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Implementing Virtual PBX Using Microsoft Phone System

Virtual PBX

It is a fact that business phone systems are essential to enhance communication inside and outside of your business. With the continuous innovation of technology, you can now have a cloud-based phone. One of the systems you can use is the Virtual PBX phone system. You can implement this phone system using Microsoft Phone. 

Microsoft Phone System allows PBX functions and calls control in the cloud. You can use Skype or Teams to receive and place a call, unmute or mute calls, and transfer calls. It also has mobile device integration, so you can use your mobile devices, laptops, or IP phones. 

Virtual PBX defined 

The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a cloud-based business phone system that is designed as an alternative to traditional PBX that needs landline connectivity and has limitations of the hardware. 

If you want to have a complete business VoIP Phone system, this phone system is right for you. It uses  cloud-based software and Voice over Internet Protocol for your phone services. 

Unified communication using Virtual PBX

Features of Virtual PBX using Microsoft Phone System 

Using Microsoft Phone System with PBX capabilities can provide you collaboration features that can enhance your business processes. 

  • Full-featured unified communications solution: Virtual PBX with Microsoft Phone System can be your comprehensive communication solution that can increase the productivity of your team. It can provide you full-featured PBX, including advanced call forwarding features, online meetings, voicemail, call queuing, intercom calling, and auto-attendants. Cloud-based PBX solutions can provide HD audio and video to make easy and seamless connectivity. It can also host conference calls. 
  • Mobile Integration: Another feature of this business VoIP telephone service is that it offers mobile integration.  So, you can access the features of PBX on your desktops, physical handsets, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Unified Presence: With Virtual PBX with Microsoft Phone System, you can see the status of your staff. You can check who’s offline and who’s available, who’s in a meeting, who’s busy, and who’s on a call. 
  • Office 365 Integration: The business phones service also enables Office 365 integration. With this, you can share and work on files with the apps of Microsoft, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, and Power BI from a single application. 
  • Connect different locations seamlessly: The good thing about virtual PBX is that you can connect different locations seamlessly. So, it can be ideal for remote workers to connect to each other easily at just an affordable cost. 
  • Streamline Calls Using IVR Menus: With this business class VoIP phone system, you can direct callers to the right end-users and departments easily. 
  • Low Monthly Fees: The average cost for phone lines is about $45 to $80 per month based on long-distance calling areas and the minutes used. You don’t need to worry since there are no hidden costs with this cloud business phone system. 
Cloud Phone

Benefits of Virtual PBX with Microsoft Phone System 

Implementation using Microsoft Phone System can provide many benefits to your business. 

  • Connect Over the Internet: It has Connect Over the Internet function. With that, if you have a high-speed internet connection, you can easily bridge remote or multiple offices. As a result, your team can collaborate and communicate in a hassle-free way and lower cost. 
  • It Doesn’t Have Server Maintenance: Another advantage of using advanced phone systems  is that it has no costs of maintenance. So, if you want a quality phone system at an affordable cost, virtual PBX is right for you. It features advanced switchboard options for more customization. Therefore, you can have an efficient phone system that can match the needs of your organization. 
  • You Can Choose Your Cloud Service : There are various cloud service and business VoIP providers, so you can choose the best one that suits your budget and business needs. 
  • It Is Not Hardware-based: The best feature is that it’s not hardware-based. It utilizes existing internet or LANs. So, you’re not required for the maintenance of separate phone system infrastructure. 
  • VoIP Extensions: The system is flexible enough to work with VoIP extensions. It can also work with most SIP trunks
  • Enhances Customer Retention and Satisfaction: With this phone system, you can also improve customer satisfaction and retention. Your business can have VoIP services that can enhance customer experience with your company. If you want to satisfy your customers with quality service, this is a good option. 
  • Reliable Security: Virtual PBX offers a measure of security for your peace of mind. You have the assurance that the communications and data of your company are protected by enterprise-grade security against possible threats. 
Virtual PBX Phone

Few More

  • More Savings: Virtual PBX is an excellent alternative to the traditional landline network and its associated expenses. The is affordable and easy to set up. By implementing this system in your organization, you can have more savings when it comes to your communication needs. 
  • Online Portal: It features a user-friendly online portal. You can manage the features, check your account, change settings and remove or add users. 

Choosing The Best Provider 

There are various PBX or UCaas providers in the market. So, you need to choose the right providers for the needs of your business carefully. You can consider the following factors for your provider: 

  • Availability, price, and quality of support 
  • Recurring and initial phone service expenses 
  • Security practices and certifications such as SOC, PSI, and HIPAA 
  • Ease of use and accessibility of using the unified communications platform 
  • The virtual PBX must be composed of excellent features of a business phone system 
  • Security profile and number of data centers 

Is It Worth to Implement Virtual PBX Using Microsoft Phone System? 

Do you wonder whether it is worth it implementing this using Microsoft Phone System? Well, the answer is yes. It is a good investment if you want to enhance the communications and operations of your business. It is loaded with innovative features that can level up the success of your organization at just a wallet-friendly cost. In addition, it can encourage team collaboration which can increase the productivity of your team. 

With the help of technology innovation, you can now take advantage of advanced phone systems like Virtual PBX. It is more flexible and offers you valuable tools for the communication needs of your company. 

It can be a more efficient tool to operate your business in the best possible way. Also, it is beneficial to make inbound and outbound calls so that you can connect to everyone inside and outside of your business. Aside from its excellent performance and service, you can also enjoy more savings for your business communications. 


The virtual phone PBX system is a modern communication tool you can use to enhance your business operations. It can be a good investment since it is equipped with business communication features that can improve your team collaboration. Additionally, the implementation of virtual PBX using a Microsoft phone system can enhance your outbound phone service. With that, you can improve the experience of your customers. Generally, PBX has a lot to offer for the growth of your business. You can make your business more profitable with this advanced phone system

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