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How Will Power BI Embedded Transform Your Business in 2021

Power BI Embedded Trends

Business intelligence (BI) tools like Power BI embedded are a vital component in the drive to be effective, competitive, and agile. 

As your business continues to grow, regular data management tasks become very challenging. In return, there’s a road-block for data-driven companies who want to harness their data for decision makings. The biased reporting structures and siloing effect across the enterprises force the decision-makers to take decisions according to partly correct data.

That is why many businesses embrace embedded reporting to a great extent. Having a Power BI support at bay to analyze data helps everyone at every level of your organization discover useful information, assist enhanced decision-making, and suggest a conclusion.

Microsoft’s Power BI embedded is a valuable tool to businesses. Instead of getting drowned in mind-numbing and overwhelming data, it allows you to assemble analytics and data in one centralized place.

Embedded intelligence also ports data directly into the application and will enable you to create visualizations, which helps you take necessary action on the information.

Common Business Issues that Power BI Embedded Can Help You Solve 

By getting Power BI support into your day-to-day business operations, you can solve the different issue, including:

Poor Performance Management 

While your visionary approach makes a significant difference and you have a high-performing product or service, your business still struggles with poor performance management. 

Accessing a meaningful analysis and reporting allows you to make long-term tactical and strategic, and insightful and well-informed decisions efficiently. Power BI embedded will enable you to analyze and understand your business’ performances and opportunities more deeply.

To better understand your business’s daily performance, Power BI embedded gives you the freedom to track and examine KPIs against your key business goals. Besides, taking proactive measures for improving performances while meeting profit expectations is a lot easier.

Poor Customer Retention 

You can use embedded intelligence to gain valuable insights into your customer behavior based on metrics and analyses. With business intelligence, you can create detailed guest profiles, including history, preferences, interests, and more. 

As you become armed with essential information, you can easily anticipate your clients’ or customers’ needs. You can then offer more personalized services, build long-term relationships and create a more memorable customer experience.

Power BI Embedded uses

Slow Market Response 

The ability to look at what the market currently purchases is one of the biggest strengths of having Power BI embedded. Rather than waiting until the end of the month, viewing reports daily is possible. That way, you can respond to any market demands and unpredictable situations more quickly.

You can determine how many pieces of specific products were sold and in a particular location, for instance, which helps your sales team upsell and cross-sell goods at the most appropriate customer touchpoints. The data you collected through BI can increase profit and develop an advantage over the competition.

Compiling Different System Rather Than Analyzing Data 

Most businesses waste time and energy searching for relevant information from multiple data sources. They spend so much time in reporting, merging and converting data, and discussing whether it is appropriate and accurate or not. Not only that, desktop spreadsheets often do not deliver real-time data updating and sharing.

With Power BI embedded, you can find all of the essential data from one source and access them from one dashboard. Then, you can convert them into a report. You save time and energy while still making the process more efficient. 

As you extract data from different sources and bring them into a centralized data warehouse, gaining quick, reliable insight is a lot easier.

Power BI Embedded Valued Competences 

Power BI embedded allows everyone at your organization’s every level to make confident and strategic decisions with the use of up-to-minute analytics. It is designed to simplify the ISVs and offer high-performing reports and dashboards without building them.

Also, Through this tool, you can automate analytic’s management, monitoring, and deployment. Below are other valued competencies of Power BI embedded that can transform your business.

Interactive Reports and Dashboards 

Having interactive reports and dashboards in the Microsoft applications means you can uncover essential data faster than ever. It allows you to improve client relations, project management, and revenue.

Moreover, You do not need to invest so much time in building and maintaining analytics. The embedded intelligence will help you grow your business through the following:

  • New revenue streams creations 
  • Excellent customer experience and lifelong fans creation 
  • Differentiated data offers and products creation 
  • Get to market more quickly

Control Over User Experience 

Power BI Embedded lets you test out many features and visuals for improving the user experience without writing any single code. To start, choose a sample you wish to explore and make changes to get the outcomes you want. After that, click “Run.” 

  • You can customize the entire experience for your customers by:
  • Using your brand colors to match the visuals with the application 
  • Allowing the users to create or edit the dashboard for analysis
  • Customizing the analytics menu along with convenient actions 
  • Turning on Q&A for immediate answers 

Easy Deployment and Management 

Using the Power BI embedded, your developers can focus on the core applications and process all analytics more efficiently. Simplifying any data is also very easy and can be secured through wizards, SDKs, and APIs.

  • Below are some helpful features for easy deployment preparation:
  • Easy to embed with the JavaScript SDK 
  • Performance monitoring with APIs 
  • Best user experience through scaling 
  • Data privacy in one, multi-tenant deployments along with row-level security

You can also check the pricing and feature guide of Power BI Embedded

Final Thoughts 

Before introducing Power BI embedded, analytics integration into an application requires Power BI account separate sign-in. You also need to generate reports and transfer them individually to your application.

In the end, Power BI embedded promotes end-user empowerment. Everyone in your company can now access data faster and produce improved data visualizations. Visibility, communication, and collaboration on analytics have also significantly improved as it brings familiar experiences from Office 365, PowerPoint, and Excel. There is also improvement in the collaboration between users in the company.

Errin OConnor

Errin OConnor

With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Management Consulting, Errin O’Connor has led hundreds of large-scale enterprise implementations from Business Intelligence, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, IT Security, Azure and Hybrid Cloud efforts for over 165 Fortune 500 companies.

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