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Microsoft Teams Provide Unified Call Solutions

Are you looking for a modern communication platform to bring connectivity, mobility, and agility to your business? EPC Group offers unified communication solutions that bring together all the channels used by your business to communicate.

    Why You Need Unified Call Solutions?

    In a rapidly changing business environment, rock-steady and efficient communication is a must. A business unable to communicate effectively might disappear the cutting-edge competition. If your team members are not in sync, it becomes harder for an organization to achieve its goals. The only way to survive and rise above the competition is to have clear and constant communication. Unified call solutions like Microsoft Teams help businesses to stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and simplify work.

    Here are some reasons why a business needs unified call solutions,

    • It provides an integrated communication platform.
    • It is a cost-efficient and scalable solution.
    • It helps in saving considerable time for your employees.
    • It offers seamless collaboration.
    • A unified communication solution brings agility and improves productivity.
    • It provides a safe and secure mode of communication channel.

    Microsoft Teams – The Best Unified Call Solutions

    In a short time, Microsoft Teams has become the central hub of communication of collaboration. Its extraordinary features like chatting, messaging, meeting, calling, and availability of all Office 365 and other third-party tools in one place make it one of the best Unified Call solutions.

    Three substantial features make Microsoft Teams the best Unified Call solutions,

    Meetings: Teams Meetings is built to deliver a more engaging, comprehensive, and end-to-end meeting experience. By allowing users to have face-to-face interaction, it helps people to stay focused pre-and post-meeting. The experience users get on desktops, mobiles, and meeting devices is entirely seamless.

    Calling: The reliable, high-quality integrated calling solution built on Microsoft Cloud simplifies the voice services. The Microsoft Teams Phone allows customers to make and receive phone calls from anywhere on their choice of device. It combines unified communications with teamwork capabilities to create an all-in-one communication and collaboration solution.

    Devices: Choose any versatile Microsoft Teams devices suiting your workplace and workstyle. Microsoft is working with a range of first- and third-party hardware device makers that are best in class. Microsoft Certifies these devices for delivering consistent experiences across all devices. Each Microsoft Teams Device offers a bang-up quality of the audio, video, and sharing experience.

    Microsoft Teams Phone – Dependable, Productive, and Secure Calling

    Microsoft Teams is developed inside the Microsoft 365 framework with enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities. All these strengths empower MS Teams to meet all the critical modern business needs. It allows users to communicate in whatever form and from anywhere, suiting their needs and situation. By allowing easy-flowing communication over the cloud, the necessity to invest in telephony infrastructure is eradicated.

    Here are some ways Microsoft Teams Phone enhances business efficiency,

    Maintains Productivity: Users can video call each other and share the screen for better understanding. Besides, adding team members in a one-to-one call and transforming it into a team video call for a productive outcome is simple in Microsoft Teams.

    Manage Phone Calls Over Cloud: Apart from using Microsoft Teams for communication and calling, users can use the MS Teams Phone for reverse number lookup, voicemail, and delegation. Additionally, users can control their cloud calls with the status display such as do not disturb.

    Uninterrupted Call Connectivity: Microsoft Teams Phones are backed by Microsoft 365; hence offer uninterrupted and reliable connectivity. Besides, the Certified Microsoft Teams Devices play a substantial role in connecting calls faster and transmitting clear audio over the phone call.

    Comprehensive Management: Admins have the flexibility to assign phone numbers and port existing numbers directly from the Microsoft 365 Admin Console. The bottom line is it helps MS Teams Admins to manage users, access, profiles, and compliance from a single console.

    Microsoft Teams Functionalities for Unified Call Solutions

    Microsoft Teams provide the much-needed communication channels required by modern businesses. It combines the virtual calling feature with reliability and security for optimizing business productivity and enhancing customer engagement.

    Features that empower Microsoft Teams to offer Unified Call solutions,

    • Users can answer incoming calls and route them in the correct queues using the auto attendant feature in cloud-based phone systems.
    • Users can set call routing parameters based on time zone, language, and location.
    • Businesses can integrate contact center software with Microsoft Teams to double the potential.
    • The cloud voicemail facility allows users to access their voicemail messages from anywhere using the device of their choice.
    • With Certified Microsoft Teams Devices, users get a consistent experience on their personal and shared devices.
    • Greeting customers with custom messages, playing music for callers on hold, and setting up shared voicemail is simple in Microsoft Teams.
    • To get the most out of Unified Call solution, connect Microsoft Teams with the favorite compliance recording solutions.
    • Easily integrate Microsoft Teams with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk without compromising the existing telecommunication service provider.

    Include a dial-in-number every online meeting to add more flexibility via audio conferencing.

    Why EPC Group for Unified Call Solutions

    EPC Group has a team of Certified Microsoft Teams consultants that are well experienced and highly skilled in all facets of data communications and technologies. Our consultants have been deploying Microsoft Teams as unified consulting solutions for efficient audio, video, messaging, sharing, and collaboration. Their expertise varies from Microsoft Teams Devices to all aspects of VoIP and SIP readiness.

    • EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner offering Microsoft technology consulting for more than 24 years.
    • The proficiency of our Microsoft Teams experts lies in the custom development of modules and apps necessary to provide unified communication solutions.
    • When you chose to work with EPC Group, you choose the best Unified Call solutions provider dedicated to your success and maximizing ROI.

    We work with various departments in your organization to understand their communication requirements and strategize accordingly. The motive is to extend the benefits to end-users and meet your long-term goals.

    Why Choose Us

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