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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – Powerful Unified Communication For Your Business

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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a powerful enterprise feedback management application to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter most to your business. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, a line-of-business application tightly integrated with Dynamics 365 and built on Microsoft Forms, delivers significant insights by incorporating real-time survey results into customer records. Dynamics 365 […]

How Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Helped Me Deepen My Relationship With My Customers

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One of Dynamics 365’s most essential features, Customer Engagement (on-premises), is that it helps you integrate all your marketing, sales, and customer service teams into a single platform. This integration allows you to manage your customers from their first interaction with you to their last interaction with your company. One way to do this is […]

Microsoft 365 vs Office 2021: How To Choose The Right Product?

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Selecting the appropriate productivity software is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows, be it for personal use or within an organizational context. Microsoft provides two unique solutions in this domain — Microsoft 365 and Office 2021.  The former is a subscription-based service that integrates cloud-based functionalities and regular […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI: Introducing a New Era of Business Intelligence

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Microsoft’s goal is to hasten the transformation of corporate processes with enterprise-ready, AI-infused experiences. Here, we’ll examine a handful of the most practical situations where Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI already has a demonstrable impact – across sectors, within Microsoft, and more. Microsoft 365 AI is rapidly changing how business apps are making work more efficient, […]

How To Build And Deploy A Custom Intranet Portal In SharePoint

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SharePoint Portal Server enables the development of a highly effective business intranet with apps for knowledge management and collaboration. The SharePoint admin portal technology is versatile for various uses, including strategic management and planning. The implementation of the portal in both academic and professional settings, as well as a case study of how this product […]

How to Use Microsoft Teams for Efficient Project Management

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Navigating project management is crucial for every successful business. If you’re looking for a powerful, user-friendly platform to streamline this process, look no further than Microsoft Teams.  As a versatile hub for teamwork and collaboration, Teams allows you to plan, coordinate, and manage projects seamlessly. This comprehensive guide will illuminate how you can leverage Microsoft […]

How to Create SharePoint Digital Signage for your business

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Digital signage and Microsoft SharePoint are two of the most widely used tools for educating employees. Both options, however, are significantly distinct and are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, our experience suggests that SharePoint and digital signage may complement one another. SharePoint is ideal as a single hub for managing knowledge and material, but many workplaces […]

Things To Remember About The Microsoft Teams Help Desk

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Employees moving to Teams are supported by the Microsoft Teams Help desk software. In addition, organizations may adopt Teams using our suggested strategies, such as by allowing core collaboration, virtual meetings, or comprehensive voice solutions. In any case, adequate helpdesk assistance will guarantee a seamless personnel move. Some clients will also take part in the […]

Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop: Which Is Better for Programmers?

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Microsoft has two options for virtual desktops: Windows 365 vs. Azure Virtual Desktop. They’re both cloud-based offerings that allow you to run programs on your computer and access them from anywhere. However, some differences between them may make one better for a specific type of user. Let’s look at each option in more detail and […]

How to Set Up and Manage the Microsoft Teams Task Management

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You can assign the Tasks app to other people in your organization—either directly from within the Microsoft Teams Task Management or by using Outlook-style email attachments—and then monitor when those tasks were completed by whoever was assigned initially. Businesses of all sizes may benefit significantly from this technology, especially those using Microsoft Office 365 and […]