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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a trusted provider of innovative solutions that are easy to use and modify. EPC Group helps its clients install, implement, train, and support Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions. You are just a click away from us.

    Why do You Need Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 focuses on delivering modern business applications that precisely offer intelligent support for work processes, are capable of simplifying usage, and are optimized to work for evolving mobile application scenarios. Microsoft Azure, the modern cloud platform, empowers the Dynamics cloud solutions. Through classic ERP and CRM applications, Dynamics provide all the core cloud solutions from finance, sales, customer service, marketing to field services.

    The range of Dynamics cloud solutions is exceedingly vast. However, it starts with usual Microsoft solutions like Microsoft Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure IoT, used for deeper analysis of business and product data. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Office 365, allowing users to access, edit, and collaborate over office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) within an ERP environment.

    The Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions are flexible and scalable. All the Dynamics cloud solutions are designed for easy and independent deployment, so businesses using those solutions can start small by paying for only what they are utilizing. It allows them to scale up and scale down the required solutions and their usage depending on the requirement.

    Drive Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions

    Microsoft unveiled Dynamics 365, combining its two most prominent solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), in one fully integrated cloud service. By offering seamless integration with Office 365, it allowed businesses to customize implementation with advanced productivity solutions that support crucial business processes like,

    • Sales: Dynamics 365 sales empowers businesses to go beyond automating the sales force. It enables enterprises to understand customer needs, engage with them efficiently, and win more leads.
    • Marketing: With Dynamics cloud solutions for marketing, enterprises get a chance to indulge in more marketing activities apart from email marketing to nurture more sales qualified leads. The connected and automated processes allow sharing one source of sales and marketing information for smarter decision-making and maximizing marketing ROI.
    • Finance: Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions for finance helps businesses by enhancing their financial decision-making. The comprehensive real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics solution, and AI-driven insights allow enterprises in taking control of finances and make insightful decisions that drive agility and growth.
    • Customer Service: Taking assistance from Dynamics 365 customer service solution, you can differentiate your brand by offering bespoke customer service. The built-in intelligence focuses on providing more personalized and faster services by adding value to every interaction.
    • Field Service: Get ready to deliver an end-to-end seamless service experience with Dynamics 365 for field service. It helps you rectify service issues even before they appear, minimize operational costs, and extradite an enticing on-field experience.
    • HR: Enjoy exceptional HR experience with Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions for HR that helps to attract, engage, develop, and retain employees.
    • Project Service Automation: Deliver projects in time and improve employee productivity using Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions – project service automation.

    AppSource to Get Dynamics Cloud Solutions for Every Business Situation

    When you have Microsoft Dynamics 365, you do have the power to extend its capabilities and functionalities with numerous business apps meeting your individual needs. The AppSource is an online marketplace of Microsoft providing a central access point for businesses to find and download a host of apps required by organizations.

    All the dynamics cloud solutions available in the AppSource are designed to execute faster and work independently. It means businesses can start with a small app and get the license for only what they are using. Besides, users get the flexibility to add new solutions as and when they need them. The Microsoft cloud service is compatible enough to integrate and deploy them seamlessly.

    Since Microsoft launched AppSource, it has been a thriving ecosystem offering quality cloud solutions for versatile business categories like marketing, finance, HR, and even industry-specific solutions like logistics, inventory, manufacturing, AI, and more. Every month, new apps are added to the Microsoft AppSource after complying with its strict quality and licensing norms.

    Businesses using Dynamics 365 get the liberty to install free apps or get a free trial of the line-of-business (LOB) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps. For every app they chose, they get implementation support from Certified Microsoft Partners like EPC Group. Users can search or scan apps by category, industry, purpose, or by name.

    Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution offering the capabilities of CRM and ERP, both in a single platform. It is considered that Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions act as a gateway of digital transformation for businesses intending to convert business processes into business advantages.

    Here are some advantages of using Microsoft dynamics cloud solutions,

    • Microsoft uses one common data set of data across its ERP, CRM, and Office 365 applications. It helps in simplifying data management and allowing seamless integration across apps and business processes.
    • Enterprises can start with what they need by selecting the appropriate plan or bundle from the licensing options. Whenever required, organizations can scale up and down by adding more dynamic cloud solutions.
    • Microsoft AppSource offers plenty of dynamic cloud solutions for increasing productivity. Integrate them and connect the structured workflow or process of a business application with the unstructured ones.
    • Employees and customers can get optimal outcomes by infusing business processes from native applications with big data, advanced ERP analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and ultimately combining it with Dynamics 365. It helps in transforming data into actionable intelligence.

    Power BI intelligence and Cortana Intelligence come pre-embedded with Dynamics. It helps enterprises in achieving their goals using predictive analytics, prescriptive insights, and actionable next steps. Besides, Azure IoT brings device data for preemptive actions in business functions like field services.

    EPC Group Increases Workforce Productivity with Dynamics Cloud Solutions

    EPC Group offers consulting services for bespoke Microsoft dynamics cloud solutions. Our consulting services focus on boosting the operational efficiency of your organization and increasing sales productivity. We achieve this by designing our consulting services around Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solutions and integrating it with Office 365 productivity tools.

    We ensure that our customized dynamics cloud solutions provide a great experience to your employees by improving employee satisfaction and engagement. Besides, our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants will enable your organization to receive analytical insights delivered by integrating SQL Server and Power BI. It allows you to make smarter, insightful, and productive decisions at the core.

    • EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner having a long-standing history of 24 years in providing Microsoft consultation services.
    • EPC Group is one of the leading Microsoft technology partners in the USA and supports Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 portfolios.
    • Contact us if you want to sell smarter, increase sales productivity, take control of your finances and get the most out of cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions.

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