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Top 50 CRM Statistics and Trends For 2022

CRM Statistics

Having the best products and services nowadays is not enough to guarantee business profitability. Establishing relationships with consumers to foster retention and loyalty can substantially impact your bottom line. In this blog post, we will see the top 50 CRM statistics and see how organizations are using them to better serve customers.

Customer relationship stays be a big part of the game, and keeping ahead of CRM trends can help offer your business an advantage over the competition and seek ways to thrive amid the interruptions brought by the pandemic.

Most Talked About CRM Statistics

1. CRM will explode in 2022, achieving an 11.6 percent CAGR from 2022 to 2027

Source: Globe Newswire

The explosion of CRM has been well chronicled, and it is predicted to continue being powerful. It will reach a market size of $113.5 billion by 2027 and will accomplish an 11.6% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

2. There will be more channel-less CRM

Source: Forbes

This is a new development, but something that Hyken believes is the largest opportunity moving forward for CRM vendors and users. It applies not to how CRMS can help customers but to how they can simplify internal activities.

3. There will be more self-service CRM

Source: Salesforce

From a business perspective, CRM is beginning to change, and that indicates less about capturing interactions, logging support calls, and customer touches. More and more customers like to find the things they need without the help of an actual person.  

4. There will be more integration

Source: Business Insider

IoT gives significant integration possibilities. The number of IoT-connected devices is anticipated to rise to over 41 billion by 2027. CRM systems are starting to integrate connections to IoT feeds.  

5. There will be a renaissance of simplicity in the coming few years

Source: Forbes

Salesforce has already taken steps to make AI capabilities available for non-technical users, utilizing a lone line of code. Usability will play an important role. Vendors should allow more application customization to handle this value-added requirement.

6. CRM growth is not slowing down

Source: Fortune Business Insights

The effect of the COVID-19 in 2020 increased the demand for CRM substantially. Organizations needed a way to connect with their clients in the digital age. By 2028, CRM must be worth at least $128.97 billion globally.

7. The median ROI on CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent

Source: Nucleus Research

 This number has not been updated since 2014, but this number might have raised to an average of at least $30.48 for each dollar spent in 2021.

8. CRM technology can strengthen business agility

Source: Zendesk

Around sixty-four percent of consumers began using a new channel for customer service in 2022, and they like ongoing experiences across each platform.  

components of CRM

Source – Deloitte

9. Ninety-one percent of companies with ten or more staff use a CRM

Source: Grand View Research

 Over ninety-one companies with ten or more employees utilize CRM software to handle conversions with their customers. Further, CRM analytics signify one of the fastest-growing in CX technology.

10. CRM will become the biggest area of spending on enterprise software

Source: Gartner

 CRM technology is predicted to represent the biggest area of enterprise software investment. Companies are all opting for CRM.

CRM Benefits Statistics

11. CRM offers improved sales

Source: Super Office

Eighty-seven percent of people surveyed mentioned that the major advantage of using a CRM application for their organization is improved sales.  

12. Customer retention and satisfaction are both influenced by CRM

Source: Capterra

Forty-seven of users said that customer satisfaction is improved, along with customer retention when they’re using a CRM application.  

13. More customers go out of their way to purchase from brands

Source: Zendesk

Customers are showing loyalty to brands that can give better experiences through CRM personalization and insights. Fifty-two percent of customers will go beyond to purchase from their favorite brands, even if that indicates spending more.  

14. CRM could minimize the silos in customer data

Source: Super Office

Fifty-two percent of brands are looking at CRM as a way to lessen the silos between the team in the workplace. Other problems they like to overcome are missing platforms for managing data and a culture not aligned around customer needs.  

15. CRM is the key to monitoring omnichannel experiences

Source: Salesforce

Sixty-eight of customers say it’s essential for customer service agents to be acclimated with their service history. That is something that a CRM can provide.  

16. CRM improves user’s customer satisfaction

Source: Capterra

Forty-seven percent of CRM users say CRM technology has a huge influence on their customer satisfaction rate. The most desired CRM features for the major results were social media prospecting tools and monitoring tools.  

17. More companies think CRM is important to accomplish goals

Source: Super Office

 Customer experience is the key reason for adopting a CRM solution. Ninety-two percent of companies think technology is essential to accomplishing their goals of customer-centricity.

18. Productivity is the main advantage of CRM technology

Source: Nucleus Research

The enhanced data accessibility provided by CRM can lessen the complexity of the sales by eighty to fourteen percent on average. CRM decision-makers claim they benefit from an increase (14.6%) in productivity when using mobile and social CRM.  

Most Important Factors in CRM

Source – Capterra

19. More companies say CRM technology offers improved access to customer data


Seventy-two percent of brands say using a CRM offers them access to better customer data. Users also suggested the technology for enhanced relationship management and improved interaction tracking.  

20. More companies use databases to keep customer data

Source: Winterberry Group

Around ninety-two percent of teams use the database to store their customers’ information. Nonetheless, many organizations still do not have a dependable way to handle that information.  

CRM Statistics As Per Industry (Healthcare, Technology, Construction, and Retail)

21. More marketers run their CRM from different devices

Source: OnePage Express

Eighty-one percent of users say they often access their technology from more than one device. CRM solutions are becoming more typical on mobile devices.

CRM Through Mobile devices

22. Companies are focusing more on CRM activities

Source: HubSpot

Seventy-five percent of organizations think it is essential to close more deals for the team, and forty-eighty percent wish to enhance their sales funnel’s efficiency.  

23. At least eighty-two percent of companies use CRM for sales reporting

Source: Grandview Research

More companies use their CRM technologies for sales reporting and process automation. Nonetheless, senior management across companies depends more on CRM solutions to deal with actionable customer data.

 24. CRM adoption is important for customer experience

Source: Salesforce

Connecting with retail customers needs a deeper knowledge of audience data. At least fifty percent of teams are utilizing data for exact forecasts, and high-performing sales teams tend to base their forecasts on these insights.  

25. Companies say CRM tools are impactful

Source: LinkedIn

Sixty-four percent of companies consider the technology to be either impactful or very impactful. The sales team using the technology presented a seventeen percent higher job satisfaction.  

26. Marketing leaders say their company competes on CX

Source: Salesforce

CRM solutions are tools intended to the improvement of valuable customer experience. Customer experience is at the top of the KPI categories for most customers.

 27. CRM will harness the power of voice technology

Source: Salesforce

Voice technology is anticipated to make larger waves for CRM systems. That’s growing because of the increasing use of technology.  

28. There are 379 CRM systems available on the market today

Source: G2

The CRM market is overcrowded with nearly 400 different platforms. Nonetheless, only a fifth of them has a top rating.  

29. AI will add $1.2 trillion to the coffers of organizations using CRM

Source: IDC

Artificial intelligence will create over 800,000 new jobs. Twenty-eight percent of companies have already adopted AI in their CRM tools.  

30. IT and services companies are the most interested in purchasing CRM software

Source: SelectHub

Thirty-two percent of companies wish to purchase CRM platforms. These companies are in the service industries. Thirteen percent of IT firms wish to invest in CRM. Meanwhile, ten percent of finance companies like to do the same.  

CRM Growth In 2021 And Forecast For Growth In 2022

31. The pandemic increased the demand for CRM

Source: Salesforce

It was found that eighty-eight percent of service teams discovered gaps in their technology solutions during the pandemic. That includes CRM software. Seventy-seven percent of agents say their job is much strategic and needs more data than it did two years ago.  

CRM By Industry

Source – Software Advice

32. Rise in AI CRM is growing fast

Source: A multiple

The general interest in AI for CRM technology has accelerated since 2016, with more agencies looking into tools that could help them handle more complicated data. AI could be the key to handling the omnichannel demands of clients.  

33. Social media is increasing

Source: GWI

It was discovered that one in four customers engage with their favorite brands through social media. These people like access to more sales, services, and support on their preferred social media channels, paving the way to more CRMs.  

34. Worldwide cloud CRM solutions are increasing

Source: Apps Run the World

 The cloud CRM marketing size is anticipated to reach $34.5 billion by 2025, along with Adobe, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle leading as top industry vendors.

35. AI CRM could present $1.1 trillion in revenues

Source: Salesforce

Automation and AI will be the two major factors increasing the growth of CRM going forward.  

36. CRM became the biggest software industry

Source: Gartner

CRM had reached $38.5 billion. CRM growth has continued since then. Experts argue that CRM revenue enjoys a stable growth rate due to lead management, customer voice, and field service management.

37. Four sectors accounted for more than fifty percent of CRM users in 2018 and 2019

Source: Software Advice

The real estate industry has 25% users of CRM solutions and followed by consulting with 11%. Distribution and insurance have 8% each.  

38. The global market size is valued at approximately $66.5 billion

Source: Statista

The exact figure as of 2021 stands at $66.4 million. Professionals predict that the CRM market will stay the fastest growing market in the future.  

39. Eighty-seven percent of CRM is cloud-based

Source: Super Office

The percentage of cloud-based users was just 12% in 2008 and jumped to 62% in 2018. It has significantly accelerated to 87% these days.

40. Sales productivity can accelerate by 34% thanks to CRM

Source: Salesforce

 CRM increases its forecast accuracy by at least forty-two percent. CRM stimulates sales and boosts productivity. It offers you a larger picture of your future revenues.

CRM Statistics Around Profit Gained By Organizations

41. CRM application can boost sales by twenty-nine percent

Source: Salesforce

As per CRM Statistics from SalesForce, CRM software can boost sales by as much as twenty-nine percent while enhancing sales forecasting accuracy by at least thirty-two percent and boosting sales productivity by thirty-nine percent.

42. Salesforce owns approximately twenty percent of the overall CRM market

Source: Spring Engage

The company is the top company associated with CRM technology. They have over 15,000 customers and over twenty percent of the overall CRM market. They have growing revenue at 23.2% annually.

43. Pre-existing customers as a top priority for marketing strategies.

Source: HubSpot

Forty-for percent of organizations say that growing from pre-existing customers is a top marketing priority

44. Approximately 44% of brands increase their IT budgets in 2020

Source: SWZD

That upward trend comes from the digital change that companies are facing where CRM is the leader. It’s about increasing sales and building strong relationships with clients.

45. CRM revenue can boost at least 41% per salesperson

Sources: Smallbizcrm

CRM usage can enhance profit margins by more than two percent, and the revenue per salesperson can be substantially scaled.

46. Most organizations use only fifty percent of their paid CRM features

Source: Technology Advice

Proper training of employees would boost the satisfaction levels and revenue. That’s clear if you’re simply using half of the features.

CRM Benefits

47. Businesses can lessen labor expenses by forty percent with CRM investment

Source: Finances Online

The marketing and sales team benefits the most from CRM tools. That indicates no more spending time gathering, entering, or linking data across systems for your staff.

48. ROI can go beyond 245% for CRM software usage

Source: Martech Zone

Companies with high adoption rates have noticed ROI after four months post-implementation. However, most should wait for at least a year.

49. 2/3 of companies accomplish their sales quotas with mobile CRM

Source: Super Office

From 2022 CRM Statistics it is proved that only twenty-two percent of organizations that don’t utilize CRM accomplished their sales quotas. That compares to sixty-five percent of businesses that use mobile CRM.

50. 92% of business reports that CRM use is important for accomplishing business goals.

Source: Super Office

CRM adopting stats show that organizations using CRM efficiently think such solutions are vital for accomplishing their revenue goals. An overwhelming ninety-two percent consider that to be true.

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