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How Do I Add A Phone Number To Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful app to enhance team communication and collaboration in an organization. With this tool, you can reach out to your team, even those who are in remote areas. It is easy to use and loaded with functional features that can meet the needs of any business. Moreover, it can also be used with Wireless Voice over Ip Phones     

Do you want to know how to add a phone number to Microsoft Teams meetings? Read more.

Adding a phone number to Microsoft Teams meeting 

You can add a phone number to Microsoft Teams meeting through the following:

Schedule meeting from Teams. However, you must check if the PSTN calling and PSTN conferencing is activated for your account. 

Scheduling Meetin through Microsoft Teams

Schedule the Team meeting through Outlook. The meeting details are included automatically in Outlook. 

Teams Meeting through Microsoft Outlook

Setting phone numbers on invites in Microsoft Teams 

Since Microsoft Teams is an efficient communication tool for your business, you can customize your conversations and meetings. You can set the phone numbers on invites on Microsoft Teams. 

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You can use Teams administrator roles for managing Teams. 

Sign in to the Microsoft Teams admin center

Choose Users in the left navigation

Choose Admins Users

Chose the user name on the list of the available users

Select Edit, which is next to Audio Conferencing

Conferance Id option in teams

Use Toll-free number or Toll number options to enter the users’ number you want to include in the Microsoft Teams meeting

Now that you have learned about adding a phone number to the Microsoft Teams meeting, let us know how to dial-in phone numbers on the audio conferencing bridge. 

Dial-in phone numbers in audio conferencing bridge 

You can assign audio conferencing phone numbers on conferencing bridge. These audio conferencing phone numbers include Dedicated and Shared. You can use these numbers to participate in audio meetings in your organization. 

Shared phone numbers

These numbers can be shared with other Office 365 or Microsoft 365. You can’t change the language used if someone calls in with these numbers. 

Dedicated phone numbers 

Dedicated phone numbers are accessible to users in your organization. You’re allowed to change the languages used when someone calls in with these numbers. 

Dial-in phone numbers for meeting invite 

As you schedule a meeting in Outlook Web App or Outlook if you’re a Microsoft Teams user, the default number for audio conferencing is set in the meeting invite. You can go to Users if you like to choose a different default number for a single user or more. 

Then, you can choose the user and edit the user’s Audio Conferencing settings. 

How Microsoft Teams training can benefit your organization? 

Microsoft Teams training can be beneficial for the operations of your business. It can help to improve file collaboration, conversations, and meetings for your company. It is mobile-friendly and has excellent integrations with Microsoft Teams Phones that can provide users with a hassle-free experience for their needs. 

With Microsoft Teams training, your team can be more organized and formulate effective plans to make your business projects more successful. It can provide an effective training channel for your team. 

Are you ready to improve your business meetings and team collaboration? Then, Microsoft Teams can be the perfect tool for you.

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