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How To Monitor And Manage SharePoint Fleet Management

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The SharePoint fleet management system is a collection of tools and processes and an integrated, end-to-end solution that helps organizations monitor and manage their SharePoint infrastructure. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how all these components work together to effectively plan for, implement and manage the SharePoint fleet management system. Understanding the workflow for managing SharePoint […]

How Azure Business Intelligence Tools Can Help You Gain More Insight

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Azure Business Intelligence (BI) tools can help you gain more insight into your business. These tools can help you analyze and gain valuable insight into your data. Azure BI tools are available in two distinct categories: on-premises and cloud-hosted. The on-premises options are typically the more expensive, but they offer greater security and flexibility than […]

Easily Setup An Enterprise Reporting System With Power BI Data Mart Process 

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Data Marts are built on top of Microsoft’s Power BI service offering, which provides tools for building self-service applications connected to live data sources available via APIs. Datamarts enable users to build reports and visualizations without prior knowledge about IT operations or databases. Self-service analytics tools, called data marts, let users store and analyze loaded […]

What Is Azure Shared Responsibility Model? – Tips for Cloud Security Solutions

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The Azure Shared Responsibility Model for Cyber Security is a security model that defines the responsibilities of both organizations and users of Azure services. The SRM creates a framework for organizations to create policies that govern how they use Azure while providing guidelines for user actions such as logging in, downloading apps, or accessing storage. […]

Understanding the Concept and Benefits of Azure Paired Regions

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Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure incorporates a feature known as paired regions, providing a robust geographical redundancy solution to safeguard customer data and services.  This design approach ensures business continuity, even during large-scale events like natural disasters, widespread network failures, or power outages. A paired region comprises two specific Azure regions linked within a larger geographical area. […]

Why Azure Cloud App Security Provides Stronger User Authentication

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Azure Cloud App Security provides a comprehensive, intelligent security solution that brings visibility, real-time control, and security to your cloud applications. There is no denying how significant the cloud has an essential tool for businesses to optimize their operations and increase efficiency. Cloud apps are a great standard to deliver software products, services, and applications […]

How To Set Up Microsoft Intune For Autopilot Deployment

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One of the features of Microsoft Intune is Windows Autopilot, which improves your ability to pre-configure and set up new device imports, so they are ready for production usage. Windows also lets you recover, reuse, and reset devices. For both IT and end users, the Windows device life cycle is simplified easier with the aid […]

What Is Azure Cost Management & How Does it Change Your Business?

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The cloud is changing the business landscape and is not just about cost savings. With enterprise-level workloads being moved to the cloud, it’s becoming increasingly evident that computing and Azure cost management are inexorably tied.  This has always been true but has never been more evident as the computing world embraces a “Pay-for-play” approach to […]

Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop: Which Is Better for Programmers?

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Microsoft has two options for virtual desktops: Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop. They’re both cloud-based offerings that allow you to run programs on your computer and access them from anywhere. However, some differences between them may make one better for a specific type of user. Let’s look at each option in more detail and […]

Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network): Why It’s Good for Your Business

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When it comes to delivering high-bandwidth content, the Microsoft Azure CDN Content Delivery Network is a great choice. Using this service, you can cache publicly available objects loaded from Azure blob storage, web applications, virtual machines, application folders, or any other location.  In addition, the CDN provides dynamic materials, like a PDF report or a […]