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PBX System for Small Business

Does your business really need a PBX system? What would you prefer hybrid PBX system or a small business PBX system? Let EPC Group chose the best PBX system to deliver timely and effective communication internally and externally.

    What is PBX and Types of PBX?

    PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a business phone system that allows the transfer of calls between extensions internally and externally. Besides, calling a PBX system has many advanced features beneficial for the business. Any company having more than one employee significantly benefits from a PBX phone system.

    There are different types of PBX systems available in the market, and each has a distinctive set of features suiting different situations.

    Types of PBX Systems for Small Business

    Traditional Analog PBX: These are based on legacy hardwired connections. The copper wires are spread throughout the office internally and connect with the device externally.

    On-premise IP PBX: This is an IP-based phone system available in-house and leverages modern telephony functionalities. Users can customize it according to their needs and incur comparatively lower monthly costs.

    Hybrid IP PBX: It refers to an on-site or on-premise IP PBX system and is connected to the cloud also. It empowers businesses to take advantage of both local and mobile functionalities.

    Hosted PBX: Also referred to as a cloud PBX system or a Virtual PBX Phone System. As the name suggests, it hosts the entire business telephony on the cloud. It uses a business internet network to operate a cloud-based phone system and place calls without any interruption. The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider server usually manages the cloud-based phone system.

    Why Small Business Needs a PBX System?

    • There was a time when the traditional analog PBX phone system was the only choice for all businesses. However, with changing technology, IP PBX Systems and Hosted or Cloud-PBX systems have become the dominant choice. Hosted PBX System is best for small businesses as they get more and have to pay less.

      • PBX System is cost-efficient. You spend about $1000 for one employee when you opt for a traditional PBX phone system, including the professional installation and physical hardware purchase. If you prefer an IP-PBX, you spend no more than $25 to $30 per user.
      • If you opt for Microsoft Teams as your hosted PBX system, then you could even same more per user with unlimited minutes, no contracts, and no installation charges.
      • A cloud-based PBX system comes with a maintenance plan. The telephone service provider takes care of it, so you do not have to spend anything on managing hosted PBX system.
      • With a cloud-based PBX system, your small business avoids complicated phone switches and provides you the leverage to choose the hardware at your convenience.
      • hosted PBX system is excellent for a small business as it offers much-needed flexibility. It meets all your operational demands and easily accommodates new employees without much hassle.

      All the team members working remotely, off-site, in-office, or working from home can easily access your business telephony to make and receive calls.

    Must-Have Features in a PBX System for Small Business

    The right features in a PBX system matter a lot in achieving the full potential of your business. Here are some of the top features you must find in a modern PBX system for small businesses.

    Calling Plans: Phone calls play a pivotal role in a successful business. Do not choose a PBX System that restrains monthly call limits or calling minutes. Select a PBX system offering unlimited minutes and low-cost international calls.

    Calling Essentials: Often, the PBX system providers have different teeth for eating and chewing. Precisely speaking, their phone plans do not cover the essential telephony features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, etc. Therefore, choose a PBX system that offers all the essential calling features.

    Mobile App: A PBX system with a mobile app is a must. It allows employees to make and receive calls using their business phone numbers on their smartphones. Chose a PBX system that offers a mobile app with a range of features. It helps to keep your remote working employees connected.

    Auto Attendant: Prefer a PBX system that allows you to automate your phone systems. A virtual receptionist redirect calls to the precise destination. It allows callers to leave a voicemail, play music on hold, or a pre-recorded message using interactive voice response. Call automation is a must, even if you are a small business.

    Unified Communications: A PBX system should be more than a telephone system. A System that you can use for unified communications. Choose a PBX system allowing you to make calls, send instant messages, make audio and video calls. Moreover, go for a Cloud-based phone system for conference calling and accessing all modern ways of communication.

    Microsoft Teams – The Perfect PBX System for Small Business

    • With an internal network of software and hardware to manage business telephony, Microsoft Teams sums up as a perfect PBX system for small businesses. You get all the PBX capabilities in Microsoft Teams without the need to invest in expensive physical equipment. Microsoft Teams is a complete unified call communication. You can use MS Teams calling to make and receive calls anywhere using your business number.

      • With Microsoft Teams PBX System, you can make and receive calls from anywhere using any device with a single business phone number.
      • Apart from making and receiving calls, you can use Microsoft Teams for unified communications. In a single app, it offers advanced call features as you can chat, call, conduct meetings, audio conferencing, etc.
      • Get access to all the essential cloud calling features, including auto attendant, call queues, captions, transcriptions, and much more.
      • Save significantly on average telephony costs as you do not require any hardware, and the entire phone system is managed in the cloud.
      • It is easy to add new phone numbers, resolve errors, and manage the entire PBX system from a single integrated admin console.
      • Connect using a variety of devices, including your desktop, laptop, mobiles, and desk phones.
      • Go beyond voice calls, host meetings, and with the PBX system, join or host voice-only calls, hold online team meetings, live-streaming video conferences, and more.

      Enjoy the added security with Microsoft Teams PBX system offering built-in encryption (No need for VPN). It protects your text and voice conversations.

    Switch to Right PBX System with EPC Group

    Microsoft Teams is not just a communication tool, but it is a powerful and comprehensive collaboration environment that provides you with all the tools necessary for business telephony. Install new or migrate your existing PBX system to Microsoft Teams and leverage unified communication in a single place.

    • EPC Group is the Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud partner for a long, offering top-notch expertise and customer service for an array of Microsoft Gold services.
    • No matter what the size of your company is, EPC Group will seamlessly migrate your existing business phone system to a cloud-based Microsoft Teams PBX system.
    • Our Certified Microsoft Teams expert will help in choosing the right calling plan suitable for your business needs.
    • If you want to migrate the traditional PBX system to the cloud-based PBX system, our consultants will get it done easily. While doing so, they will avoid the common problems associated with such migration.
    • We carefully draw a migration plan based on our extensive experience and expertise in similar migrations to ensure your business PBX system migrates to the Hosted PBX system in Microsoft Teams on schedule and within the budget.
    • We will customize inbound call routing for fast and efficient call processing and integrate cellphone and smartphones into your business phone lines.

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