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Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning

Switching to online learning overnight presents a set of challenges. EPC Group will help you create online classrooms with Microsoft Teams to facilitate distance learning.

    Distance Learning is the Future of Education

    Microsoft Teams meets almost all the requirements necessary for distance learning. The learner can access their courses any time they want. Besides, they can access the study material in various formats, like Word, slideshows, audio, PDFs, images, e-mails, documents, and more. Microsoft Teams for distance learning offers the option to share teaching-learning material, attend or conduct webinars, and get in direct contact with educators through different communication modes such as chat, message, video, and audio calls.

    Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning works for the entire institution and also for individual programs. In addition to online education, Microsoft Teams has been used with face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

    Here is why Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing the future of education,

    1. Educators and students can use Microsoft Teams in a face-to-face environment with class discussions recorded and automatically posted on Stream. Students missing classes for any reason may join the class meeting live or watch the class session at a later time.
    2. Microsoft Teams offers a blended environment for students to attend in-person meetings, join an ongoing meeting, or watch the recording afterward.
    3. By offering a suitable environment for online classes, students can review the study sessions with class simplistically thereby increasing the experience of online learning.

    Why Choose Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning

    After COVID-19 Pandemic, the concept of traditional in-class education has changed drastically. Being physically present and attending school is not the only option to learn. With the advent of the Internet and evolving technologies, you can access education from wherever and at whatever time you want. We are now entering a new era – distance learning, the revolution in the future of education.

    Here is why Microsoft Teams is the best choice for distance learning,

    It offers flexibility: Microsoft Teams allows the students and teachers to set their online learning and teaching pace. It extends much-needed flexibility to fix the schedule that is convenient for all. It results in creating a better balance between work and studies.

    A wider selection of programs: Distance learning has made it possible to learn and teach infinite skills and subjects. Distance learning has changed the game for everyone, from K12 schools to colleges and hobby classes to universities. Everyone prefers Microsoft Teams for distance learning to teach and learn different programs, disciplines, and courses. Microsoft Teams has made it possible to learn anything from music to quantum physics, that too with official certification.

    Easy accessibility: Microsoft Teams has made it possible to teach and learn from anywhere in the World. It means, neither educators, not students have to commute or attend in-class lectures in time. With Microsoft Teams, everyone in the distance learning sphere can manage their time effectively. Microsoft Teams for distance learning is available for anyone and everyone that can be accessed from anywhere with a working internet connection.

    Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning – Benefits for Teachers

    Microsoft Teams is a teacher and student-friendly interface that has breached the barriers between the student community and academics. Here are some benefits teachers can leverage using Microsoft Teams for distance learning.

    • Microsoft Teams allows teachers to access all the features that are necessary for effective distance learning. Teachers could enhance communication, clarity, and connections using MS Teams.
    • It allows teachers to conduct regular check-ins so they can feel the presence of their teachers. Teachers can keep an eye on questions and conversations are posted by students.
    • Teachers can schedule a daily live meeting to meet and nurture their students. It helps in inspiring learning and ensuring everyone is ready for the day.
    • With the use of Assignments functionality in Teams, teachers can assign a task to students. They can customize or create independent assignments for the entire class or independent students. Additionally, teachers can provide feedback to each student and give them multiple opportunities to format activities.
    • To ensure no student feels left out, teachers can schedule face-to-face meetings with each student to understand their problems and discuss their assignments.
    • Microsoft Teams empowers teachers to schedule and lead the live discussion. Live meetings allow students to interact in discussions where they have clear roles, from asking questions and sharing ideas to responding to polls.
    • With the use of the OneNote Class Notebook, teachers can keep lessons organized in one place. They can record multiple small videos of explanation and demonstration. The Stream Channel allows students to pause and play the videos as needed.

    Teachers can encourage students to share their thoughts on different topics using Flipgrid topic. Else, incorporate formative assessment using Forms quiz.

    Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning – Benefits for Students

    Microsoft Teams is not a Learning Management System, and it never intends to replace the one schools already have. On the contrary, it works alongside the existing LMS used by schools. The whole purpose is to enhance the way educators teach and students learn, either from inside, or outside the school building.

    Some benefits students can leverage using Microsoft Teams for distance learning are,

    • Students get the flexibility to stay engaged throughout the time and use the online tools offered by Office 365 and Teams to connect with the teachers and classmates from wherever they are.
    • Students can look for new announcements and check notifications. Additionally, students can check with peers, identify questions other classmates have asked, and share new ideas or resources within the Teams app.
    • Microsoft Teams provides a comprehensive view of the daily schedule, including breaks, stretches, meals. It allows students to get ready for class meetings and work on assignments and projects.
    • Students can use the collaborative documents in Teams to access the comments and assignment feedback provided by peers. Moreover, they can use it to move on to the next assignment.
    • Students can chat or message with fellow students and join different class groups to collaborate effectively. Besides, @mentions allow students to highlight other participants and share helpful notes.
    • Students can join a live class session using links o through voice and video calls. Students can mute their microphones, record sessions, and customize backgrounds while attending online classes.

    How EPC Group Makes Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning a Reality

    EPC Group empowers schools and education institutions to leverage Microsoft Teams consulting for education. It does not matter what Learning Management Software you are using or where you are in your distance learning journey; EPC Group will help you find the right balance between technology and education.

    • MS Teams is a part of Microsoft 365 Suite and EPC Group is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner offering Microsoft consultation services for more than 24 years.
    • EPC Group helps you implement Microsoft Teams for Education, so you get access to remote learning, online education, and student performance under one roof.
    • EPC Group conducts Microsoft Teams Training for teachers, students, and parents. Our training sessions enable them to use the digital education platform more effectively.
    • The Microsoft Teams certified consultants at EPC Group create an open, digital learning environment that makes learning and teaching more immersive, accessible, and highly integrated.
    • With a perfect Microsoft Teams roadmap, strategy, implementation, and support, experts at EPC Group will help you customize Microsoft Teams using rich extensibility features and open APIs to meet the precise requirements of your school.

    With vast expertise across all Microsoft technologies – including OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Power Platform, and more, EPC Group confirms end-to-end success with every component of Microsoft Teams for distance learning.

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