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Installing Power BI

What Do I Need To Install In Order To Use Power BI?

There are some requirements you should focus on, before installing the Power BI desktop version which is a self-service or SAAS BI tool. This desktop version is quite easy to download with some specific requirements. We will discuss all the requirements in detail through the following points: OS Requirement- For installing Power BI following are

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ERP in Simple Terms e1656342651818

Understanding What Is ERP In Simple Terms?

In this modern generation, the ERP system has created its buzz in very little time. It is prevalent among every kind of business as it eases the data management and evaluates the sale. There is a lot of information available on many internet sources. But we will give you a piece of precious information about

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Power BI Competitors

What Is The Best Competitor To Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI has taken over a large share of the Business Intelligence software market. With its data visualization options, custom visual, various data sources, interactive visualization, and security features, organizations are taking full advantage of Power BI. It is well known that Microsoft has a wide user base that provides continuous feedback to their

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Power BI For SEO

How Does The Power BI Help With The SEO Efforts?

Power BI is the collective name of cloud-based apps and services that help individuals investigate and manage their data from numerous data sources. This tool is built in a way that provides many more facilities than excel. You can use it for DB connectivity also for Embedded reporting. One will access it with each cloud-based

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ERP For Startups e1656342495999

What Startups Are Working On ERP Software?

ERP software gives an expert advisory example to all the startups. This gives them the best business decisions required. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has become a go-to solution for new organizations as an ERP solution. Flexible pricing structure and licensing plans along with strong customer support have played a big role in the large-scale

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Power BI Vs Google Analytics

Should I learn Power BI or Google Analytics?

When you plan to learn any software services or applications, you have to choose the best and according to your worth. There are so many software services that you may learn, so select that service that helps you in your studies and work life. Here we will help you to choose between PowerBI and Google

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Power BI Read Parquet Files

Can Power BI Read Parquet Files?

Due to the advancement of Power BI features, everyone prefers it over the other similar software systems. Are you also using it? Well! If yes, today we are going to help you understand a really important feature of Power BI that is- Parquet files. We will answer all your questions related to parquet files in

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MS Dynamics or .NET

Which is best for me, MS Dynamics or .NET?

MS Dynamics is a suite of business applications like CRM or ERP. It is designed to handle the needs of the business of a company. The MS Dynamics comprises Marketing, Sales Force Automation, Customer Service, Talent Management, and Finance and operation as part of the core suite. On the other hand, .NET is an open-source,

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Top Advantages Of ERP For Business

What Does ERP Do For A Business: Advantages Of ERP

In this fast moving world, the rate of competition is high. Surviving in this dynamic market is difficult for the businesses around the world. Every competitor is trying to equip every possible weapon for surviving in the market. At this point, several businesses tend to equip themselves with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It

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Advantage of Power BI Over Tableau

Why Power BI Is Better Than Tableau

Power BI and Tableau are the most popular and talked-about tool in the BI industry. They have established themselves as one of the leaders of the industry. People keep confusing between the two and don’t know which one to install. We are here to tell you the advantages you will have if you choose Power

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