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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – Powerful Unified Communication For Your Business

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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a powerful enterprise feedback management application to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter most to your business. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, a line-of-business application tightly integrated with Dynamics 365 and built on Microsoft Forms, delivers significant insights by incorporating real-time survey results into customer records. Dynamics 365 […]

How Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Helped Me Deepen My Relationship With My Customers

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One of Dynamics 365’s most essential features, Customer Engagement (on-premises), is that it helps you integrate all your marketing, sales, and customer service teams into a single platform. This integration allows you to manage your customers from their first interaction with you to their last interaction with your company. One way to do this is […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI: Introducing a New Era of Business Intelligence

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Microsoft’s goal is to hasten the transformation of corporate processes with enterprise-ready, AI-infused experiences. Here, we’ll examine a handful of the most practical situations where Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI already has a demonstrable impact – across sectors, within Microsoft, and more. Microsoft 365 AI is rapidly changing how business apps are making work more efficient, […]

Why is Microsoft Program Management An Amazing Engineering Support?

Microsoft Program Management

In Microsoft Program Management the entire programming is handled by Microsoft Program manager. Interestingly speaking it is the backbone that supports Software engineering and subsequent projects. Project management largely relies on the needs of your organization, how the IT team works, and the proceeding product requirements therein. Here’s EPC Group’s perspective about Microsoft PM it […]

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to Ensure Quality logic

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

As a user when you look forward to a cost-effective performance tracker, Microsoft helps an organization track the same with the help of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA). It is very important as project managers to manage all the tools as per the requirement of specific projects, hence being budget-friendly, PSA has overcome the […]

Dynamics 365 for sales-boosting customer experience

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Dynamics 365 for sales have supported building powerful relationships with salespeople and their respected customers. The entire fundamental of Dynamics 365 for sales is based on insights that help to close the deals faster. It helps to nurture the sales agreements, starting from leads to orders to sales being collateral. This Cloud-based application combines ERP […]

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development: Why Companies Are Choosing to Outsource

Nearshore software development has emerged as a prevalent trend in the global IT industry, characterized by a strategic shift of software development tasks to neighboring countries or regions.  It seeks to maximize the benefits of traditional offshore outsourcing by minimizing certain constraints, such as time zone differences, cultural disparities, and communication barriers, thereby fostering increased […]

Why Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 The Ticketing System You Need?

Ticketing System using Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a ticketing system that is used by many businesses. It is a customer relationship management software solution that controls communications with clients, prospects, consumers, and other connections your business may have. Dynamics CRM for customer service functionality that includes case management. As a result, many businesses increasingly employ ticketing systems to […]

A Brief Guide to Business Central Data Integration in Azure Storage

Business Central Data Integration in Azure Storage

It’s no surprise that datasets can get huge when you’re hosting in the cloud. You may already have large data repositories in your on-premises Business Central system or Dynamics NAV instances, and they may be getting a little too expensive to host there. There are many moving parts to Business Central that you might not […]

Dynamics 365 Customer Service RPA To Get the Most Out of Your CRM Solution

Dynamics 365 Customer Service RPA

Businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Dynamics 365 customer service to build strong customer relationships. It does not matter whether your CRM is on-premises or in the cloud; you have the liberty to use robotic process automation (RPA) software to keep it up to date. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a revolutionary […]