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Understanding Interactive Dashboards in Power BI

Dashboards in Power BI

For any business these days, big data is a major asset. Nonetheless, it’s just a waste if a business has a huge amount of data and cannot progress or segregate it to produce income. In such a situation, those data set will cause more harm than good. A survey conducted by Forbes found that over […]

What Is Big Data Security: Security Challenges For Organization Data .

Big Data Security

One of the main concerns of business companies is big data security. It is because the deployment of big data is a valuable target by those intruders. An initial ransomware attack may result to some ransom demands. And if worse comes to worst, any unauthorized access of a user or hacker can get your data […]

How To Stop Power BI From Presenting A Count Of Values?

Power BI Features

Power BI is a versatile and powerful data visualization tool that allows users to analyze and present data through interactive reports and dashboards. One common issue that users face is Power BI automatically presenting a count of values instead of the desired aggregation or measure.  This can happen when you drag a numeric field into […]