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Embedded Power BI Reports In A Model-Driven App

Power BI Reports In A Model Driven App

The term model-driven app refers to a designing approach that is focused on adding dashboards, forms, views, or charts to the organizational apps in action. The no-code or low-code tools can help the user organizations to build business apps that are simple or even complex. In the canvas solution, the app creators have complete control […]

Capacity And SKUs in Power BI Embedded

Capacity And SKUs in Power BI Embedded

In the contemporary business environment, organizations are increasingly demanding services that are capable of providing self-service models. As executives continue to strive toward deriving the maximum value out of the tech infrastructure, Power BI Embedded continues to gain much-needed popularity. Power BI Embedded Analytics refers to a premium feature of Power BI service that allows […]

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators: Custom IoT Solutions

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators are pre-built business application components that aid in the development of custom IoT solutions. The components serve as a foundation for your software and help you solve common business problems. Common IoT scenarios, such as Industrial IoT (IIoT), device simulations, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance, necessitate a scalable and secure cloud platform, as […]

Azure IoT Central Pricing & Features: Enterprise-Grade IoT Solutions

Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is an IoT app platform for solution developers (such ISVs and SIs), and it enables users to¬†connect their devices, manage them, and produce and integrate insights into their enterprise applications to create, deploy, and operate enterprise-grade solutions that they can brand and sell directly to their clients or via Microsoft AppSource. Azure […]

Power BI Embedded Supported Data Sources

Power BI Embedded Data Sources

Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft-developed application that provides the user company with the access to utilize dashboards, reports, and other analytical tools within the existing application. The Power BI API and the Azure features contribute several rich features that enhance the functionality and the user experience within the Power BI cloud platform through the […]

What Are Multi-Tenant Power BI Embedded And Its Benefits

Multi Tenant Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded: An Introduction to the meaning The term Power BI Embedded refers to an application developed by Microsoft which is dedicated to providing the user companies with graphic reports, dashboards, and analytics in their existing applications. This is done after the user organizations begin to use the features of Power BI as an […]

Understanding The Power BI Embedded Capacity & Workspace.

Azure Active Directory 1

Power BI Embedded: A Power BI Embedded Analytics perspective Power BI Embedded Analytics refers to an umbrella term that encompasses the capabilities related to embedding the constituents of Power BI such as reports, dashboards, and tiles into an existing application or a website. The use of Power BI Embedded Analytics is depicted in the following […]

Embedded Reports: What Is Embedded Reporting

Embedded Reporting

Organizations nowadays use embedded reporting for their business operations. Are you new to this business tool? If yes, this article will guide you about embedded reporting.  Introduction to Embedded Reporting & Business Intelligence What is the Embedded report definition? Embedded Reporting is the process of incorporating business intelligence reporting tools like charts and customizable dashboards […]