepaper on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for more information.

How to decide what is good for you?

The famous hedgehog rule must help you to decode which will be a good fit for you. The points mentioned earlier will give you an idea of the demand present in the market. And further, you need to decide which is good for you or which you are good at? It would be best if you needed to understand first that whether you are a technical guy or you would prefer to do useful stuff.

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