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Is Microsoft Viva Connections The Company Intranet Worth Having?

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Microsoft Viva Connections is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a means to create an intranet that will keep your employees interested. You may connect with your staff with the free Teams and mobile app Microsoft Viva Connections. A recent addition to Microsoft 365, the Microsoft Viva Suite, includes viva connections Microsoft.

Connections app is a specific Microsoft Teams app that enhances SharePoint Online capabilities and aids in providing Microsoft Teams users with a landing page built on SharePoint. One of the Microsoft Viva apps offered through Microsoft 365 is Viva Connections. Thanks to the Teams app named Connections, SharePoint Online is now available on Microsoft Teams for desktop and mobile devices.

Viva Connections can assist you in ensuring that all employees, even front-line staff, have access to any intranet or corporate landing page you create using SharePoint. You might also use Viva Connections to increase employee engagement with the company’s intranet.

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5 Ways Microsoft Viva Connections Can Benefit Your Business

Features offered by Microsoft Viva Connections include:

  • The business-grade solution for your organization to offer a centralized location that is customized for employees is Microsoft Viva Connections.
  • Employees can read, reply to, and collaborate on information in one central location thanks to the unified communications channel it offers to collect and distribute critical information across departments.
  • With the ability to elevate important things for maximum visibility and viva connections, Microsoft may tailor communications and dashboard items to specific people or groups.
  • You may construct a recent employee experience on top of your current infrastructure with Viva Connections.
  • Additionally, you receive interaction with third-party vendors and HR software, and you may design unique adaptable cards to link to your current apps.

What Is Viva Connections Dashboard And How To Use It

The dashboard is a component of Viva Connection, and it has two different implementations: as a web element in Viva Connections Desktop and as a critical component in Viva Connections Mobile.

The primary purpose of the viva connections Microsoft Dashboard is to give a panel with essential organizational apps. The dashboard is constructed using basic building blocks (simplified web parts), which can deliver various items, such as connections to web-based applications, Teams apps, or bespoke adaptable card apps. You may quickly personalize the Viva Connections Dashboard without any programming knowledge.

You can use viva connections Microsoft Dashboard to display app lists like emails, calendar events, documents, and files in one place instead of accessing them separately through different tabs or pages in the SharePoint Online portal. The advantage of having all these applications in one place saves time and effort for users as they don’t need to go through multiple pages or tabs whenever they want to access their information.

All You Need To Know About Viva Connections Dashboard 

Viva Connections has a dedicated Teams app for desktop usage. The Viva Connections Desktop software allows Teams to visit a SharePoint page without opening a browser. In addition, users can choose between SharePoint pages using dedicated organization-wide navigation. Moreover, the Connections app dedicated to the desktop could be extended by Viva Connections Dashboard.

Viva Connections Dashboard is an application that provides users with an overview of all Viva Connection resources and activities. The dashboard also serves as a central point of contact for customers who want to get in touch with us or ask questions about our products. Viva connections Microsoft Dashboard is available on PCs and mobiles via a web browser or mobile app.

The viva connections Microsoft Dashboard allows you to check your activity in real time, see all relevant data about your account, and find answers to any questions about using our product range.

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How to Publish Viva Connections Mobile App On All Sites In Your Organization

If you’re using Microsoft Viva Connections, you might wonder how to publish it on all your SharePoint sites. Although it seems complicated, this method is relatively simple.

First, let’s get straight: Microsoft Viva Connections is not just for mobile devices. It’s also accessible via the web and a desktop application. But, if you’re looking for something that can be used by employees who only access their data from mobile devices, then this is the perfect solution.

The first step is to create a dedicated space within your organization where employees will use viva connections. This could be your company’s app store or office portal where users can download new apps like Viva Connections and install them on their devices. The next step is configuring your Viva Connections in this space—creating a dashboard. Hence, employees know where they can find important information and easily navigate different app parts.

Then, once everything is set up correctly and users know how things work in viva connections, you can start using it on all sites in your organization!

Viva Connections Delivers Your SharePoint Intranet In Microsoft Teams

With viva connections Microsoft, you can extend your SharePoint intranet content into Microsoft Teams with a modern employee experience. A tailored corporate news feed, company resources, and a general dashboard view are all found on the “Viva Connections app,” which serves as the main landing page and lets you stay informed and involved wherever you work.

Viva Connections is technically based on SharePoint, allowing you to expand your SharePoint intranet material into Microsoft Teams with the recent employee experience. The Home site app was the previous name for the Viva Connections for the desktop interface.

Users may search for pertinent information, websites, and news from around the company using the “Viva Connections app” directly from the Team’s app bar. Global navigation is a feature of Viva Connections that highlights specific sources and individualized material, such as websites and news. By choosing the Teams app bar icon, users may access global navigation, which is set in SharePoint.

Viva Connections supports Microsoft 365 and SharePoint intranet

To make the most of Microsoft 365, having all your content and information in one place is essential. That’s where Viva Connections comes in.

Viva Connections, the connector from Microsoft 365 that consolidates content and information from some of these sources, can be used to surface your SharePoint intranet through Teams effectively. As a result, users don’t have to leave the Teams environment to see intranet communications and content.

This is a fantastic technique to make intranet access more convenient in organizations where Teams have high usage. For example, we saw an example of how Entain’s intranet is viewed through Viva Connections; in organizations where Teams has high usage, this is a great way to facilitate easier intranet access.

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EPC Group’s Strategies and Ideas for Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections can be a valuable resource for companies that want to build their intranet. It supports many of the features required in an intranet and is also free to use and easy to learn. In addition, it is straightforward to build your intranet using Viva Connections. Once you have finished setting up your intranet, Microsoft will send you an email with a link from which employees can enter their company’s intranet. 

EPC Group has found that Viva Connections has more than enough to offer over Microsoft Teams, enough to justify its significantly higher cost. In addition, the capabilities provided by Viva Connections make it much more than just a competitor to Microsoft Teams; it offers an entirely different employee experience for businesses and employees alike. That’s not to say that Microsoft Teams is terrible; it’s pretty great. But there are features you’ll find in Viva Connections that aren’t present in Microsoft Teams. So if you want the ideal intranet solution, you need only look at how Viva Connections can help you get there.

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