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Multi-Line Phone System for Small Business — Microsoft Phone System

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It can be daunting to look for the right multi-line phone system when it comes to your small business. But there is nothing to worry about. Your long search is over with the Microsoft phone system.  

Microsoft phone system enables PBX capabilities and calls control in the cloud with Skype for Business Online and MS Teams. Organizations of any size can use any of these platforms to place, receive, mute, and unmute calls.  

Once configured correctly, MS Phone System allows employees and other departments to place and even receive calls within the company with no additional cost or investment required.

Benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Phone System

 multi-line phone system

Switching to a Microsoft phone system as a multi-line phone system is one of the biggest decisions every business can make. It is normal to feel hesitant. But here are a few signs you already need a multi-line phones system like Microsoft Teams: 

You Pay Too Much Phone System Costs 

Even if your business is thriving, you do not deserve to pay off high and unpredictable phone bills.  

If you are using an on-premise PBX, the cost can quickly add up, including international calls, on-site equipment, new phone lines, maintenance, technicians, and licensing.  Switching to a Microsoft phone system can help you save up to 60% off your phone bill.  

Your Communication is Disjointed 

Communication is critical to business success, and a disjointed one can affect your employee productivity.

Microsoft phone system can unify communication across an organization smoothly. It can bring every communication channel your company uses together, whether it is a video conference call, chat, email, audio, or text message.  

With unified communication using a multi-line phone system, your employee efficiency will improve. Collaboration and teamwork will be on a different level. Plus, you can expect a high client conversion and constant sales.  

Outdated Phone System

A traditional PBX system is obsolete. That’s why it is always prone to technical failure. Of course, as a business owner, you won’t leave your system unchecked and unrepaired for days. As a result, you need an additional budget for repair and maintenance.  

Even if your PBX phone system is in perfect condition, do not relax as there are other problems to expect along the way. When a technical issue is recurring, that could be stressful. Microsoft phone system can level up your experience. You can consider Cloud PBX system or VOIP PBX system.  

Unreliable and Limited Features 

Why do you invest in a phone system? Your number one reason is to streamline the way your organization makes and receives phone calls.  

That’s it! But imagine if your multi-line phone system has multiple features to offer. It’s good! Even if you do not need a specific functionality at the moment, you may require them after some time, especially when your business is growing.  

What Makes Microsoft Phone System Stand Out from The Rest 

You have finally decided to upgrade or switch to a Microsoft phone system. Good choice! Below are a few capabilities you can expect from MS Teams: 

Microsoft Phone System working

Creating Caller Identification Information is Made Easy and Sea2mless 

A potential client or a business partner called your department. Although you want to provide the person with the best experience, the absence of caller identification information may affect the quality of the communication.  

It is time to create accurate and detailed caller ID information with the MS phone system. The process will not require a few days or weeks to prepare. You can get the job done with just a touch of a button.  


Another advantage of MS Teams is its voicemail feature. Businesses may be disappointed when they cannot reach a potential client over the phone.  

But do not feel that way. You can send a voicemail instead, even if studies show that the response rate is only less than 5%. But the report published by Ringlead is a bit counterintuitive because more than 80% of sales calls go to voicemail.

When sending a voicemail to clients or even employees, give your departments a leeway to configure their greetings and settings. It helps.  

Excellent Call Blocking Features 

Every second counts in any business, so answering calls from an unwanted number can cause a distraction.  

With the Microsoft multi-line phone system, you can block all calls from any unwanted or suspicious number. How to do that, though? All you have to do is to add PSTN numbers to your blocklists. That’s it! There is no complicated procedure to bear in mind.  

Call Forwarding

A recent survey found that over 89% of consumers switched to doing business with a competitor after a poor customer experience.  Suppose you are a customer. Let’s say you contact a company about your concern. Then, hours have passed, and there is no response at all.  

How would you feel? You will feel frustrated.

As a business owner, poor customer support can be a problem. Even if the representative is handling a call at the moment, there’s a way other clients can be entertained and accommodated. Forward the call to another available representative. Also, the call forwarding feature of the Microsoft multi-line phone system can make a huge difference.  

 multi-line phone system

Cloud Auto Attendants 

Have you ever experienced calling a company and ended up with the wrong department? That’s embarrassing and inconvenient at the same time.  

Now that you run a business, do not give your prospective customers the same and negative experience. If you are turning to a hosted PBX phone system, Microsoft Teams features a cloud auto attendant you can use.  

It is a menu system that helps callers navigate the best department to solve their concerns and accommodate their questions.  

How Much Does Microsoft Phone System Cost?  

Businesses love the Microsoft phone system because of the different pricing plans. If you are on a budget, there’s a plan that best suits your specific requirements. Whether your business is thriving or you have to upgrade, there is also a plan that awaits you. Here are some options the Microsoft phone system provides: 

Microsoft 365 Business License Holders

Before using Microsoft Teams as a multi-line phone system for external business calls, you have to purchase other three licenses, such as a calling plan, Microsoft Phone System, and Audio Conferencing.  

But you no longer need that with Microsoft 365 Business license holders because the three licenses are bundled together into an add-on license, commonly known as Microsoft Business Voice. For your department to use MS Teams virtual users to make or receive calls, an additional $12 per user is required.  

Enterprise License Holders 

The Business Voice bundle is available for Microsoft 365 Business license holders. Sad to say, Enterprise License holders cannot enjoy the same advantage. For companies with E3 licenses, you still need to invest an extra amount of money to enjoy the Audio Conferencing, calling plan, and Phone System licenses.  

How about the E5 license holders? The Phone System and Audio Conferencing are part of the package. But the calling plan is not.  

The calling plan costs around $18 per user per month, with 1200 minutes for domestic calls and 600 minutes for international calls.  The Phone System license usually starts from $6 per user and per month on top of the E3 license.  

For more information about the pricing plans, please feel free to contact your chosen service provider ahead of time.   For those who want to streamline and improve communication across their organization, Microsoft Teams can make that goal happen!

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