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Microsoft Teams for Education Industry

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to take your school online? EPC Group will help you create a virtual classroom environment through Microsoft Teams for Education by bringing together conversation, content, and apps.

    How Microsoft Teams Empowers the Education Industry?

    Responding to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Teams for Education emerged as a savior. In no time, Microsoft Teams became the online classroom that anyone can access from anywhere. It created a single, secure hub for learning by bringing together teachers, students, communities, and stakeholders.

    • Microsoft Teams offers a platform for students to seek help with their studies and stay connected with teachers and classmates.
    • Apart from creating a virtual classroom, Microsoft Teams made it easy to assign tasks, streamlined the grading process, sharing study or course material, and more.
    • Due to online classrooms, education is made accessible to a diverse group of learners. Besides, it helped in developing the digital skills of the students.
    • Using Microsoft Teams for Education, teachers and schools started tracking student progress and found a way to give their classes a unified portal to submit feedback.
    • Microsoft Teams is a highly appreciated collaboration and communication platform. It allows students to chat, call, or video conference with teachers or classmates.
    • Microsoft Teams integrates with numerous third-party tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and a host of learning management systems like Moodle, Quizlet, and Kahoot.
    • Additionally, Microsoft Teams integrates with anti-plagiarism software Turnitin and Urkund as part of the assignment and grading functionality.

    Enable Effective Learning with Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams empowered the education industry to continue working, learning, studying, and collaborating in a productive, secure, and engaging way. Today, on-site classes and examinations are impossible; but, Microsoft Teams emerged as a long-term and short-term solution for the education industry by solving some of their most significant challenges.

    Here are some key features enabling effective learning in Microsoft Teams,

    School Data Sync – Automatically populates data from your School Information System (SIS) into Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. It helps in automating the provisioning of online classrooms, teacher, and student accounts. It reads rosters from your SIS and creates classes accordingly. The best thing is it is free.

    OneNote Class Notebooks – Every class team has its own linked OneNote Class Notebook. It is a digital notebook for the whole class to store text, images, handwritten notes, attachments, links, voice, video, and more. It offers a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.

    Class Materials Folder – It allows teachers to create read-only content for students. Teachers can share files or content with the class through the class material folder. Students can read that content but cannot edit them. It is a great way to share documents, like syllabi, school rules, and reference materials with the class.

    Create Virtual Classrooms Using Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams enable educational institutes to create virtual classrooms where students and teachers can have face-to-face communications and activities. Teachers can set up virtual lunchtime and indulge in similar virtual activities to keep the students engaged and connected throughout the class time. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams for education is available free for students and teachers with a valid school email address.

    Seamless Collaboration: Microsoft Teams for Education is free to meet up to 300 students offering relentless chatting features to ensure everyone learns, grows, and stays connected.

    Smart Learning: The endless features helps in organizing virtual classrooms, providing assignments, collaborating and sharing study materials, access classwork, and coaching videos, all at one central location.

    Upgrade Schooling: Microsoft Teams allows integration of more apps to increase the productivity and efficiency of the platform. Access insights related to school, class, and students. Reduce workloads and create online study groups in a safe and secure Microsoft Teams platform.

    Inclusive Classroom: Get easy access to Office 365 Education and Learning Tools for delivering individualized instructions at scale. Access built-in accessibility tools in Microsoft Teams to keep students engaged, energized, and on the path of learning without stigma.

    Features in Microsoft Teams for Effective Learning

    Microsoft Teams for Education reimagined a new era in digital learning. The versatile and evolving features in Teams help educators unlock the full potential of virtual classrooms or remote learning. Microsoft Teams has created a powerful, secure, and trusted environment for the modern education industry to learn and grow.

    Here are some of the astonishing features provided by Microsoft Teams for Education,

    • Teachers can provide assignments to the students and track and grade them within MS Teams.
    • Teachers or students can share their screens in real-time to enhance the experience of immersive learning.
    • Students can read conversations and chats in a more personalized format using the immersive reader.
    • Using Whiteboard, the freeform, infinite digital canvas students and teachers can collaborate more effectively.
    • Students can notify teachers about their doubts, during an ongoing class, by using the Raise your hand feature without disturbing other students.
    • Together Mode offers a new perspective to see the entire class when engaged in discussions and presentations.
    • Microsoft Teams enhances the accessibility with ASL visibility features, live closed captions (the US only), and Immersive Reader.
    • With Teams and LMS Integrations, the custom educational experience gets elevated.
    • Users can customize the Meeting background in Microsoft Teams either using available images or by uploading their own.
    • Microsoft Teams for Education provides actionable insights related to student engagement through an intuitive dashboard.

    Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Education

    Microsoft Teams for Education allows a school or an institution to create collaborative classrooms online to connect with professional learning communities. It also helps in enhancing communication with school staff and coordinate research across institutions. Microsoft Teams facilitates student life, ensures better learning outcomes, and makes remote learning transition a huge success.

    • Microsoft Teams plays a pivotal role in bringing together every asset in the education industry in one virtual classroom. It is a digital platform to conduct live classes, assignments, virtual events, and more.
    • It simplifies class management by allowing teachers to prepare and give live classes, post assignments, and stream lecture videos. Students can use it for internal meetings and sharing course materials or lessons.
    • Microsoft Teams offers a digital platform for educators to use digital tools and customize their teaching and learning experience. Teachers can easily use the custom apps available within Teams to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
    • Teachers can access the insights accessible in Microsoft Teams to track the progress of every student and identify those needing extra attention. Educators can improve the progress of these students by offering personalized coaching based on student needs and insights.
    • The insights feature also helps school management to optimize the learning process, meeting everyone’s expectations. Additionally, leaders can use the actionable data to discover trends, identify areas needing improvement, and evolve the remote learning capability of the school.
    • Microsoft Teams offer robust security features as it is built on Azure. The trusted cloud platform, known for preventing random users from accessing meetings and defending data, apps, identities, and devices.

    Azure is FERPA, HIPAA, and 40+ other regional and global compliance standards Certified. Besides, Microsoft Teams for Education complies with the standards specific to education.

    EPC Group will Make Microsoft Teams work for Your School

    The current COVID-19 situation forced global schools to provide some form of remote learning platform to all the students. Microsoft Teams for Education is a comprehensive platform that offers all the features and capabilities required for remote learning and online schooling.

    EPC Group has over 24 years of experience in offering IT support and Microsoft consulting services. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and a trusted name in Microsoft Teams Consulting Services.

    EPC Group has some of the best and certified Microsoft Teams Consultants that previously have helped many educational institutes in risk-free migration to Microsoft Teams.

    We offer numerous services related to Microsoft Teams. It is an assurance that we will perform an ultimate setup of collaboration and communication platform for your schools.

    We deploy Microsoft Teams for Education by adopting specific governance strategies such as creating accounts for students and teachers, creating course teams and channels with appropriate permissions, training teachers to adopt Microsoft Teams, testing, rollout, and support.

    The Microsoft Teams consultants at EPC Group provide risk-free migration with zero downtime and effective change management. They ensure a seamless transition, minimum disruption, and complete user adoption.

    Contact us if you want to use our expertise and experience to enhance your learning experience.

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