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What is Office 365 For Government Plans and Pricing

Office 365 For Government

Government organizations have unique needs. In relation to it, Office 365 provides government plans to cater to these needs. They offer capabilities and features of Office 365 services in a segmented government cloud community. With it, organizations can adhere to security standards and US compliance. 

Office 365 government plans are accessible for qualified government entities like US federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local government entities. These plans are also ideal for other entities that handle data for government requirements and regulations, wherein using the Office 365 Government is necessary to meet such needs and regulations. 

Every government plan is available for a monthly subscription. It can also be licensed for an unlimited amount of users. It comes with a free trial to start the unique compliance validation process needed for eligibility. If your organization was validated, you could use the trial. However, the trials are not accessible for DOD or GCC High environment offerings

To help you choose the best plan for you, here are the different types of plans you can choose from for your organization. 

Pricing of Microsoft Office 365 Government Plans 

MS Office 365 Government F3$4.00 user/per month2 GB mailbox
MS Office 365 Government G1$8.00 user/per month50 GB mailbox
MS Office 365 Government G3$20.00 user/per month100 GB mailbox
MS Office 365 Government G5$35.00 user/per month100 GB mailbox
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MS Office 365 Government F3

This F3 plan is available for about $4.00 per month. It comes with web-based applications, including MS OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

The plan has OneDrive and Exchange for email and storage. OneDrive offers 2 GB for each user, and for Exchange, it has a 2 GB mailbox with contacts and a calendar. The Government F3 plan also has collaboration features, including SharePoint and Teams. 

Let’s see Office 365 G1,G2 and G3 Plans details and pricing structure

MS Office 365 Government G1

The 365 Government G1 comes at $8.00 monthly. It provides web-based applications like OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The plan offers a 50 GB mailbox with contacts and a calendar for Exchange and 1 TB for each user for OneDrive. It also comes with collaboration tools, including SharePoint and Teams

Office 365 Government G1 Pan

MS Office 365 Government G3

This government plan is available at $20.00 per month. It comes with desktop-supported applications like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

It also offers Access for PC only. This plan can provide you with unlimited storage for OneNote and a 100 GB mailbox with contacts and a calendar for Exchange. With this plan, you can access collaboration features like SharePoint and Teams. 

G3 Plan has encryption and do-not-follow features and eDiscovery capability with in-place export, search and hold for security, safety, and compliance. This plan has management and analytics capabilities like Power BI – Business Intelligence, Office graph, and app management with Telemetry, Group Policy, and Shared Computer Activation

Office 365 Government G3 Plan

MS Office 365 Government G5

The MS Office 365 Government G5 is available at $35.00 monthly. It has desktop-supported apps, including MS PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Excel. Also has Access for PC only. It also offers unlimited storage for OneDrive and a 100 GB mailbox with a calendar and contacts in Exchange. 

This plan can offer you collaboration features like Teams, SharePoint and Audio Conferencing, Cloud PBX, and voicemail. You don’t need to worry about security, safety, and compliance with this plan. Thus, it comes with advanced eDiscovery with integrated analytics and integrated predictive coding. The plan also has advanced protection from malware attacks and phishing. 

Government G5 has encryption and do-not follow features and eDiscovery capability with in-place export, search and hold. With this plan, you can also access analytics and management capabilities such as MyAnalytics & Power BI Pro, Business Intelligence, Office Graph, and app management with Telemetry, Group Policy, and Shared Computer Activation. 

Here we go, so that is the comparison of the various Office 365 government plans you can choose based on your specific needs. All these government plans come with 24/7 support through chat, phone, and email. 

The plans also have free end-user support, annual commitment, savings on the costs, and fully automatic updates. It can also have regular data backups, reliability and security, and Tier-1 partner expertise. 

Office 365 Government G5 Pan

How do MS Office 365 Government Plans work? 

Office 365 Government plans can give you more customize Office 365 Enterprise plans. It comes with different services and tools to assist eligible organizations in leveling up their cloud services. With this, they can also enhance service efficiency while keeping with compliance norms to handle sensitive data. These plans adhere to the best security measures to boost the best-in-class technology for client’s data protection. If you want a more affordable but effective platform to enhance your organization’s processes, choosing Microsoft 365 plans is the best decision.   

What makes These Plans unique? 

These Plans are different because the data are accumulated with the plans’ components. These plans are only stored in US data centers and segregated logically from commercial plans reducing potential breaches. Office 365 government plans can offer you a secure process of organizational data management. These plans are worth it to ensure your organization’s safety and protection against data breaches.   

Who can access the These plans? 

These plans are accessible for a government organization. It is also ideal for any division, department, team, or unit part of the government at the state or local level. These plans can also be used by any entity which administers a geographic area like city, county, municipality, borough, special districts, townships, or a government unit that administers or governs established laws. 

The plans are also ideal for an entity that is authorized officially by the laws of the state to buy under the contract of the state with an accepted law. 

How to know if you’re eligible for MS 365 government plans? 

You can access the plans if you’re an entity that qualifies as a government entity at the county, tribal, state, city, or federal level. You’re also eligible for the plans if you’re organization is associated with handling government data subject to government regulations wherein the Office 365 government is appropriate to use. 

Benefits of using Office 365 Government Plans 

These plans can offer benefits for government organizations. 

Streamlined business processes and collaboration 

The Office 365 government plans can provide efficient tools for holding multi-party HD online meetings with note-taking, screen sharing, and annotation functions. It is only one click to begin a conference call, IM, or video chat. 

The government plans also provide calendars and email, Team and Intranet sites, Office Online, and apps for SharePoint and Office. They provide instant messaging and Skype connectivity, online PSTN conferencing, and work from any browser.

You can enhance your business collaboration and processes through its tools for file sharing and storage, constant accessibility, cutting-edge security practices, automatic updates, and 24/7 support. 

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Security and reliability 

It is a fact that government organizations need world-class data security. Exactly, Office 365 can segregate data from commercial data. The platform can offer your organization excellent security and reliability. You don’t need to worry about data problems because it has the best security features to give you and your staff peace of mind. 

Excellent mobility 

These government plans allow government employees to work at an office, home, or remote area with a hassle-free experience. You can also access its features on different devices. Employees who are always on the go can easily work in any setting. 

It saves money and time

With these plans, your organization can save money and time. You can streamline your business processes and enhance your team collaboration. With this, government employees can also improve their performance and productivity. They can make government projects more successful. It can also help to free up valued resources. 


Another benefit of Office 365 government plans is that they are affordable. So, your organization can save more on budget while getting more benefits from the service. It can provide good value for your organization. Thus, it is equipped with more advanced tools and features to make the best of government processes. 

Functional tools and features 

MS 365 plans are equipped with functional tools and features that can make government processes easier and quicker. These tools can help employees to boost their productivity for government projects. With that, government organizations can improve their services that will meet the needs of their clients.

Office 365 with Third-party services 

These plans can also work with third-party services. Meanwhile, keep in mind that Office 365 government can involve transferring data and sharing info, so the data will not be stored in the secure Office 365 government data centers

It suggests that your data will not be covered by Office 365 government compliance and data protection services. Instead, you can check the compliance and privacy services of third-party before partnering with them. 


Generally, These plans are beneficial for government organizations to enhance their productivity with the cloud. With its wide collection of apps, government organizations can improve their operations while reducing the risk of data breaches.  If you want to increase your data security, team collaboration, and productivity, these plans are for you. You can choose the best plan that suits your needs and budget. EPCGroup also provided Office 365 for Government Consulting

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