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Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

The right collaboration tool helps frontline workers to get the correct answers in real-time to do their job efficiently and seamlessly. We will help you set up a workspace from anywhere with Microsoft Teams for Frontline workers.

    Why Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers?

    Modern first-line workers share information with others inside the organizations using text messages and voice conversations. Often it is carried out using consumer apps installed on their smartphones. Although it is great; you cannot deny the potential security and compliance risks along with process inefficacies. Microsoft Teams for frontline workers is the solution to all worries.

    A firstline worker is more like the face of the company. Every industry including retail, healthcare, logistics, field services, manufacturing, and more has a set of frontline workers. However, they all share a common set of challenges.

    • Absence of internal communication tools.
    • No access to digital infrastructure.
    • The burden to maintain paperwork.
    • Missing productivity tools.
    • Changing regulatory and security compliance.

    Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration tool built into Microsoft 365. Although it is considered to be a messaging app, Microsoft has made it feasible to integrate all the documents, emails, images, calendar invitees, and other workplace information. It is a central hub of information, collaboration, and communication for frontline workers.

    Digitally Empower Your Frontline Workers

    Digital information is not only for desk workers. In fact, every organization should provide technology tools to their frontline workers for improving their productivity and efficiency.

    • Microsoft Teams for frontline workers is available as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. It acts as a unified central hub that provides pertinent information to the frontline workers, whatever their location be.
    • Microsoft Teams doubles up as an agile shift scheduling tool that can be used for deeper communication and seamless task management.
    • Innovative features like chatting, video calling, and push-to-talk walkie-talkie make Microsoft Teams the most desired and empowering digital tool for frontline workers.

    Optimize Performance of Frontline Workers

    Microsoft Teams for frontline workers plays a significant role in connecting your workforce, simplifying task management, engaging the community, and configuring a unique user experience for every function.

    Walkie Talkie in Teams – This is a new push-to-talk feature integrated into Microsoft Teams. It allows people to have a clear, instant, and secure conversation over the cloud. Additionally, the company does not have to bear additional IT costs as it turns the employee’s smartphone or tablet into a walkie-talkie.

    Tasks in Teams – Using Shifts in Teams, managers can send task lists targeted to specific locations and workers and can track their progress in real-time. Frontline workers can access the prioritized task list using their devices. Besides, frontline workers leverage tasks targeting, publishing, and reporting within Microsoft Teams.

    Keep Your Frontline Workers Safe and Productive

    Microsoft Teams allows upper management to create a different space for frontline workers to access information and collaborate with colleagues. It will make your frontline staff happy and engaged, thereby increasing their chances to stay longer with the company.

    Here are some enticing Microsoft Teams features that help in keeping frontline workers safe and productive:

    SMS Sign-in – It is easy to sign in onto their Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) using a one-time SMS code generated during logging in. It reduces the burden to memorize the Login ID and Password every time they want to sign in. It is a single-sign-on (SSO) feature that authorizes them to access all apps they are entitled to use.

    Shared Device Sign-out – Many frontline workers use company devices and share them between shifts. Often, device sharing poses a data security challenge. It happens because different employees have a different levels of security clearance. The shared device sign-out feature in the Microsoft Teams allows employees to sign out of the device by logging out of all their Microsoft 365 accounts in one click, preventing duplicate usage.

    Off-shift Access Control – Team managers can configure employees’ access to the Teams app on their device once their shift ends. It maintains compliance with labor regulations and prevents employees from working outside their shift hours.

    Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

    The COVID-19 Pandemic era highlighted the importance of frontline workers or firstline workers to society. Besides, the healthcare frontline workers exist in retail, hospitality, construction, and many other industries.  Microsoft Teams being a cloud-based communication and productivity tool expanded its reach to incorporate beneficial features for the frontline workers.

    • The Microsoft Bookings makes it easier to book appointments in Teams.
    • Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie removed the barrier to carry bulky radio.
    • Push-to-talk (PTT) voice communications allow frontline workers to speak with anyone in the team as long as they are connected to the internet.
    • Microsoft Teams is dominantly used in the healthcare industry to accelerate emergency response and enhance quick real-time decisions.
    • Microsoft Teams makes time management seamless by allowing management to manage, create, and maintain shift schedules.
    • Microsoft Teams remains the trusted and most favored tool for frontline workers to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

    EPC Group Helps Deploying Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

    Frontline workers are the first point of contact between the company and the outside world. Therefore, EPC Group feels the necessity to ensure that they feel empowered and productive team members.

    If you want a complete solution that brings everything from chats to voice messages and task scheduling to data security, do not think beyond Microsoft Teams for frontline workers.

    • EPC Group is well versed in deploying Microsoft teams and drive effective user adoption. We will help you develop a strategic approach to implement, integrate, and propagate Microsoft Teams for frontline workers.
    • EPC Group is experienced in creating a targeted plan focusing on data governance and adoption of Microsoft Teams, ensuring maximum ROI.
    • Our talented and highly qualified Microsoft Teams experts believe in a Business-first approach. They are experienced not only to deploy Microsoft Teams but ensure it works for your organization in the way you want.
    • We use a methodical approach to plan Microsoft Teams considering short, mid, and long-term business requirements.
    • With earned experience and expertise, EPC Group will get your organization to a secure operational state in no time.
    • We will help maximize Microsoft Teams adoption within the organization by developing a strategy-based communication, training, support, and feedback approach.

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