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Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI: Introducing a New Era of Business Intelligence

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Microsoft’s goal is to hasten the transformation of corporate processes with enterprise-ready, AI-infused experiences. Here, we’ll examine a handful of the most practical situations where Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI already has a demonstrable impact – across sectors, within Microsoft, and more.

Microsoft 365 AI is rapidly changing how business apps are making work more efficient, saving employees time to focus on higher priorities. And it’s enabling organizations to make better-informed decisions by making it easy to derive insights from data, helping to expand customer engagement, optimize operations and improve offerings.

The first area where Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI is having an impact is customer support. There are several reasons for this: firstly, AI allows for more personalized interactions between customer service and support staff through chatbots that can provide quick answers to questions or assist with tasks like setting up accounts or transferring funds; 

Secondly, it can also help companies understand what their customers like so they can tailor services accordingly; thirdly, it can help companies improve their service levels by monitoring user behavior and helping them determine what needs improving; finally, and perhaps most importantly for businesses today.

Expand Your AI Portfolio With Dynamics 365 AI Applications

One of the most potent business products on the market is Dynamics 365. With thousands of enterprises relying on it to help them move their business apps forward, we’ve included Microsoft 365 AI layers within products to provide AI experiences out-of-the-box with immediate time to value. 

For example, Dynamics 365 for Field Service uses AI to detect, troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues remotely with self-healing commands. Business outcomes may expand these features further by integrating them with additional Microsoft services like Azure, Office, Skype, and even augmented reality. 

To further help our customer satisfaction integrate intelligence into their organization, Dynamics 365 has announced a new class of AI applications that deliver out-of-the-box insights by unifying data and infusing it with advanced intelligence. Infusing intelligence into our commonly used mobile app helps ensure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI is more accessible and easier to utilize for enterprises in any industry. But cross-industry solutions are only the beginning.


Enhance Healthcare Quality And Patient Outcomes Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

There are several difficulties we must overcome in the healthcare sector. Health organizations face various difficulties as they work to enhance patient experiences and results, including a lack of clinicians, time and financial constraints, and rising patient needs.

Because of the tremendous potential that Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI has to address these challenges and help clinicians save lives, Microsoft is focusing heavily on paving the way to the transformed healthcare industry. We’ve set up an extensive research team pioneering new AI-led approaches to patient care, and we’re working with a dynamic partner ecosystem to bring solutions to market. 

Here are some ways we are integrating Microsoft 365 AI into healthcare:

  • Finding the proper treatment faster: We’re about helping you find the proper treatment faster. That’s why we’ve built our platform from the ground up to use unique treatment programs powered by analytics and based on a patient’s genetic make-up, medical history, lifestyle, and more – made possible through advances in genomics and intelligent analysis of massive amounts of healthcare data. We can help you to get the care you need faster than ever before.
  • Intelligent Virtual Health Bot Service: The Intelligent Virtual Health Bot Service provides users with access to a virtual healthcare assistant that can provide them with detailed, personalized advice on various health conditions. The service allows users to ask questions about their symptoms, which the virtual healthcare assistant will answer. The service also includes several tools that enable healthcare organizations to build an effective user interface for virtual healthcare assistants. This includes an easy-to-use chatbot builder tool that allows organizations to create customized bots in a few minutes.
  • Building a 3D Radiological Image Analysis Tool: The project aims to develop a machine learning system that can automatically identify and count the number of cancer lesions in 3D radiological images. You will optimize the machine learning system for processing high-resolution 3D Radiological images. The researchers working on this project will provide the data set with Microsoft Research.

The Future of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI in Education

Unprecedented opportunities are being created by technology to engage kids with their surroundings and enable them to reach their most significant potential. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI, educators, administrators, and technology developers are working together to tackle several of the most pressing concerns in education.

These collaborations have produced:

  • The power of technology in making the classroom more accessible: The power of technology in making the classroom more accessible is that it can enable teachers to make the classroom more accessible to students who live with disabilities. Using Microsoft 365 AI-powered tools, including actual lesson translation for language-speaking pupils and narration of the environment for blind students, teachers can enable their students to learn in ways that were not possible before. The accessibility of the classroom is crucial to ensuring that all students have equal access to education. 
  • Helping Schools Predict Student Success and Risk With Advanced Analytics: Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI is helping schools predict student success and risk with advanced analytics. Teachers may make better choices about how to raise student achievement by being aware of each student’s prospects of success at any given time. Teachers may make the best choices for enhancing student outcomes with in-depth analytical insights regarding student achievement and risk across whole schools or school districts.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used at Microsoft to Make Processing Fast

Microsoft has been working hard to make its products more intuitive and enjoyable for users, and it’s not just about the software itself. Additionally, the business analyst leaders have been utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance their internal procedures. This allows them to ensure that their tools are as effective as possible, which means they work well for everyone using them.

The first place we build and test our Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI capabilities is our internal processes, so we can better grasp how to make the most valuable tools for our customers across industries.

Here are a few instances of internal communications Microsoft initiatives using AI to provide superior results:

Conversational Power Virtual Agents Agent for Microsoft: We recently launched a new customer support virtual agent for Microsoft products. The agent was designed to help customers with their queries on various Microsoft products, including Windows, Office, Xbox, and more. We found that the agent resulted in a 2× increase in self-help success and a massive decrease in agent-to-agent transfers. As a result, we created this conversational Power Virtual Agents to give you the tools you need to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Sales Process Without Sacrificing Agility: We have streamlined our sales processes, increased sales data accuracy, and enabled an individualized customer experience by creating a new sales solution built on Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud Services. We have focused on creating an agile sales culture that ensures that you are always informed about your pipeline, can quickly access your data in Dynamics 365, and can easily manage your contacts across multiple platforms.

Data Analytics, IoT, and Machine Learning for Smarter Buildings: Data analytics, IoT, and machine learning have the potential to transform how buildings are designed, managed, and powered. We took a holistic approach to build management by leveraging data analytics, IoT, and Azure Machine Learning for predictive maintenance, climate control, and HVAC optimization. We leveraged all this data to ensure our clients’ buildings were comfortable while minimizing their environmental footprint.

How Intelligent Insights Debuts Expanded AI Public Portfolio Of Applications

At Intelligent Insights, we always look for ways to improve our products and services. It’s not enough to make a good product—we want to make it better than ever. And that’s why today we’re unveiling a new set of features for our Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI-driven insights applications, including entirely new applications and capabilities.

With the expansion of the portfolio, we can now provide:

  • A 360-degree view of your business,
  • Going beyond data capture and backward-looking insights to the unification of all data,
  • Providing forward-looking intelligence powered by Azure AI.

These tightly integrated capabilities can make Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI real for business outcomes today and enable employees to drive decisions and action proactively.

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How Microsoft AI Platform Helps Enterprises Harness AI to Drive Business Growth

Businesses are searching for a partnership to help them grow as they try to use artificial intelligence to build their businesses. Microsoft is ready to be that partner, accelerating its transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI. 

We are already seeing breakthroughs in applying Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI in these areas, from conducting a complete marketing solution species census in biodiversity to quickly developing maps for tracking environmental changes over time. Bringing innovation to companies that will change the world and driving that innovation responsibly is a critical principle of Microsoft’s AI vision.

We recognize, however, that every enterprise is unique, and you will have your path towards transforming your organization. Therefore, we have created the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Ready assessment tool to help you take the first step toward your AI transformation. This tool evaluates your organizational readiness for adopting AI-based systems and provides customized recommendations around appropriate implementations for your business.

How EPC Group Helps Accelerate Business With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Change is often unsettling for business users and IT professionals, and if you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the latter. But trust me when I say that technology is changing our world, often in obvious ways, but rarely in ways, we could have predicted. For example, Microsoft 365 AI is helping businesses, large and small, to better use their historical data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a readily available platform for capturing and presenting critical information across the Sales Solution and marketing lifecycle. Using complete marketing solution for customer lifecycle management, our systems assist businesses in boosting client acquisition and retention rates. Call today for more information about how Dynamics 365 can be implemented for your company.

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