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Role of Microsoft Dynamics ERP in business management

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is important for the growth of businesses. The world has transformed digitally, and so has the way we do business. In this post, we set out to discover the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and how it is helping businesses worldwide to grow and increase efficiencies.

Business management is the key to your company’s success, and ERP systems play a significant role. You can potentially control and manage all of your business operations using one single robust ERP system.

There are hundreds of features of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and you can accomplish a lot of tasks, which would usually take a lot of time and money. You can also integrate it with other Microsoft products like SharePoint Online, Office 365, Power Bi Reports for successfully running a business.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP defination and understanding

Among numerous products by Microsoft, some interesting ones are which can be integrated to give you a customized ERP for your business.

There is a set of software applications, each serving a specific function, which can be integrated into your software. Every software helps manage a particular division in your company.

A well and properly implemented system like Microsoft ERP in an organization can bring quick success

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been specially designed for small and medium businesses with a specific set of requirements. This software alone can solve most of your managerial problems and challenges in your company
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the software application designed for large corporations and multinational organizations with a big team and varied requirements

Departments and sections that benefit with these software applications

After integrating this software, you will be equipped to make and customize your dashboards for different departments in your company.

Some of the sections that will benefit

  • Financial Management and Controlling
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Service and Mobile

There are hundreds of features for every one of these departments in your company. Microsoft has been changing and upgrading different functions within the application based on Industry requirements.

Being one of the most used and widely accepted ERP systems in the world, you can imagine a plethora of services as Microsoft understands the requirements of every industry owing to a vast customer base that continually provides inputs.

Important contributions and role of Microsoft Dynamics ERP in business processes

Before we get into the profits and implementing Microsoft ERP in business, it’s essential to comprehend the roles in an organization

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

We will be talking about some of the critical features and significant inbuilt capabilities. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect when you decide to implement it in your business operations. 


The modern ERP solutions by Microsoft offer custom dashboards to manage all the company’s finances in one place. You can check the real-time data of your finances anytime and using various devices that you use.

The application is bundled with several project automation capabilities using which you can automate most of the daily tasks. You can set custom rules, and all of them will be performed on auto-pilot while you focus on more critical functions in your company.

Some examples of the features include – 

  • Custom finance dashboards
  • Finance analytics and intelligence
  • Sales and marketing
  • Mobile sales
  • Mobile service
  • Point of Sales
  • Automation of finance tasks

These are just some basic examples, although you can achieve a lot and practically anything with automation. You can also customize the tasks according to your demands.

The best and the most potent part is the analytics as you can use the data to predict future sales and requirements. You can also analyze any small part of the operations and do constant iterations to improve the processes.

Human resources

Human resources is also one of the challenging departments for most of the companies. It usually takes most of the time for small and medium companies and results in hiring many people for the job.

ERP enables you to micro-manage all the tasks on automation while you think about your company’s growth. 

Some of the noteworthy features are :

  • Payroll management and automation
  • Hiring
  • Predicting problems which may arise
  • Tracking employee performance
  • Data forecasting

You can actually manage all of your organization’s HR using your mobile device. Repetitive but important tasks like announcements are automated and you can focus on other profitable tasks.


For companies with manufacturing being the majority of the business, ERP is the best thing that can improve the operations. Microsoft Dynamics ERP combines the power of data, analytics, and automation to improve efficiencies and processes. 

You can get hold of every division of the manufacturing process and give constant inputs to understand and increase efficiency. 

Some of the divisions which are united on a single platform are but not limited to – 

  • Project management
  • Production planning
  • Cost management
  • Tracking output and time
  • Warehouse management
  • Segregating the complete manufacturing process and analyzing each division separately

Supply chain management

Ability to successfully manage the supply chain. You can manage all the factors involved in supply chain management with help from technology like Dynamics ERP.

ERP in supply chain management is used in almost all large corporations, and Microsoft manages one of the most used software.

If you are still writing down information manually to manage and keep track of stock, it is high time you shift to ERP solutions. You can automate the small tasks of filing in data, and the software uses all the data to provide constant insights.

Moreover, get insights about every kind of stock and which lot is taking more time than average. You can even use the data to predict peak load times and plan staff and other things using the data. 

Customization according to your industry

Every company has its unique requirements, and ERP is all about solving your problems. After integrating Microsoft’s software with your company’s software, it is imperative to customize each of its sections so that you are in the best place for improvements.

If you are looking for expert Microsoft Dynamics consultants who can help you align the software and customize it to your business, Contact Us to know more about our services.

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Benefits of the factors and features of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software

In this section, we will be discussing the significant benefits of the critical features for companies. These benefits will help you in two ways: helping you correlate them to your industry and planning to integrate the same features in your organization and the other being a clear understanding of the role.

You will also get to know of other roles which ERP plays in business management. 

1. Improving conversions and time allocation on leads

You can easily integrate a lead scoring system with which you can segregate the leads and spend time on converting the best ones.

2. Improving customer service and internal collaboration

You can easily integrate Dynamics 365 with customer service with individual departments of the company. This will help increase the customer response rate and also encourage more internal communication.

3. Use data to improve customer interactions

You can use the data to predict and select the best ways to communicate with customers based on their preferences. Successfully do this separately for all the customers

4. Visualization and tracking contacts

You can easily visualize all the data that you produce in your company. You can track all the contacts and also improve communication with them.

5. Integration with other software

Microsoft Dynamics ERP can easily be integrated with all the Microsoft software and many other leading third-party software.

You can even automate the tasks with various applications running at the same time.

6. Virtual Agents

You can actually automate the whole customer service division using chatbots. Creating a chatbot with Microsoft ERP solutions is pretty easy, and you can create workflows and chat flows, which will be followed in every communication.

7. Monitoring and Security features with AI

For your e-commerce and other divisions, you can use the fraud protection features. These features are powered with AI, and software predicts specific behavior and helps prevent dubious activities.

8. 3D product visualizations

You can create 3D product visualizations, which can also be made interactive. Features like these will take your conversions through the roof.

9. Improving employees training with guides

Employee onboarding and training become an easy task for an organization. Microsoft’s mixed-reality application automates most of these tasks, and you can track every employee’s performance.


Implementing ERP in business has actually helped companies multiply their operations. You can achieve a lot with the proper strategy and leveraging the key features of Dynamics ERP.

Contact Us if you are looking for a strategic partner that can help you quickly integrate Microsoft Dynamics ERP and leverage it to its full potential!

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