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How To Use Power Query In Excel For Business Intelligence

Power Query 1

Microsoft created the Excel add-in Power Query intending to make it simpler to import data into Excel from sources. It’s a component of the Power BI toolkit, so you can use it with other tools to create “self-service business intelligence solutions” in Excel. “Self-service Business Intelligence” is a fancy name for the reports and dashboards […]

Dynamics 365 for Managed Care Can Help Your Healthcare Practice

Dynamics for Managed Care

Dynamics 365 for Managed Care is an excellent tool for this. Clinics and hospitals are getting increasingly competitive. You require a differentiator from the rest in your field. Outstanding customer service is that. The healthcare sector is investing more in marketing now than in the past. Nowadays, you may watch advertisements for hospitals, clinics, and […]

Why Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 The Ticketing System You Need?

Ticketing System using Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a ticketing system that is used by many businesses. It is a customer relationship management software solution that controls communications with clients, prospects, consumers, and other connections your business may have. Dynamics CRM for customer service functionality that includes case management. As a result, many businesses increasingly employ ticketing systems to […]

The Adaptability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with CFOs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

As a business grows, it faces challenges. Processes break down, data floods in from all directions, and technology bottlenecks get in the way of making decisions quickly. Traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can make these problems worse. As a CFO, you may be tempted just to shore up existing systems. With a modern, cloud-based […]

Using Dynamics 365 for Field Service Transformation Framework

Dynamics 365 Field Service Transformation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Transformation Framework is a cloud-based solution to help field service organizations improve customer engagement and service delivery. The framework includes three main modules: Customer Engagement, Service Delivery, and Asset Management. The first module, Customer Engagement, enables businesses to handle all aspects of their customer engagement, from responding to customers […]

A Brief Guide to Business Central Data Integration in Azure Storage

Business Central Data Integration in Azure Storage

It’s no surprise that datasets can get huge when you’re hosting in the cloud. You may already have large data repositories in your on-premises Business Central system or Dynamics NAV instances, and they may be getting a little too expensive to host there. There are many moving parts to Business Central that you might not […]

Dynamics 365 Customer Service RPA To Get the Most Out of Your CRM Solution

Dynamics 365 Customer Service RPA

Businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Dynamics 365 customer service to build strong customer relationships. It does not matter whether your CRM is on-premises or in the cloud; you have the liberty to use robotic process automation (RPA) software to keep it up to date. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a revolutionary […]

Experience An effective Order management system using Dynamics 365

Order management system

Changing business models and rapid growth complicate the long-term business planning of modern eCommerce players. Businesses require a highly effective order management system that will keep track of orders, stocks, and sales channels. Microsoft offers Dynamics 365, a cloud-based order management solution designed to accelerate omnichannel transformation right from taking orders and orchestration to fulfillment. […]

Dynamics 365 & Dataverse: Store, Secure And Build Apps From Core Business Data

Dynamics 365 Dataverse

Microsoft Dataverse is a solution designed for permitting the user companies to securely store and manage data that is used by business applications. Data within this secure database is stored within a set of tables. All the columns in the tables are designed to store different types of data, for instance, name, age, salary and […]

How Much Does A Microsoft POS System Cost

POS System Cost

No doubt, technology has completely transformed the processes for cash-registers, Point of Sale (POS), and more. Historically, electronic cash-registers only have limited features. Thankfully, touchscreens featuring graphical POS software came into play. Then, the POS solution was introduced to the market in 1992.  Today we will discuss the Microsoft POS system cost and features in detail. Since […]