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PSTN Service From Microsoft Teams Enabled Phones

PSTN Service

With PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network services offered by companies and organizations for international connectivity, your business no longer needs to be tied to a limited number of phone lines. Clienteles or customers will get your company contact number on their caller ID to prove valuable for your fast identification. Also, you can get […]

What is PSTN, and How Does it Work?

PSTN Guide

Telephone commercialization started almost hundreds of years ago, and the whole began communication to one another through the famous and well-known telephone lines. This telecommunications system evolved with undersea telephone wires, communication satellites, underground copper cables, and a digital core network into the Public Switched Telephone Network, as we are familiar with at this point. […]

Microsoft Teams Advantages as PBX System for Small Business

Microsoft Teams Phone System

The rise and the advancement of the internet have changed how small businesses communicate with employees and customers. Live chat systems and email are the new messaging platforms that everyone in the business sector has switched to.   These instant messaging applications have been gaining massive popularity in the past few years. It is no […]

Multi-Line Phone System for Small Business — Microsoft Phone System

Things to discuss

It can be daunting to look for the right multi-line phone system when it comes to your small business. But there is nothing to worry about. Your long search is over with the Microsoft phone system.   Microsoft phone system enables PBX capabilities and calls control in the cloud with Skype for Business Online and […]

What is Unified Communication as a Service?

Unified Communication as a service

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaasS for short is a service model in which providers provide different communication or telecom software services or apps, generally more than the internal IP network. What are the Important Functions of UCaaS Video: multi-participant video forums for seminars with a special touch. Participants are able to join through […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PBX vs. VoIP

PBX vs. VoIP

Every day, businesses need to make decisions. Investing in a phone infrastructure, for example, is one. With the variety of options, however, it would take time to jump to a conclusion. There are two popular names you perhaps have heard of, including PBX vs VOIP? If it is your first time to hear about them, you […]

What Is A PBX Phone System?

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Communication is essential for the success of any business. With this, you should have efficient business phone systems to enhance your operations. One phone service you can use for your business or organization is the PBX phone. Do you want to know more about this phone system technology? If yes, this article will guide you.  […]

What Is VoIP PBX & Its Advantages for a Business?


Communication is essential for the success of your company. So, you should have an advanced business phone system to enhance your business communications and operations. Among the top phone systems in the market, today are VoIP PBX phone systems. Is this the right communication solution for your business? Find out the answer by reading more.         What is VoIP PBX  […]

Implementing Virtual PBX Using Microsoft Phone System

Virtual PBX

It is a fact that business phone systems are essential to enhance communication inside and outside of your business. With the continuous innovation of technology, you can now have a cloud-based phone. One of the systems you can use is the Virtual PBX phone system. You can implement this phone system using Microsoft Phone.  Microsoft Phone System allows PBX functions and […]

How To Back Up Microsoft Teams Files and Chats?

In Office 365, the concept of proper procedures for backing up Microsoft teams could be a complex one, especially if you don’t have any idea about it. Some of you may even ask whether “backup” will be required. Nowadays, there are numerous ways on how you can make sure that the contents are well-protected using […]