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Business PBX System

Are you interested in a business PBX system offering increased scalability and flexibility? EPC Group is here to help you get PBX capabilities in Microsoft Teams witho9ut the need to invest in expensive equipment.

    Understanding Business PBX System

    What is a PBX System?

    PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a business-grade telephone system that provides seamless transfers between extensions within the company and added functionality as per business needs. A business PBX system manages multiple calls on a private telephone network. A PBX system uses versatile communication channels like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN).

    Types of PBX Systems

    There are two major categories of Business PBX systems

    Traditional PBX: It is a classic multi-line phone system used for deploying a network of phone lines having versatile phone features such as call transfer, call hold, fax, etc.

    IP-PBX: It is also called a hosted PBX system or a Virtual phone system bearing all the functionalities of a traditional PBX system. The only difference being the use of an internet connection to transmit calls.

    Microsoft Teams as PBX System

    Microsoft Teams offers a cloud PBX system hosted in Azure. It allows businesses to implement effective telephony within the organization by eliminating the necessity to invest in servers and auxiliary equipment. Besides, it helps to save costs as Microsoft Teams PBX system does not require expensive maintenance and service overheads.

    The Microsoft Phone System empowers businesses to access all PBX capabilities within the Microsoft 365 suite. It extends the VoIP functionality to Microsoft Teams; thereby, empowering businesses to do more than making and receiving calls. You can get Microsoft Phone System as an add-on, or you need to choose a suitable calling plan that will upgrade your existing telephony to the next-gen cloud-hosted business PBX system.

    Migrate Business PBX System to Microsoft Teams

    • Users can access the Microsoft Teams PBX system from a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Therefore, organizations do not have to invest in any hardware to set up a business PBX system.
    • Organizations using cloud-based phone systems with Microsoft Teams get the resilience of the public cloud. Due to the absence of a local carrier, users get an advantage to enjoy uptime until they stay connected to an active internet. Besides, Microsoft also offers an SBA system as an offline backup.
    • While designing the business telephone system, Microsoft was peculiar to retain the traditional PBX environment. Thus even in the Microsoft Teams PBX system, users get conversant features like music on hold, speed dial, automatic routing, call forwarding, SOS calls, etc.
    • If needed, organizations can plug in cost-efficient USB phones or handheld phone devices to recreate the traditional telephone experience.
    • Microsoft Teams uses cloud telephony for making local and international calls. It helps in significantly reducing the costs to maintain a business telephone system.
    • In a traditional PBX system, you have multiple vendors and frequent downtimes that are hard to overcome. You seek support from various telecom carriers, hardware providers, and device management software companies. Microsoft Teams replaces all of these by providing a single point of support.
    • Businesses interested in keeping their old phone numbers can port these numbers to Microsoft Teams without affecting the ongoing business communication. On the contrary, enterprises using the Microsoft Teams PBX system can get a fresh set of numbers from Microsoft Teams.

    Features of Microsoft Teams PBX System

    Microsoft Teams or hosted PBX system takes a leading edge over traditional PBX systems in terms of features. It happens because technology makes it possible by offering high-tech options. Here are some features that make Microsoft Teams the obvious choice as a business PBX system,

    Phone calls play a pivotal role in business success. When your phone calls are restricted due to limited minutes, or you surpass your monthly phone bills as your employees went too far, you surely are missing some great opportunities. Microsoft Teams offers different calling plans that suit your needs. You can opt for unlimited minutes, or you can get cost-efficient international calls. Microsoft Teams has a calling plan for every business need.

    Do not get fooled by purchasing bells and whistles while buying calling plans. Microsoft Teams offer all basic features and advanced features as needed at a fraction of cost. If you ask for nuts, you will get nuts that taste well and look fresh. Every calling plan in Microsoft Teams comes pre-equipped with all essential and basic phone services.

    Mobile apps are very much necessary when you want uninterrupted connectivity. Microsoft Teams mobile apps ensure users are always available to answer the call even if they are not at their desk. They can make, receive, transfer, hold, and mute calls on their mobile using their business phone number.

    Auto-attendant is another feature that strengthens Microsoft Teams’ role as a business PBX system. By automating business calls and integrating virtual receptionists, incoming calls automatically route to specific employees, departments, or to a pre-recorded message. It acts as a virtual employee that handles your business phone system.

    What Makes Microsoft Teams the Best Business PBX System

    • Microsoft Teams is a significantly flexible platform than traditional phone systems. The advanced disaster recovery ensures quick recovery after a hurricane or a network outage maintaining the same amount of flexibility and resilience. The geographical flexibility allows your remote employees to place calls anywhere and anytime.
    • Microsoft Teams allows users to connect using any device of their choice. They can use a mobile, desk phone, laptop, or desktop computer to make and receive voice, video, or traditional audio calls. Additionally, using instant messaging, they can keep in touch whenever or wherever they want.
    • It allows users to host meetings going beyond voice-only calls. Using Microsoft Teams, not only you can host voice-only meetings but join them and host online team meetings, live-streaming video conferences, and more.
    • Privacy and security are of utmost importance to any organization. As per Microsoft Teams Consulting experts, Microsoft Teams focuses more on security, privacy, and compliance. The hosted PBX system in MS Teams offers built-in encryption for protecting and safeguarding your text and voice-based conversations. The option you use to connect is irrelevant Microsoft Teams guarantees the security of your employees, clients, and intellectual property.
    • You can create custom apps in Microsoft Teams using the Power platform. Develop and deploy custom apps on all the devices you use to connect and communicate. Customizing your workspace to meet your organizational requirements, you get a chance to connect in more convenient and meaningful ways.

    Business PBX System Consulting from EPC Group

    In the last two years, EPC Group has become the one-stop-shop for unified communication solutions and business telephony consulting. We are one of the leading Microsoft Teams consulting service providers in the USA. Our expertise in business phone systems, VoIP telephony, and PBX systems remains unchallenged.

    EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and continues providing consultation services for all Microsoft products for the last 24 years. For a decade, we are one of the trusted names in the Office 365 arena.

    We are staffed with a team of experts, certified and proficient in keeping business interactions consistent, secure, and productive. They will advise you on the best PBX system and telephony system your organization needs.

    EPC Group is more than just deploying and integrating Microsoft Teams we market, support, and configure business PBX systems and phone systems that are 100% customized to your business needs.

    Our certified Microsoft Teams consultants have completed multiple PBX and phone system deployments and advocate the experience you need to successfully migrate your legacy PBX system to Microsoft Teams at an affordable monthly subscription.

    For more information on migrating your business PBX system to Microsoft Teams, and to arrange a productive consultation session, schedule an appointment with us.

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