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How To Get Started With Salesforce Health Cloud’s Toolkit

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a complete solution for healthcare organizations that serves as a centralized hub for all clinical and administrative processes. It enables a focus on the entire patient history, not just a visit-by-visit experience.

Health Cloud’s Toolkit is designed to help healthcare organizations get started with this new paradigm. It gives you the information you need—from patient histories to clinical results—in one place so that you may concentrate on the appropriate topics at the appropriate moment.

You can use our toolkit to integrate Health Cloud with your existing EHR, other healthcare systems, and other cloud-based tools. When you do, you gain a holistic view of the patient and can provide the appropriate info in front of the appropriate individuals at the appropriate moment. In addition, a modern integration platform (iPaaS) allows critical data to flow quickly, easily, and securely.

Why Salesforce Health Cloud is the Ultimate Healthcare Platform

Salesforce Health Cloud is the ultimate healthcare platform. It works synchronously with your health system’s EHR to make patient data easily referenced, actionable and current from any device. And with medical devices and wearables integrated directly into Salesforce Health Cloud, you can gather data from at-home devices, such as glucose levels, sleep patterns, and activity measures.

Salesforce Health Cloud delivers a holistic and real-time view of each patient’s health, giving healthcare providers the information they need to provide care that improves outcomes for patients and populations.

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Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Healthcare Providers

The maintenance of medical records must give way to patient encounters for the healthcare sector to prosper. This process is the apparent strategy for raising patient satisfaction, offering top-notch medical care, cutting unnecessary costs, and enhancing results. However, today’s physicians are restricted by antiquated systems, making the shift to one-to-one, intuitive, and patient-responsive healthcare challenges. Salesforce Health Cloud for providers leverages the potential of the cloud, social, and mobile technologies to foster an environment in which everyone—from administrators to patients to specialists—can access the data they require anytime they require it and on any device. Here are Salesforce’s top five health-related advantages.

Improving Patient Care with Healthcare Workers

Patient care services are still inadequately managed, despite the aspirations of every healthcare professional to provide the best treatment possible. This process is because it is challenging to get a comprehensive image of the patient. From booking their initial visit to comprehending their insurance coverage, patients should enjoy the entire procedure. Providers must provide a seamless, customized patient experience with the most effective possible therapy to improve patient care services.

CRM systems like Salesforce may be applied in a variety of ways to enhance the complete patient experience. For example, you may transform virtual sales, provider collaborations, and patient involvement to increase value and provide outcomes. The SFDC Health Cloud is knowledgeable about the industry and can provide unique solutions. This process will help you cope with the sector’s particular and complicated situations, scenarios, and touchpoints.

Patient Journey with Customer Journey Mapping

Salesforce Health Cloud for providers provides possible transformation opportunities for healthcare enterprises interested in customizing patient journeys. For example, health insurers may use aggregated data from Salesforce to develop coverage strategies for understanding how consumers utilize their insurance. Hospitals can identify and monitor illness outbreaks, alerting locals and giving them safety tips. To reduce system-wide costs while enhancing results, we may significantly shift toward preventative treatment at the community level. Additionally, campaigns are a great way to maintain patients’ involvement with their healthcare professionals and compliance with their treatment plans.

Salesforce for health offers health information, appointment reminders, and more to let you and your team engage in a connected experience. You may start a campaign by locating a group of individuals who share a need. In addition, you may easily link care teams to a 360-degree image of each patient on a single, HIPAA-compliant platform. Using Salesforce Health Cloud has several benefits, including modernizing your contact center, effectively linking patients to treatment, and taking action on socioeconomic determinants of health to improve outcomes.

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Salesforce Health’s Core Focus on Data Protection & Security

Salesforce Health Cloud offers a seamless experience that keeps the organization operating in the current digital environment. Utilization management can help accelerate authorization requests for your members and give them personalized attention. By providing service representatives with intelligent insights and suggestions that enhance member health and reduce costs, Healthcare Cloud Salesforce may transform ordinary member encounters into chances for proactive care.

You may utilize mobile-friendly care plans to involve individuals in their health plans with the help of Salesforce. You can attract, assist, and engage patients throughout their healthcare journey with the help of a simplified engagement platform that connects people, data, and processes. In addition to offering great advice, Salesforce also offers insurance products that help build relationships with members over the long term and foster trust.

Analytics & Data Management: The Underrated Priority in Healthcare

A digital, remote working environment is the new normal. Salesforce is the best option in these circumstances. To empower businesses to reach new levels of efficiency and customer success, the Salesforce Health Cloud brings together powerful new technologies and platform services. To enhance health outcomes, Salesforce Health Cloud offers services that include patients across all devices and foster system-wide collaboration. A personalized experience is based on EHR data, patient preferences, and treatment plans.

Regardless of location or device, teams can design and deliver intelligent, personalized experiences that build long-lasting, trusted connections. An expanding selection of solutions for delivering a superior customer experience from any place is made available by Client 360’s constant innovation. Vlocity technology enables businesses to reinvent any customer experience by integrating new industry-specific apps and processes and has increased Salesforce’s industry knowledge.

Salesforce Emergency Response: A Modern Digital Triage Tool for Healthcare

Salesforce offers a free 30-day trial for an emergency response to help you quickly and effectively serve your community in a health emergency. During the 30-day trial, you can pre-load data or upload your pre-configured workflows, reports, dashboards, and other items. Self-service and digital triage for your contact center utilizing Emergency Response can enhance patient access to treatment. In addition, you can monitor possible exposure in your neighborhood with manual contact tracing.

To comprehend how diseases spread, you may also track other encounters kinds, such as groups or individuals. You can also automate the monitoring and escalation of patients’ conditions. So that they can react swiftly to any healthcare emergency, you may give your team human contact tracking, patient monitoring, and automatic follow-ups. Healthcare experts can rapidly reach the location where aid is required thanks to technology that alerts when medical assistance is required.


You’ll be able to manage much patient data quickly while also tailoring the patient experience right away, all from a single ground-breaking platform. You may get help from EPC Group, a well-known Salesforce Consultant, with the implementation of the Salesforce Health Cloud. We can offer each patient better, more individualized healthcare thanks to our bespoke Salesforce development services because we are the top Salesforce development company. Nothing compares to a Salesforce Health Cloud. Understanding the features and capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud is crucial. Whether you’re considering joining or are a current member of the Salesforce ecosystem, it will help you navigate it effectively. And EPC Group can do that for your business.

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Errin OConnor

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