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Data Driven Decision

Why Is Data-Driven Decision Is Gaining Trends

It is in our nature to make decisions based on the information that is readily available to us. However, the same bit of information is not always the best piece to use. The main issue is that we often make decisions based on the data that supports our primary prediction and not on the data

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What Is VoIP PBX & Its Advantages for a Business?

Communication is essential for the success of your company. So, you should have an advanced business phone system to enhance your business communications and operations. Among the top phone systems in the market, today are VoIP PBX phone systems. Is this the right communication solution for your business? Find out the answer by reading more.         What is VoIP PBX 

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Virtual PBX

Implementing Virtual PBX Using Microsoft Phone System

It is a fact that business phone systems are essential to enhance communication inside and outside of your business. With the continuous innovation of technology, you can now have a cloud-based phone. One of the systems you can use is the Virtual PBX phone system. You can implement this phone system using Microsoft Phone.  Microsoft Phone System allows PBX functions and

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Custom Apps for Business Using Microsoft PowerApps

Building Custom Apps for Business Using Microsoft PowerApps

Every business needs a platform where a technology-savvy team learns from and utilizes tools to create useful applications necessary to support operations. That is why using Microsoft PowerApps to build Custom apps for Business  is advantageous.  Organizations that often use MS products have utilized multiple methods to create business applications, especially custom apps. However, these technologies

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POS System Cost

How Much Does A Microsoft POS System Cost

No doubt, technology has completely transformed the processes for cash-registers, Point of Sale (POS), and more. Historically, electronic cash-registers only have limited features. Thankfully, touchscreens featuring graphical POS software came into play. Then, the POS solution was introduced to the market in 1992.  Today we will discuss the Microsoft POS system cost and features in detail. Since

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Power BI PowerApps Integration

How to Achieve Seamless Power BI Integration with PowerApps

Are you using Power BI? Do you have experience working with PowerApps? Are you planning to integrate Power BI with PowerApps? If so, this post is for you.  Power BI and PowerApps are critical parts of Microsoft Power Platform. Once you use the tools offered by Power Platform, you can enjoy lots of business opportunities. For

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Azure Migration Planning

Guide For Azure Migration Planning

With the tough competition in the business world, you should develop the best solutions to enhance your business operations. Among the widely used technologies, today is Azure Migrate. It is a service by Microsoft that can help enterprises assess how their on-premises workloads perform and how much is the cost of hosting to Azure public

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Connecting SharePoint as a Data Source

Configuring and Connecting SharePoint as a Data Source

Are you looking for a popular and reliable document management system but do not know where and how to get started?  There is no need to search further than SharePoint.  As the leading document management platform, SharePoint has been the top favorite for approximately 190 million people in different corners of the world. If it is

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Guide For Office 365 Security: Securing Office 365 Cloud

There’s no doubt that the future is in the cloud. For companies that massively depend on remote working practices, that future is today. Cloud storage systems are well-built, but with Microsoft Office 365 receiving prominence, your once-physical offices are turning digital. However, new claims about the mishandling of customer data by Microsoft have raised many

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