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How To Use PowerApps Offline apps When Your Users Are Disconnected From The Internet

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PowerApps Offline apps are an extension of the PowerApps online version that makes business processes faster and more efficient. With offline access, users can create, edit, test, and run their workflows without connecting to the Internet. If a PowerApps app is offline, it can still send alerts, receive data and perform actions. When the Internet […]

Model-Driven Apps for Offline Usage


A Detailed Guide to Model-Driven Apps for Offline Usage Every fast-growing business faces challenges that usually do not have any predefined solutions. Maybe it’s a glitch in collaboration between two departments, disparate data sources causing unwanted delays in business processes or inefficient operations due to a pile of paperwork. Operations can be made more efficient […]

Understanding Power Platform Tenant-level Analytics

Power Platform Tenant level Analytics

Tenant-level analytics allows administrators to view and compare insights derived from the Platform telemetry data across environments they manage. It allows admins to view reports having analytics that apply to all domains within the tenant. When activated, this function will copy information from environments associated with a tenant to the tenet location geo regardless of […]

Power Apps Integration – Power Automate, Power BI & Power Virtual Agents

Power Apps Integration

The end-user’s responsibility is to make sense of the data and then act upon that information. The user must know what their data means, as well as how you can use it to drive change. This process requires a combination of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI Integration with SharePoint; they can access real-time […]

What is a Wrap in Power Apps, and why should your business use one?

Wrap in Power Apps

The wrap is a powerful no-code mobile application development technology that allows canvas apps to be packaged as custom-branded mobile applications and natively distributed to users across the organization. With a Wrap in Power Apps, developers can seamlessly brand canvas apps to match their organizational requirements and package them into stand-alone applications that are easily […]

Embedded Power BI Reports In A Model-Driven App

Power BI Reports In A Model Driven App

The term model-driven app refers to a designing approach that is focused on adding dashboards, forms, views, or charts to the organizational apps in action. The no-code or low-code tools can help the user organizations to build business apps that are simple or even complex. In the canvas solution, the app creators have complete control […]

Power Virtual Agents And Dataverse: Create Intelligent Chatbots

Power Virtual Agents And Dataverse

The term Power Virtual Agents refers to a no-code, guided graphic interface solution that is designed to empower employees to design rich chatbots with conversation logic. These chatbots can be easily integrated with the Teams Platform. This implies that all the content which is authored in Power Virtual Agents is rendered naturally within the chatbots […]

What Are The Top Filters Available In PowerApps

Power Apps Filters

The term Power Apps is inclusive of a wide range of applications, services, and connectors within a data platform which is designed to aid in the creation of an environment for rapid growth. Consequently, this environment helps in developing custom applications for fulfilling the needs of the user organization. The use of this collection of […]

What Are PowerApps Lookup And Its Use Cases

PowerApps Lookup

The term PowerApps refers to a suite of applications, services, and certain connectors within a data platform which provides the user organization with an environment that promotes rapid development. This Microsoft-developed collection of applications helps in building customized applications. The use of PowerApps is adept in designing custom applications that connect to the data stored […]

Building Custom Web Apps Using PowerApps

Custom Web Apps

In 2019, Microsoft presented the PowerApps, joining Model-Driven Apps and Canvas Apps in the family of Power Apps for developing custom web apps. This was a long-awaited addition to the group. While Model-Driven Apps and Canvas App have made developing apps easier than other tools like InfoPath, the tools mentioned cannot be utilized to develop […]