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PBX Phone System

Do you want to reduce the footprints of your legacy telephony? Get introduced to the enterprise cloud calling features in Microsoft Teams as EPC Group helps in streamlining your internal and external calls with PBX.

    Why PBX Phone Systems?

    PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used within a company or organization for internal and external communication. A PBX phone system uses different communication channels like VoIP, ISDN or analog, etc. With the PBX Phone system, you can have more desk phones than the physical phone lines (PTSN) that facilitate free calls. Besides, PBX offers free access to call transfer, voicemail, call recording, IVRs, and call queues.

    With the Microsoft Teams PBX phone system, users can experience the immense advantages of an integrated phone system without hampering the functionality of standalone desk phones and the PBX systems.

    Benefits of using PBX phone systems,

    • A PBX phone system efficiently handles a higher call volume without requiring additional people to answer the incoming calls.
    • A PBX system transfers phone calls to remote working employees at any location and on any device.
    • PBX system has an auto attendant eradicating the need to hire someone to answer the incoming calls. It is cost-efficient and works around the clock.
    • PBX phone systems ensure seamless internal communication. Calls made within the organization are routed internally to keep down costs of phone systems and make the process hassle-free.
    • You can set varying levels of access to each phone number. Depending on your needs, you can alternate between only internal calls, internal and outgoing local, some long-distance, and specific international numbers.

    Microsoft Teams PBX Systems

    • Many organizations during the Pandemic replaced their on-premise PBX systems with Microsoft Teams Phone System to leverage pricing flexibility, hardware, and collaboration capabilities. Microsoft Teams PBX Phone Systems helped many global organizations to opt for cloud-based telephony. Besides, Microsoft Teams’ tight integration with Microsoft 365 Teams PBX systems provided them with capabilities they ordinarily would have never imagined.

      As the global workforce is pushed to work from home in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, companies relying on traditional PBX systems moved to Microsoft Teams. They not just replaced the PBX functionality but are leveraging unified communications in a single platform.

      Even if the staff is working remotely, MS Teams allows organizations to use collaborative tools and CRM software of their choice. By acting as a unified communication solution, Microsoft Teams facilitates an open and collaborative working environment that focuses on improving communication and enhancing customer experience.

    Start Using Microsoft Teams as Your PBX Phone System

    In the last few years, Microsoft has upgraded Teams significantly to work as a unified communication tool. Now, you can not only use to make cloud-based phones, but you can integrate with existing PSTN and convert your Microsoft Teams into a cloud-based PBX Phone system.

    To start using Microsoft Teams as your PBX Phone system, you can either chose a 100 percent cloud-based calling solution provided by the Microsoft phone system or opt for direct routing by integrating MS Teams with PSTN. Go for direct routing only if your PBX phone system is limited to the local telephone carrier environment or if the Microsoft calling plans are not available for your region. Once done, you can access the dial pad through the Microsoft Teams interface that mimics your desk phone.

    By integrating Microsoft Teams with your PBX phone system, you get the entire business level telephony functionality you and your consumers are used to. Besides, you get access to video conferencing, a chatting interface, document storage and sharing, Office 365 apps, and much more.

    Benefits of using Microsoft Teams PBX Phone Systems

    • Here are some benefits you unlock after using Microsoft Teams as your PBX phone system,

      Reduce hardware dependency: Microsoft Teams is available for all kinds of devices, including desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and for different operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. Hence you do not have any hardware dependency while using Microsoft teams as a PBX system.

      The flexibility of cloud calling: This is a specific benefit to those using cloud-based phone systems with Microsoft Teams. By removing the redundancy of local carriers, you enjoy calling as long as you are connected to the internet.

      Enjoy traditional telephony: By using Microsoft Teams as PBX System, you never lose touch with your legacy phone systems. You get all the traditional features like music on hold, speed dial, automatic routing, call forwarding, emergency calls, etc.

      Lower calling costs: As Microsoft Teams leverages cloud telephony to place long-distance calls, it eliminates the high telephone carrier charges usually paid for international calls.

      Single interface for everything: Microsoft Teams takes away all the trouble required to manage and maintain a traditional PBX landscape. A single point of support takes care of all your communication and collaboration needs.

      Timely and automated updates: Microsoft rolls out frequent and timely updates for calling capabilities in Teams. It reduces the burden of managing devices and manually pushing upgrades.

    EPC Group will Help You Integrate Microsoft Teams with PBX

    EPC Group is well known for its end-to-end Microsoft Teams Support; it includes deployment, licensing, calling plan selection, system integration, and updates.

    Partner with EPC Group, a Microsoft Teams consulting firm specialized in offering Microsoft Teams as a unified calling solution and is recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

    • Whether you are using the PBX system, PSTN, or Skype for Business, EPC Group provides complete Teams Migration support and automation tools to voice-enable your PBX Phone systems.
    • Our Network experts and Microsoft Teams consultants work together to streamline your telephony and design a PBX system integration roadmap you can use for gradually building your network.
    • If necessary, EPC consultants will develop a customized Teams PBX application suitable for your business and ready to integrate PBX portals, PBX notifications, and PBX soft keys directly into Microsoft Teams.
    • EPC Group will help you enhance your Microsoft Teams PBX phone system infrastructure that grows with you and brings the most value for every dollar you invest.

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