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MS Dynamics 365 Common Data Model Explained

Dynamics 365 Commn Data Model

No doubt, data is critical to building business applications. Companies traditionally build silos of information and data that only multiply once the applications increase. In return, you have no unified view across applications and cannot build workflows that work across processes and functions seamlessly. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 launched the common data model (CMD), a more […]

What Are The Benefits That Microsoft Dynamics 365 has?

benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ultimately the end goal of any company is customer satisfaction, and its whole work revolves around it. What helps achieve this is the right kind of information you’re Customer Relationship Management (CRM) caters to. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you integrate innovation into the work with a greater return over investment (ROI). Let’s put some […]

A Guide to Microsoft Dynamics ERP Pricing

The updated version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform that has bundled together ERP and CRM functions from the previous version. Besides, the additional cloud-exclusive functionalities make it one of the most sought-after business applications. With the new release, Microsoft introduced an extensive licensing model. If you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 […]

Role of Microsoft Dynamics ERP in business management

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is important for the growth of businesses. The world has transformed digitally, and so has the way we do business. In this post, we set out to discover the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and how it is helping businesses worldwide to grow and increase efficiencies. Business management is the key to your company’s […]